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  1. Even snow on the Alps could be possible below 1000m near the Swiss/Austrian border over the weekend. But across northern italy, night time temperatures should dip well into single figures under clear skies.
  2. Very hazy for most of the day in Edinburgh with plenty of high cloud partially weakening the sun. Skies cleared up around 4. Quite chilly in the wind. Tomorrow probably a bit sunnier and warmer? We’re now on “high” UV levels according to the metoffice.
  3. Tomorrow looks quite cloudy with some hazy sunshine at times. Saturday and Sunday bright, but looking very wet next week and beyond into mid-May even... Models are all over the place, so whilst the transition to wetter conditions seems certain, it isn't clear how long it will last. GFS has been hinting that high pressure could return reasonably soon
  4. I thought February was quite exciting during the gale force winds as blizzards rolled in from the west. Definitely had quite a few days with snow falling at some point here in Edinburgh. Even thundersnow in parts of Scotland. And it's not often that you get heavy snow showers moving in across the whole country on a western wind... Coming back to today, more glorious sunny weather in Edinburgh. Unusually clear for an eastern wind.
  5. Suddenly all the clouds disappeared around 6 this evening. No doubt they'll be back around dawn just to make sure we don't get any sunshine ?
  6. Horrible day in Edinburgh, just 9C, overcast and cold easterly winds. The low clouds just keep rolling in. GFS cloud cover forecast got it wrong this time, today was supposed to be a bit brighter than yesterday, but it isn't. More of the same tomorrow. Maybe Sunday will be a bit brighter?
  7. Horrible day in Edinburgh. Overcast, easterly winds... Still a lot of uncertainty about cloud cover over the coming days. Some sunny spells could be seen tomorrow
  8. Started off like yesterday, not a cloud in the sky. Low cloud has rolled in from the west since. Looking at the satellite images, seems very foggy/low clouds over the Atlantic. No significant spells of rain anytime soon. Finally the ground can dry up after the washout winter
  9. Yep, great morning. I see high cloud moving in from the Forth now, although hazy sunshine should hold on for most of the day. Tomorrow looks somewhat sunnier and warmer as well. I’m finding the GFS cloud cover forecast to be quite accurate.
  10. Happy Easter! Still a serious lack of rainfall in what is one of the wettest months for parts of northern italy...
  11. Turning out to be a lovely afternoon in Edinburgh, unexpectedly so. Hazy sunshine, light winds and feeling warm despite the 12C temperature. If GFS proves to be right, we could be expecting a very long period of dry, often sunny weather over the coming days and weeks. There is a risk that low pressure does manage to push further east bringing an end to the nice weather by next weekend, but only time will tell.
  12. Temperatures struggling to get to 10C with overcast skies. The high resolution gfs was right when predicting the temperatures today. I have the heating on. Next week could also be very cold. GFS showing temperatures as low as 4 degrees around Edinburgh for midday Tuesday
  13. Miserable day as expected in Edinburgh. For tomorrow, GFS is showing temperatures struggling to rise above 7-8C in a very localised area near Edinburgh on the map, very strange.
  14. Glorious morning and afternoon in Edinburgh, 17.5C at the moment. Here is a pic from my daily exercise today. Bright blue skies. The best April day we’ve had so far, at least in terms of sunshine. Last sunday was warmer, but the sun was often hazy with lots of high cloud around...
  15. Yes, amazing afternoon and evening. Just before sunset I had all the windows open and it felt properly like summer.
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