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  1. Catacol hope I got this statement correct , ssw come in 2 different styles a ssw or a dsw the difference between the 2 is that a ssw can influence the strop in 9 days where as a dsw can take upto 4 weeks to influence the strop,thus was a dsw why we are waiting a long time for its effects to be felt,please feel free to correct me on any of this ,
  2. IC all I can say is I've been watching the weather for 60 years and models flip but Mother Nature never flips,bring back winters in my youth in the staffordshire moorlands ( Brutal ) lol
  3. IC don't lose faith it's going to happen,the first attempt was flawed because no back up from Mother Nature,but the second attempt at end of Jan / beginning of February will succeed because the birds are going into panic mode looking for food. Also going to make a big statement we better get use to ssw events because they will become more frequent as the planet warms up ( but more research needed on this one) so as the planet warms we will get colder winters.
  4. Don't worry about time it will be brutal,it would lol live in your memory.
  5. Hey NW keep the faith m8 because the second attempt at 384 on gfs will succeed ,it's screams total northern blocking greenie and nice cold ridge coming down to Scandinavia and it's the new moon on the 4th Feb,my old man always said if the weather turned cold on a new moon it would be the dominant feature for 30 days,but not everyday will be cold,keep the faith.
  6. We'll distrust at your peril there is information about dsw available,when it delivers it will prevail for 30 days,not every day will be cold but the majority wil.
  7. This was always going to be a slow response because it was a DSW not a normal SSW,it will happen but not until 3/4 FEB,research a DSW .
  8. By the 28 Jan we are still on the warm side of the jet,so it's February for cold.
  9. Good observation,can anyone on this forum show me evidence of the jetstream going on its hols to southern Spain or North Africa ,if not forget a very cold spell the jet rules uk weather end of.
  10. I value your opinion but mid Jan too early ,end of Jan early February should deliver but what do I know,weather science can make you look silly. Happy model watching.
  11. Top post top man so level headed,if we don't get any cold this winter it will be the most unluckiest winter on record.
  12. This is backed up by the jet,puts us on the cold side at last.
  13. Well said that man,we were never going to get QTR because we did not get a SSW we had a DSW ,one feature of a DSW is very slow down welling to trop but when it happens it could be long lasting,( research a DSW fascinating.
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