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  1. August wasn't cool and September had some warmth...
  2. Isn't Benson a frost hollow. You get some pretty cold temperatures there under the right conditions don't you? (Definitely colder than Banbury where I used to live!)
  3. Apparently 4c is the temperature the virus likes best....
  4. That makes me feel better because December and January on the CFS was a bit "meh!". February was ok.
  5. November looks interesting on the CFS (yes, I know it's the CFS).
  6. The cooling in the ENSO region of the past few days seems to have leveled off again. Hopefully it doesn't go much lower...
  7. Don't get me wrong, a cold 21/22 winter would be great but after the last 2 non event winters I'm hoping for something a bit colder this year. I do think some of the models are overcooking the strength of la nina but even the one's that do show a strong nina don't seem to have it lasting too long. (Although this graph is from September).
  8. I admire your optimism but I'm not that patient! 😂
  9. Strange that it seems to be at odds with the glosea chart that Steve Murr posted. I think the majority of models are going for weak to moderate la nina as well. I guess time will tell...
  10. Let's aren't exactly 100% reliable though are they and much still to be resolved in terms of la nina strength, how much the north Pacific will cool (which it is at the moment, QBO situation etc.
  11. After last "winter" I would take a snowy month in Dec, Jan, Feb or March this year! 🙂
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