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  1. Hey! We won last night and the charts are looking up!!
  2. We’ve so many background signals etc... fail to deliver this winter. A bit of adjustment westward and we’ll be in the game!!
  3. This forum never fails to amaze me, yesterday each model brought a variation on a theme but looked cold and snowy. Then another run leaves a few posters declaring winter is over, it’s one run people! For things to be changing so frequently and so close then something must be seriously up!
  4. I think “dreckly” better describes this winter!!
  5. I promised myself I wouldn’t get sucked in to this again... what the hell
  6. Just as you think you kind of get this model watching lark this happens!!!
  7. I’m pretty new to posting on this forum but I can’t believe some people on here, talk about teddies out of the pram! The rate the models are flipping we’ll be back in the fridge tomorrow! How anyone can call anything beyond Monday at the minute is beyond me!
  8. This may sound daft but what would the wind direction and weather we’d get from that set up right there????
  9. I was going to say the same! Looks like it loses the plot along the way and just gives up in the end!!!
  10. Omg!! Still a week away but it’s saying 24 hours of countrywide snow!! ️
  11. I’ve spent years watching and learning in this forum and enjoyed it immensely and I’ve finally plucked up the courage to dip in! However, I’m a little stumped with the current set up, looking at the GFS it has high pressure over us for the next 2 weeks, at this time of year is it out of the ordinary?
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