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  1. Just when you think this pathetic apology of a winter couldn’t get any worse we see these charts, I know it’s in the far reaches of FI but what are the odds of these verifying above the lovely cold ones we saw a couple of runs ago!!!
  2. I think to dismiss the charts as being unrealistic is a bit short sighted. I’m pretty sure the recent record lows in Russia and highs in Australia were seen as such when forecast, this year seems to be of extremes and looking at some of the charts we may be seeing one!!!!
  3. The signals seem to be pointing to a pattern change at last!! The PV is on the move, hopefully it’ll be favourable for us!!
  4. Yes I know it’s a long way away but a few more frames of the 06z and this would look loverly!!?
  5. Out in FI you can pick up the changes in the pattern. I’m pretty sure in the next few runs we’re going to see some real coldie eye candy charts!!
  6. Probably should have said interesting! I reckon a good cold shot will materialise soon!
  7. We’re going to have to batten down the hatches!! Some extreme figures for some here! There seems to be something at play now, I think we’ll start to see some cracking charts appear for extreme weather hunters!!
  8. We are in a period of the life of the planet when violent swings in extremes are getting more and more, well, extreme! The models rely on mathematical equations that get adjusted by humans based on forces outside these models. I’m of the belief that the current modelling has hit a “default” phase while everything equalises out, the “BOOM” charts we saw a few days ago will start to appear again. I expect to see some ? runs materialise soon!!!
  9. This is model related, just a different one we’re used to. Could this contribute to a slow down in the jet stream that we all Crave? Climate Prediction Center’s February Through April Outlook WWW.WEATHERNATIONTV.COM Last week, NOAA's Climate Prediction Center issued their outlook covering February, March, and April. Warmer than normal temperature are forecast from the Easte
  10. looks like it’s not just us suffering a mild winter so far, saw this on an American FB site! is the Pacific affecting our weather as a knock on effect? Well the pattern doesn't look good for us Winter lovers after this cold snap. Recall a few days ago I was watching everything we meteorologists look at going out into the future, and all guidance and teleconnections looked like a major pattern change was coming and would stay. Thats no longer the case. Instead, Alaska and Greenland remain cold as the main heart of Arctic cold stays locked up, after our brief bout of cold next few day
  11. Hey! We won last night and the charts are looking up!!?
  12. We’ve so many background signals etc... fail to deliver this winter. A bit of adjustment westward and we’ll be in the game!!
  13. This forum never fails to amaze me, yesterday each model brought a variation on a theme but looked cold and snowy. Then another ? run leaves a few posters declaring winter is over, it’s one run people! For things to be changing so frequently and so close then something must be seriously up!
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