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  1. 18c and humid. Nice......
  2. Lovely to see the combines rolling through the barley fields last night. I'll never tire of watching the harvest come in
  3. Lights on in the kitchen for breakfast at 5am, here we go....................
  4. Temps went from 8c at 5:45am to 13c by 7am. Could be a scorcher today - great news for farmers in the middle of the harvest
  5. To be fair, when I lived in Saudi Arabia this happened when it rained !!
  6. Lords & Ladies are the real harbinger of late Summer for me. Good spot !!
  7. Up at my normal 4:30am start today - no sunrise !! Lights on in the kitchen, here we go ........#NearlyAutumn Conkers swelling, crab apples abound, blackberries on the turn, a bumper crop of sloes, hawthorn berries tinged red, damsons looking bountiful and elderberry everywhere. Technically, it's still 'High Summer', but Autumn's all around us if you know where to look. Anyone seen any credible Long Range Forecasts yet?
  8. Auditing a supplier in Lincolnshire yesterday. Good to see the combine harvesters rolling already Nearly Autumn......
  9. Winter 17/18 NAO Forecast http://www.gavsweathervids.com/winter2017-18-forecast-uk.php
  10. 14c Wet, dry, sunny, wet, dry, sunny........rinse & repeat all day
  11. Cherries, the first fruit crop of the season are now out in my garden. Nearly Autumn......
  12. Sprouts are on already. Christmas cards are in the shops Tesco >> https://www.tesco.com/christmas/
  13. Summer's over....etc etc
  14. Roof down, 17c in Oxfordshire. Glorious day
  15. Right, that's it, Solstice time at last, and it's a proper midsummer's day this year. It's all downhill to Christmas now, I'd better get the sprouts on/ order logs & coal/ check out LRFs.....etc