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  1. Beijing Climate Centre model has northern blocking in place through most of February as well. Don't know if that model is any good in terms of verification stats.
  2. We did in Yorkshire too. I believe Topcliffe recorded a minimum of -19 on several nights and Doncaster airport-15.
  3. No you're not. I said the very same thing this morning after a few wrist splashy type posts....
  4. And it's the same every morning lately then upgrades later in the day. So just wait a few hours
  5. The BBC Countryfile forecast used the exact same phrase regarding the week after next. Well, they actually said "very interesting" (If you like cold).
  6. Not much point looking for snow on charts 6 - 8 days away....
  7. Premier Neige

    Winter 2018/19

    Why are we flushing it down the toilet? Not even half way through yet!
  8. Premier Neige

    Winter 2018/19

    Did I just walk into the doctors surgery by mistake?
  9. Not when you take into consideration the fact that Scotland (along with the rest of the UK) is on the edge of a large ocean whereas the Balkans are part of a continental landmass.
  10. As I understand it there is a lag time for effects to be felt with regard to a switch in the QBO?
  11. So lots of ups and downs and jumping on and off is what you're saying? That innuendo is getting closer! I think the fact that yesterday there was a sudden flip in the models in response to the SSW means we can expect to see these kind of runs increase in number but not every run at first.
  12. I met one last Sunday in Aldi car park repairing my car under the guise of an AA patrol man!