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  1. And yet parts of the USA have seen the most brutal cold in a generation....
  2. We don't get any real warmth in August? I'm sorry but I have to disagree with you. Unless you're calling "real warmth" 35c +
  3. If this easterly does come off, would the longevity of the cold spell be affected by the length of time it has taken to get there? I'm thinking in comparison to last year's fairly quick response to the SST which was great for snow and low temperatures but blasted through and beyond us very quickly.
  4. Nope! I've ordered the whole lot to be dumped on S63
  5. This ties in with the thoughts of BBC forecast from earlier in the week as they suggested an increased snow risk next week.
  6. I heard somewhere that cold winters generally tend to appear in the year following solar minimum. Not sure how true that is but may bode well for next winter, assuming we are at or near solar minimum right now....
  7. Carol Kirkwood said on BBC Breakfast that next week there would be a greater chance of snow for a larger part of the country....
  8. Beijing Climate Centre model has northern blocking in place through most of February as well. Don't know if that model is any good in terms of verification stats.
  9. We did in Yorkshire too. I believe Topcliffe recorded a minimum of -19 on several nights and Doncaster airport-15.
  10. No you're not. I said the very same thing this morning after a few wrist splashy type posts....
  11. And it's the same every morning lately then upgrades later in the day. So just wait a few hours
  12. The BBC Countryfile forecast used the exact same phrase regarding the week after next. Well, they actually said "very interesting" (If you like cold).
  13. Not much point looking for snow on charts 6 - 8 days away....
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