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  1. short sharp shower just now in Edinburgh.. crazy scenes earlier in town.. cars stuck on the Mound, buses broken down, one idiot driver doing donuts in the snow at the castle esplanade, students throwing snowballs and drinking champagne. Felt very old at 49 lol
  2. The models do seem very confident about the chances of another cold blast. Interesting that they have upgraded so quickly this time around. I'm sure most would not want a straight repeat of Beast1, and the impact on people, animals, crops etc. Personally a wee bit of snow followed by some cold sunny days will do for me, and an elongated season for the ski centres. However I do reserve the right to get more excited as the week goes on
  3. What a night for Embra, blizzard conditions again and much more persistent over the last few hours Really hope those who have missed out get some luck over the next few days. ECM 12z more promising for keeping the cold!
  4. pasting in Embra.. wasn't expecting this after a very slow start today..
  5. Do we have any gurus online? Are we getting close to streamer land? Or am I just favouring the most optimistic radar?
  6. Decent band incoming between 13:00 and 14:00 for central belt and south central. Embra needs more of a prolonged spell to get some decent depth. Last shower here was still only 15-20 minutes and not heavy for long. Good luck everyone!
  7. Glimmer of hope for Embra just before midday.. South of here looks fun
  8. Dark skies to the EAST of Edinburgh, possibly because it's night time Beeb has 49 hours in a row of at least 1 flake on the hourly forecast
  9. Wet snow lying in Edinburgh.. Biting cold wind, feels like we switched from spring to winter in 5 minutes. Unbelievable. A good taste of things to come over night. Seriously folks, wrap up well!
  10. Beautiful day In Edinburgh. Very cold by nightfall. I'm not convinced the average punter knows what's about to hit, especially in the East! Much of the country will do very well this week, and the uppers stay cold enough for snow into next weekend, with opportunities abound for those unlucky from Tuesday to Thursday. I am wondering if further model upgrades are likely as the impact of the 2nd SSW become a apparent. Reloads anyone?
  11. Hi all.. Old lurker here coming out of the woodwork can't believe I joined here in 2005 lol I'm expecting most of us to get plenty of snow next week, but perhaps not for too many in the first hit from the East No signs yet of this being a brief cold snap and opportunities abound with those crazy uppers and relatively high SSTs Expecting to be sledging on Corstorphine Hill by the start of March, and the West must be hit at some point...
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