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  1. Serious 'deep-freeze' for Western Europe predicted by GFS
  2. Turnedoutniceagain

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Must say, I didn't see that coming today !! A 1cm dusting and -1.5c
  3. Problem is, it's always "day 8 onwards"
  4. -19c in Italy !! It's just not fair
  5. Winter's clearly over......... *runs away*
  6. Turnedoutniceagain

    Monday 10th December weather observations

    1c and clear. Shall I light the fire now?
  7. Ohhh no, if this comes off the Mother-in-Law might not be able to make it down for Christmas !!!
  8. Turnedoutniceagain

    Tuesday 4th December weather observations

    -2c. Scraping the car windscreen again....
  9. We're all going to die.....etc https://www.express.co.uk/news/weather/1048008/UK-weather-forecast-snow-weather-warning-November-2018-Met-Office-cold-heavy-snow-latest
  10. Compare the Arctic ice-sheet's 3 month build up
  11. "Cold weather to RAVAGE the UK !!" https://www.express.co.uk/news/weather/1047129/uk-weather-forecast-Monday-Met-Office-latest-november-showers-low-temperatures
  12. We should see some more UK pixels this week - hopefully