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  1. Unusual weather to say the least. Thursday in Toronto it was the coldest day on record -35c with heavy snow and now it +8c on Saturday and they are scared of flooding due to a fast thaw!!
  2. With the easterly getting up what do we think think the wind chill is averaging?
  3. Temp dropping now. We started at 3c and we are now down to 0.8c and the snow is settling now. Going to be very tricky on the roads tonight me thinks!
  4. Sleet turned to snow now in Kearsley 1.4c and temp is falling.
  5. It is 0.8c here but we have a misty fog come down with snow showers. Not seen that before!
  6. Noticed Ben Rich on 5 Live at around 4.15pm said the upper temps are dropping like a stone and it could or may not create a Beast from the east like last year but said this is by no means certain. This time last year I flew to Toronto and I had to wait over an hour for bags as the outside belts were freezing up as it was -25c with wind chill. Hearing they are starting to get very cold again after a very mild December.
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