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  1. The gfs is better but the easterly is only just making it to UK, angry Low in Atlantic
  2. Yes they have the same feature so would be the same bad outcome I guess..
  3. Yes Atlantic going to go over the High there by the day 7 but I don't think we see that till later..
  4. I'm sure they have more data then someone posting on here, with respect to the 'GP' of course ..!
  5. Yes looking like milder air will come up from the South fairly quickly after an initial easterly, also Europe doesn't look very cold.
  6. Yes if easterly can go wrong in 4 days then very likely go wrong in 8 days !
  7. GFS is sending Low to Iceland so this is not going to be good later I don't think..
  8. Yes and also worry is that Met only see alternate settled/Atlantic weather , then mild for all around the Xmas time
  9. Yes I was in Dublin and Eire Met had even forecasted snow showers for like 3-4 days time but in the end never happened and Atlantic came back quickly.
  10. Yes I remember folowing the forum a few years ago in December, there was a huge let down I think it was 2012
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