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  1. Welcome Krojan to the Netweather forum! We will watch with interest what rebadged ecowitt/Fine Offset products that froggit choose to sell from the latest ranges. Certainly a useful alternative source for 868Mhz kit and spares!
  2. That's not unusual to have a low item value. I really think someone has made a mistake on the Fedex side of things. If the item is a replacement/non chargeable item the its value would be genuinely low since its at cost value and not retail. This would be the same for test samples which I have been party to. In my case item values of 19.95 attracted zero customs. You need to appeal!
  3. I would say that actually this kind of delay is fairly normal. You are in effect buying direct from the factory and they don't have a fast turn around of shipping that we kind of expect with Amazon etc. As I have mentioned before I also believe that they don't hold big stocks of 868Mhz kit and this means sometimes manufacturing it first before shipping. The big markets for Ecowitt are the USA/Canada and Auz. However that said. The HP2551 is the best out there at the moment at a sensible price and the options in terms of extra sensors is great. If you were USA based you could go via Amazon or Ambient, however if you are UK based then the only option currently is via Ecowitt direct and waiting a bit for delivery. I should also note that they are just going off for 2 weeks holidays in the region which probably accounts for much of the suggested delay from Lucy.
  4. I would tend to agree, something sounds very wrong. Do you have the original shipping note which should state the value against which the customs/handling fee is due? I am thinking perhaps that they have misread the value of the items. The last bit of kit I had (Ws-80 and the new improved GW-1000) did not attract any customs duty at all. I would ask to challenge this bill....
  5. Excellent work. I would surmise that given the size of the moisture sensor and the fact that it is powered by a single AA cell that it 'must' be lower power in terms of TX strength. Also given that they tend to be in the ground at lower level is also likely to further reduce the efficiency of transmission. However given your research it shows that these sensors in particular seem to be problematic if used in proximity of a Davis station.
  6. It is all very odd. I have wondered for a while if the signal is polarised in some way which might explain some of the effects you are seeing but not all. Have you tried a different battery in the soil sensor as 1.5V is not much oomph. One thing that has puzzled me is that there does not appear to be a way to set channels on the WH0291 soil moisture sensor yet it is geared to support upto 8 via the GW-1000. I wonder how that's set? Only suggestion I have is to open the spare console you have and makes a small hole as has been described on the WXForum and poke the receiver wire through that in a straight position. It might be that you can orientate the wire to a position that works while having the console in the location that you want. Might just work if its a polarization issue.
  7. I have been pondering your problem. I replied on the WXForum. If its not interference by a DECT phone system or a BT device do you have any smart systems installed in your house. I have Honeywell Evohome smart thermostats all over and I was worried those might interfere but so far so good. The other possibility is that I note you have Davis as well. Davis used spread spectrum frequency hopping rather a fixed frequency to transmit and receive so its possible that this might explain why the reception comes and go on your console. All that said I suspect you might need to buy a SDR dongle and plug it into a laptop with some software and use that to try and see what's causing the variable interreference.
  8. Damn, you seem to be unlucky! Last package I had was shipped by Lucy on Tuesday and I had it in my hand Friday morning!
  9. That's good news Mapantz. Experience suggests that you should get it earlier than Wednesday. I would reckon it will be in the UK by Tomorrow and probably with you by Monday.
  10. Its not wise to say any solution is wonderful as every location has its own factors that impact reception for weather stations (or for that matter any radio based sensor technology) Personally I have had mostly faultless problems with my Fine offset kit including one that's 10 years old this November and is still 100metres away down the garden. I did have a period in January and February where I kept losing signal and assumed the system was finally dying which led me to the latest generation of kit and Ecowitt as the distributor for Fine Offset. Now I am a qualified Radio Amateur and know my radio. Could I find the cause of the interference....nope. Anyhow since then its been rock solid again with no loss of signal. My new Fine Offset/Ecowitt kit has also been rock solid, so who knows what was causing the interference. I guess the point I am trying to make is that you cannot be certain anywhere that you will have great coverage, you just have to try. Fine Offset/Ecowitt are certainly aware of this area though and are actively looking at boosting range and the latest kit I have in the form of the GW-1000 and WS-80 sensor suite will support up to 200 Meters of range which is the best yet.
  11. To keep. I just agree to test and review my findings with Ecowitt and the community. What's not to like! I have to say so far I have been mightily impressed with what Ecowitt and fine offset are doing. They really seem to be stepping up in the weather station world. My first reviews are over at the WXForum pages http://www.wxforum.net/index.php?topic=37700.new#new
  12. I don't think so as Ecowitt shipped the WS-80 and GW-1000 on Tuesday and I had it in my hands on Friday (today) so I would not say the HK problems are having any impact on transport.
  13. Have you sent an e-mail? Does seem odd and out of kilter. I am expecting the new W-80 to test and mk2 Gw-1000 and that was all organised without me asking or pushing so I think there must be some mess-up at their end that is preventing the shipping. I have to say I have always found Lucy incredibly responsive and customer friendly.
  14. Normally she does give an idea on when dispatch is likely. Perhaps they don't have any kit in stock and are awaiting manufacturing.
  15. probably dew formation at that time. You will notice it happen from time to time. Also when foggy/misty and when its raining very hard. The sensor picks up the fine water droplets as PM. Very expensive commercial sensors heat the air intake to avoid this but at our price point that's not going to happen.
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