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  1. If the two weather stations are made by the same manufacturer then you are in with a chance. If not then very unlikely as each company uses proprietary data transmission from the sensor that the station receives. The old station if not by the same manufacturer will likely not understand the new sensor and so will display nothing. Even then if the old station is very old then the new sensor may still not work with it if the data signal has been changed in anyway. Sorry not a great answer but hope it helps to avoid expectations that it will work when it quite probably wont.
  2. That low does look very deep for what is still summer and I wonder if its a direct correlation of all the energy thats stored within Europe. For light relief I share this remarkable summers temperature chart so far for my locale in Southern UK (sorry I know its not model related)
  3. Already 29.4C and climbing fast. I would say that low to mid 30's is definitely on the cards today. I'm on the side of the North Downs (Guildford) and can see Heathrow so expect the run of 30+ days to start from today
  4. Best that I can do is point you to the Ambient Weather manual for this station which may or may not be better than what you have, It might help http://site.ambientweatherstore.com/Manuals/wh1050.pdf
  5. Need a bit more info to help you my friend! What model of weather station are you using and so on?
  6. Hi Oliver, So to answer your questions.. To get the weather data posted to WOW you will need to register with the Metoffice and follow the instructions in the manual. The WS3500 manual can be found here: http://www.ecowitt.com/upfile/202005/HP3500 Manual.pdf To be able to read the station weather on a device like a Raspberry Pi you will need software to run on the Pi. A good example of this is CumulusMX However in order to read your external sensor data you will need an additional device called a Ecowitt GW1000. The GW1000 will read your sensor data and allow it uploa
  7. Further to this I note that Misol has some spare parts for these old stations on Amazon UK Amazon.co.uk WWW.AMAZON.CO.UK Misol link above
  8. I have tried spraying flea treatment (insecticide) inside the workings of the rain gauge and that seems to work for a while. I also note that the latest Ecowitt rain gauge has a spring filter that stops debris from entering though I am not sure if that would stop a small spider.
  9. The manual does suggest that as long as you have the latest firmware it will support the Lightning sensor http://www.ecowitt.com/upfile/202005/HP3500 Manual.pdf
  10. Apologies, not been keeping an eye on this forum for a while Firmware for the HP2550/1 can be found here and yes this will work for other clones (though Ambient stations might be problematic) http://www.ecowitt.com/upfile/202003/user.bin Thats V1.60
  11. I am surprised that no one has mentioned the Fine Offset stations here. They used to be fairly low end Maplin type kit, but have been steadily working there way up stream towards Davis these last few years. Have a look at Ecowitt (Fine Offset commercial arm) If you take a look at WXForum you will see its a very busy forum now with increasing numbers of good sensors available. They even have a SHT35 type temperature sensor available for their stations which Davis do not yet do. About a year ago I posted a series of pictures and reviews on this forum around the HP2550. I would h
  12. Thats a really old station now. You may struggle to get spare parts. You could try asking Lucy at Ecowitt (Commercial arm of Fine Offset) [email protected] Its possible that they may still have stock of spares.
  13. Indeed the rain was so light it barely registered. Recorded .5mm here since yesterday. Going to have to water the garden again at this rate!
  14. OK, so just to clarify and mop up any confusion..... The HP2550 is the same console as the HP2551 etc the difference is simply as follows: HP2550 = TriWing sensor array HP2551 = Biwing sensor array HP2552 = Separate anemometer and rain gauge sensor HP2553 = Separate Ultrasonic anemometer and rain gauge sensor The A at the end of mine simply denotes its a 866Mhz system So the consoles are all the same the difference is only the external sensor arrays. The Froggit HP1000SE Pro is effectively a HP2550 going by the fact that it ships with the Tri-Wing sensor array. In
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