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  1. We need more people like you! Calmly realized your mistake and apologized
  2. The GFS is setting us up for a mental breakdown once again There are signs of the strong SPV to down well into Troposphere Which might bust our chances for atleast 3/4 of January
  3. Is it just me or does this GFS flip remind anyone else of January earlier this year where the models fliped from that easterly like 3-4 days before ? Could this be a flip but in our favour this time Lets Hope so!
  4. Yep and im sure most of us would rather have a cold HP than the current lemon
  5. What a amzing set of ensembles Only around 4 that dont point towards the famous -10
  6. I agree here , we need to monitor shorter range charts with UKMO and GFS and spot slight changes like this And move forward to the end of november with a continued pattern/ set up like this, and then we can start focusing on getting real cold in
  7. These NH profiles are really stonky Interesting to see how this develops
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