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  1. Few Intracloud strikes picked up from the IOSSC's lightning detector in Sheerness.
  2. Home and Dry just given me a notif saying there's lightning 9 miles away. This one snuck up on me!
  3. The drought continues here. Little shower enough to wet the ground but not measurable.
  4. A PWS in Crawley showing rain rates near 30mm/hr with around 7mm of rain recorded in a v short amount of time. Really is quite a nasty downpour to get caught in. Dramatic temp drop too from 16c to 11c.
  5. A good near 10°C between Langdon Bay & Manston. The N Downs foehn effect is in full fledge this afternoon!
  6. Shows the storm can sustain itself & doesn't just collapse. It's good.
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