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  1. I think you'd be better off going to someone like Ecowitt or Froggit and just buying a Sensor array and a data logger and that way you'd save money but not having the console if you are not there to look at it. Froggitt are just resellers of Fine Offset but they have the advantage of being local (Germany). Ecowitt on the other hand work directly with Fine Offset in Hong Kong and can tailor anything for you. They wont have the products itemised as you want on their website but if you drop Lucy an e-mail at [email protected] then I am sure she could put together a cheap system for you. For instance the new GW-1000 data logger (sends data directly to ecowitt.net and the other sites like WU) is only $35. All you would need ontop is the sensor array. People myself included are working on how to capture the data directly from the Gw-1000 to save into Cumulus, but this is not really needed if you are happy with the ecowitt.net site. (To be honest as long as you have a net connection its great)
  2. Not aware of anyone in UK/Europe having the HP3501 yet as its a new variant. The individual sensors were only released in the last few months and paired together with the display console. I am not sure if you are aware but Ecowitt works hand in glove with Fine Offset so these are the latest and greatest and they do provide great support. I am sure you will find Lucy responds quite quickly.
  3. Ignore the last photo....not sure how that got in the review and cant seem to edit the post to remove it!
  4. I thought I would start a new topic to draw attention to the new weather station brand based in Hong Kong working very closely with Fine Offset to sell their latest equipment. You can purchase their kit from the Aussie/Canadian and US versions of Amazon or direct from their website. Given we no longer have Maplin in the UK and even then they offered only limited products I thought this is worth knowing about. Http:\\www.ecowitt.com If you are UK/Europe based you can either take a punt and order from Amazon.com who will happily ship to the UK but you will get US Frequency equipment which may or may not have interference issues. If you want to have 433Mhz or 866Mhz based weather sensors then drop the sales team at Ecowitt an e-mail and they will quote you a price with shipping. My kit came with UK PSU etc and my customs cost was £18 which was mostly FedEx admin. I have written a small review here for those interested of my experience purchasing the Ecowitt HP2551 wifi weather station.
  5. Any of the modern Ecowitt WiFi weather stations will connect to your Wifi service and send the data direct to the weather service of your choice (WU etc) You can get some of their kit from Amazon.com if you want to avoid shipping from Hong Kong where they are based. I use the HP2551 in the UK and you can see my data at Weather Undergound (IGUILDFO67) In case you are wondering I have only just changed to this station so there is no historical data. (Just noticed you are in the UK, so possibly better to go direct to Ecowitt and ask for a quote to ship) Worked easily for me. 2 days from HK to Surrey and Customs hit was £18 (mostly admin charge)
  6. Don't know if the original poster is still interested but I note that Ecowitt (direct brand for Fine Offset stations) has started a new line of individual weather station components. You can purchase a separate anemometer with Solar sensor, a rain gauge and other individual components and use these with a console if you wish or a IP logger for sending the data straight to the Internet. See www.Ecowitt.com You can pretty much mix and match with Ecowitt if you drop them a e-mail and ask for what you'd like and a quote to ship to you. My kit even came with the correct UK power adapters for the console.
  7. D Man if you are interested in the Ecowitt Solar/Cellular station I suggest that you contact [email protected] and ask for a quote as the price might not be too bad and you might even be able to negotiate a reduced price if you offer to upload a product review for them as they are a new brand offering the latest weather station kit from Fine Offset so are looking for exposure.
  8. So I have had my new Ecowitt station (HP2550/2551) in place now for approximately a week and I have been delighted. You can see my weather data on WU as IGUILDFO67 I thought I would share some pictures and a small review as I have been well pleased and thought somebody may well else benefit from my purchases The system arrived extremely well packaged and in my case was shipped by FedEx fairly swiftly from Hong Kong (2 days) Here you can see the items just as I opened the box The various components as I started to put the station together. I had some optional components; 5 extra Hygro/Thermo sensors, a Soil Sensor and a PM2.5 Air quality sensor and a IP Logger (Gw-1000). You can have up to 8 additional thermo/Hygro sensors and these can be named on your console for ease of identification. You ask what use are these? Well I have some dotted around the house, one in the garage and one in the Freezer so I can tell when my son has left it open! The most interesting additional Ecowitt sensor is the PM2.5 Air Quality sensor. This device is solar powered with rechargeable batteries as backup. The sensor should last 10-20 days and then can be topped up via a Micro USB socket which will probably be required quite a lot in the UK winter climate! There is an optional battery powered additional display you can have elsewhere in the home/office etc which shows Air Quality live and 1 hour/24 hour views. It also indicates the battery state of the remote PM2.5 sensor. So far after 7 days the indicated battery still shows good in March daylight conditions. As a bonus the small PM2.5 display also has an internal temperature and humidity sensor and displays that as shown in the photo. The Soil Moisture sensor is also a new additional sensor and measures the % soil moisture through conductivity. I understand that you can have up to 16 soil sensors. These are battery powered by a single AA battery cell. The device is fairly large as seen by the photo in my hand and I currently have this on test in a hanging basket left over from last summer which still has petunias proving that winter was a non event in the South! There is a mini monitor that can be purchased as an additional display for this as well but I did not have one of those so cannot share a photo though you can see it on the Ecowitt site. In my case I observe the data directly on my HP2551 console or on the Ecowitt.net website via the GW-1000 The final extra I am playing with is the GW-1000 IP Logger. This matchbox sized device is powered via a USB socket so can be plugged into the side of a PC or a spare phone charger. This is how I am powering the device with a USB extension lead. For note the battery in the picture was purely there as a scale reference. The GW-1000 in itself contains a temperature/Humidity sensor and barometer which you can see on the wired extension. The clever little beast see's all the sensor sources such as the station sensor array, 5 x internal thermo/hygro sensors, PM2.5, soil sensor etc and uploads the data to the usual sources (WU etc) as you require (some sites only accept certain data). In addition it allows upload of the full sensor set to Ecowitt.net. This is great and allows full graphing and viewing of all your uploaded data over time which means that you can have a independent external copy of your data. The device itself has no obvious storage and you have the capability to view the data from your sensors live via WS-View app on Android should you not want to upload to the Internet or in addition. Going back to the HP2550/2551 display which you can see in the previous post above, I have to say is great. It is super clear and displays everything in a logical manor. There is a capability to back received data up to a MicroSD card that you can pop in its side. You can even make the display show graphs of various data source if you want though I prefer to use Ecowitt.net and the data from the Gw-1000 for that! As previously mentioned the HP2550/1 display also shows the Soil Moisture data and the PM2.5 sensor summary. Finally a pic of the array in position I hope this summary has been of use to folks who might be looking for a new weather station in the UK. Take a look at http:\\www.ecowitt.com Be warned though the prices quoted are bit all over the place as sometimes they are Canadian dollars or Aussie and of course US$ and if you are genuinely interested then drop Ecowitt an e-mail at [email protected] and they will quote you a shipped price which is what I did. You may get a import bill a week or so later which caught me out but it was only £18 and most of this was admin by FedEx. I absolutely do not regret this purchase given the lack of choice now that Maplin is gone. The bonus of dealing with Ecowitt is that they are connected with Fine Offset the manufacturers and so have all the latest kit and tech support etc.
  9. OK, I am delighted to say that I now have my Ecowitt HP2550A weather station unboxed and temporarily setup. Hopefully I will have time tomorrow to treat the sensor array with PTFE and install the bird spikes and place into its permanent home. So far the display and sensors have impressed mightily. I have attached a picture. Everything was as they (Ecowitt) promised and even came with a UK PSU for the display. Everything had been pre-tested and configured for me so it was a doddle getting going. See attached pic. Interestingly it also shows the PM2.5 air quality sensor data and also the soil moisture sensor. The Gw-1000 gateway picked up all the sensors and is uploading them to ecowitt.net.
  10. Tricky! I have Evohome as well though I am pretty sure they should all live in harmony! If in doubt just order it from Ecowitt, as the US$ prices seem pretty competitive even if you do have to pay for shipping which is not so cheap. My aim is to try and get this stuff imported before the 31/3/19 when goodness knows what will happen to our borders! If all goes well I am reasonably sure I will be adding additional Ecowitt sensors going forward.
  11. I am not sure there are much in the way of any. As far as I can tell with my discussions with Lucy is that the 2550 is using the tri wing all in one sensor (aka like the Ambient version) and the HP2501 is using a bi- arm version. I believe that the sensors within the package are the same just orientated different. I am still awaiting for my HP2550 to be shipped. Don't forget to specify the frequency you want it set to and if you want any additional internal thermos/hygro sensors although in theory you could order those from Froggitt later if you choose 866Mhz. For completeness I have ordered a bunch to be included from Ecowitt/Fine Offset. The major upside of ordering from Ecowitt is that they will configure and test it all before they ship it to you unlike a box shifter like Maplin used to. The downside is that there is a delay from order to shipping. I am hoping my kit will ship next week which is 2 weeks from order point. Just setting expectations!
  12. I concur on the Amazon UK point, and Lucy has said that they are looking into that. I would guess though that they are not going do anything until the Brexit mess is sorted hence the suggestion over Amazon.com!
  13. Hi Trebor, you might want to be careful with your mobile phone around the station then as Vodafone/O2 mobile signal overlaps the 915Mhz band and you could lose data. I have suggested that Ecowitt might want to consider having Euro spec frequency kit available to order via Amazon.com global store. As for Lucy, I would concur. I believe that there is only one very busy Lucy as among the very many e-mails we have shared the writing style is always consistent. BTW. Love your photography. What telescope do you use to capture those images. Just beginning to dabble here but then again I don't have the luxury of the dark skies you have.
  14. That's good. I have to say that Lucy seems to be the main customer service person. She is the contact I have been corresponding with for some time when I started asking Fine Offset about kit availability. I am curious about your acquisition. What frequency did it arrive set to or did they ask before it was sent to you?
  15. Glad to hear that worked out OK. I too have committed though this time direct to Ecowitt/Fine Offset in China. I have ordered the HP2550 and a bunch of additional thermos/hygro sensors The Bird spikes The new Gw-1000 and the soil sensor and PM2.5 sensor as well. All set to UK frequencies. They wont start work again until Monday after the New year celebrations so I don't know how long they will take to ship but it was going to be DHL so hopefully fairly swift. As for Customs/VAT, I guess we will see. Once I have it up and running I will share a review.
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