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  1. The week ending November and beginning of December 2010.
  2. Nice to see some frost this morning - Temperatures currently at 5C
  3. February 1919 was very cold and frosty with variable amounts of precipitation of rain and snow with persistent winds. The highest temperature recorded was 12C with lows well below freezing, a common theme throughout the month everywhere. On the 1st February 1919, London and many places in the SE were below freezing with a continental low moving in whilst the North was slightly milder with high pressure. Even Reykjavik, Iceland had a higher recorded temperature than many areas of southern England.
  4. January 2019 has been the driest since January 2006 in Thanet.
  5. Who would win?......An Aggressive Atlantic Low full of snow, sleet, rain and death or Thanet's stubborn microclimate?
  6. I'm wondering too? Somebody in Hythe earlier said it just started to lightly snow so I think the Radar is somewhat off. Here in Thanet... nothing.
  7. Broken skies above Ramsgate now... boring - fairly chilly and still dry.
  8. According to that radar we're supposed to having a slight snow shower but nothing. The radar has changed though to pink in the channel which is odd and the green has moved further east. Regardless how accurate that radar is - If that pink pivots North and smacks into us....could be an interesting night.
  9. Becoming really dark now in Thanet after a glorious Sunny morning. Something's brewing in the skies overhead now...
  10. Grey clouds developing over Thanet now, temperatures slowly decreasing.
  11. Still no precipitation here in Thanet - Met Office and BBC said we'd be flooded by now.
  12. No problem, I'll be looking out for your updates anyway!
  13. You going to the game tonight? I'm coming from Thanet on the train and hoping for sleet - It can snow after midnight please when I'll be home and snowed in. Not OUT.
  14. Dry as a bone still in Thanet - Variable sky which I'm sure will change in a few hours to light rain, then who knows?