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  1. Despite all the doom and gloom, the ramping and the moaning, at least this winter has provided not only a valuable lesson but also more data to aid future winter forecasts.
  2. +384 that's sometime next winter and a totally different thread
  3. I think the issue is not that you have been sticking to yours guns, but keep telling people to expect proper winter weather in 10 to 14 days. Then keep changing the dates, just like today. I really don't mind people sticking to their guns, it is the hunt for cold thread after all. However, nobody here has forecast this winter in any confidence and so it is pointless telling people to expect wintry weather any time soon. No more ramping please.
  4. Think it's time to open a new 'final' cold hunt thread! Over 400 pages of the same old stuff. Maybe a new thread may bring better luck! ?
  5. Don't panic! The potential in the background signals will save us! ?
  6. Actually I hope you are correct on the next cold spell and like most in here, i certainly think your method of input to the thread is both unusual and entertaining. It is because if your regular entertaining input that i have noticed that quite often your predictions of cold spells are incorrect, (just like the models have been all winter). So, my previous question was quite genuine when I asked how you are sure of the next cold spell? Anyway, keep up the entertaining posts!
  7. Although you have been 'over optimistic' with quite a lot of your 'upcoming cold spell' predictions all winter. So what makes you so confident that your interpretations of the next cold spell is correct?
  8. Perhaps we could start to reduce the emissions by banning forums that just talk about the weather. Thus reducing energy demand! ?
  9. Well that makes every forecast 'conjecture'. However, looking at all the models and I would expect that temps will be in double figures by mid Feb.
  10. Temperatures back into double digits by the middle of the month. The route to cold looks a long way off. ?
  11. The models have been doing major shifts all winter, but they can't 'bring' weather if it's not meant to be.
  12. A very realistic view. Despite the over optimistic views of some people.
  13. Are these the same SSW impacts that we've all been waiting on since xmas/new year? I can't help but think that we have seen the last of the snowy weather for this winter. It simply wasn't 'our turn' this time.
  14. At least we are certain of one prediction and it involves prams and toys ?
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