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  1. Ah ok. Thanks for letting me know, I'll try & find it. Seems very much forgotten though!
  2. Haven't really seen much on this February event. I feel it's forgotten & wasn't really documented widely.
  3. Anyone know any more info on this event? Saw this picture of Herne Bay Seafront completely frozen up with the timestamp of 2nd Feb 1956. Had a little look on the reanalysis charts and it seems like a very cold easterly. If anyone could shine some info on this, it would be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. The heaviest amount of snow from one shower that I've had in a good while with 3cm in under 20 minutes. Quite a surreal experience especially being in a place like Herne Bay.

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  5. You probably just were pointing it out as a one off thing on one of them. Just looked a bit dodgy that's all lol.
  6. Isn't that just one perturbation, there's like 20? It's like I could pick one perturbation for snow in Herne Bay.
  7. One of the many reasons I have is: - Never usually lives up to anything here, a bit of wet snow a year but not much - Bitterly cold winds on certain days which just freeze you up & you wish that summer was back.
  8. This is what annoys a lot of people. You have to have patience with these kind of things. Asking constantly and then in the end going 'I guess it will never come out' helps absolutely no one. Be patient.
  9. I'm waiting for ECM to come out to see if it'll go the same way before we all get a bit excited.
  10. The only real thing I had here was quite a heavy downpour that lasted for around 10 minutes.
  11. There looks to be a higher possibility of thundery showers tomorrow. Nothing's really kicked off today.
  12. I had stumbled upon this just reading about tsunamis. Apparently, this tsunami was caused by a squall line that had been battering Sussex at the time. Does anyone have any more information on this or any pics of any damage?
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