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  1. Hello. I follow the Stratosphere and I see that after the strong warming in the upper levels, on 6th January 2019 the wind is divided into two parts. We are currently commenting on the division. Does that mean that the vortex will be divided once more at the end of January 2019? Are the changes in the upper levels happening at a slower stage after 20 days to 60 days? I see Europe under severe cold.
  2. Hello. My name is Ivo and I am from Bulgaria. I follow the Stratosphere from August 23, 2018, when the first appearance of the polar vortex was after the disintegration in February 2018. Since then, the 30 hpa Polar Wind has separated more than once. At the moment, we see the splitting of the whirlpool at 10 hpa. Is this division possible to be the first one seen at 30 bahes, and if so, does it mean that the wind will divide 2 more times? I know that the changes are up to 60 days. Everything coincides. The first time was split on November 19, 2018, and now we see the changes on December 20, 2018. Does it mean that there will be a new division in February or March 2019? Today, 20 December 2018, at 30 hpa, the polar vortex is again divided.
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