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  1. I'd happily take an SSW and roll the dice as I can't see anything else delivering the goods in this perpetual autumn
  2. I'm sure I read somewhere yesterday that the cold area is expected to warm over the next couple of weeks....
  3. Doesn't this chart posted by knocked show more of a warming over Canada though? I did see charts earlier in the week which showed a eurasian warming so not sure if something has changed or just different models showing different outcomes... ecmwf-deterministic-nhemi-t10_anom-5028800.webp
  4. Not surprising given recent minimal of -27
  5. Their monthly outlook which runs up to 13th December is at odds with the seasonal forecast though, suggesting frosty weather....
  6. Let's hope the CFS is correct with its strat warming forecast!
  7. Hopefully that cooling starts to stretch out into the deeper waters further west.
  8. Watching the winter updates on Gavs weather vids, the pattern matching and analogues done so far have pointed to a cold February and March.
  9. 1. We're still in September. 2. Since when have long range model forecasts been reliable?
  10. And yet parts of the USA have seen the most brutal cold in a generation....
  11. We don't get any real warmth in August? I'm sorry but I have to disagree with you. Unless you're calling "real warmth" 35c +
  12. If this easterly does come off, would the longevity of the cold spell be affected by the length of time it has taken to get there? I'm thinking in comparison to last year's fairly quick response to the SST which was great for snow and low temperatures but blasted through and beyond us very quickly.
  13. This ties in with the thoughts of BBC forecast from earlier in the week as they suggested an increased snow risk next week.
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