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  1. Nice ground temperatures too for September. I wouldn't mind seeing this even in January
  2. Snow showers tonight over the Scottish mountains, from about 900m. above sea level, possibly even lower. The cold wind has put me in the mood for winter, I wonder what it'll be like this year.
  3. Some very windy and wet periods could be expected next week. Next weekend should give us a temporary relief from the wind if model outputs are confirmed. For now, wet and breezy Monday-Wednesday, drier but still windy Thursday-Friday (at least for eastern Scotland)
  4. Thanks. Still very confusing, GFS V3 has now postponed the front moving in from the west until Saturday, leaving Friday completely dry. Standard GFS still showing rain for most of the day. ICON completely dry even into the next weekend. Ukmo looks reasonably dry too with high pressure pressing down from the north... ecmwf 12 looking wet still...Who's going to win? And it's only 100h away too.
  5. Is it too early to cancel outdoor activities I had planned for Friday in Edinburgh? Most model outputs look really wet and have been all day. Just until yesterday it was supposed to stay dry
  6. A lot of rain fell last night, I don't have a rain gauge but I'd say at least 20mm. Hail at times too. The ground was very muddy today. Lovely Saturday in the capital, got up to around 13 but felt very warm in the sunshine. Light winds and vibrant skies. More great weather from tomorrow, then Monday-Wednesday highs could reach 20C even in Edinburgh and definitely further inland. Staying dry for the whole week, but cooler from Thursday as high pressure moves to the north
  7. What a classic Scottish day in Edinburgh today. Blue sky on one side and dark menacing clouds on the other. Strong sun and cold winds. The cold weather is almost over, feeling milder tomorrow and then especially on Monday-Wednesday. Temperatures are likely to take another dip towards the end of next week, but at the moment it looks like it could stay dry as high pressure moves to the north of us. Very wet down in southern England as a low slides into France from the west. Hopefully the low stays "low" and misses us (most likely scenario at the moment). Too early for details at the moment, but eastern currents could pick up next weekend as the low pressure pulls in cooler air from the east, with mist and low clouds likely.
  8. Another downgrade, some coastal areas getting highs of just 7C. Edinburgh maximum is about 13 on Monday, dropping to around 10 tops in the next days. Cold eastern winds with low clouds at times too
  9. GFS18 is seriously downgrading the airmass temperatures for the beginning of next week. I mentioned this could happen a few days ago. It will feel warm after this week's weather, but I wouldn't expect high temperatures to be reached like in April. Around 16/17C highs near the east coast, warmer to the west with 18-20C. South-eastern winds are likely to develop within the area of high pressure, making it feel cooler in the east as a consequence
  10. There is the potential for some very warm weather next week. We could go from snow this week to 25 next week in some places. Before we get too excited, it is still in the mid-long range, so there will be changes. High pressure is likely though and there have been clear indications of this in the past few model runs.
  11. Heavy rain in Edinburgh, was supposed to be bright and sunny! And the rain just keeps coming on the radar... So rain from tomorrow to Friday, winds become very gusty at times from the north-east. Next weekend should be brighter and turning mild.
  12. I was out during that shower. Felt like it was turning to proper snow as it went on.
  13. Sharp sleet shower in Edinburgh too an hour ago. Sunny now and feeling quite warm in the sun, but cold when the wind blows. 9C.
  14. Again, don't look at the models if you're looking for anything warm. Rain today and tomorrow, then moves in the Arctic air, followed by Atlantic depressions. The next 10 days are going to have mainly below average temperatures and very wet weather, after a brief dry (but cold) spell this weekend. CFS monthly showing above average precipitation for may over the UK again
  15. :( back to winter everyone. 21 members going for snow in Edinburgh on Friday. More cold to follow, then low pressures pushing in from the west. CFS forecasts have backtracked with often above average precipitation for Scotland during may.
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