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  1. Nice to log in and see an UPGRADE on charts that were already stunning.
  2. Wednesday 7th February Weather Observations

    -2.5c at 6am. I was expecting a frost on my car. None visible !!
  3. Tuesday 6th February Weather Observations

    +1c, snow flurries. Stay in bed !!
  4. Monday 29th January Weather Observations

    12c - tropical
  5. Monday 22nd January Weather Observations

    A balmy 6c today.
  6. Monday 8th January Weather Observations

    -1.5c at 6am. I doubt we'll reach +2c today
  7. Sunday 7th January Weather Observations

    -2c already. The log fires are roaring and the whisky's been deployed
  8. Friday 8th December Weather Observations

    2c in Warwickshire 1c in Redditch with sleet
  9. 'Killer SNOWBOMB....etc" https://www.express.co.uk/news/weather/888481/Storm-Caroline-UK-weather-forecast-snow-Britain-Friday-BBC-weather-Met-Office-warning
  10. Snow And Ice In The Northern Hemisphere 2017/18

    Impressive this year
  11. Mehhhh.......it'll rain
  12. 'Arctic killer death blast.......etc' https://www.express.co.uk/news/weather/887481/uk-weather-snow-met-office-warning-arctic-winds-rain-forecast-bbc-weather
  13. Snow And Ice In The Northern Hemisphere 2017/18

    Big increase in Polar ice-cap coverage this week