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  1. Here's a one month comparison to the Equinox for you. Less ice, but more snow.
  2. Clear as a bell, 8.8c, up from a low of 8.2c. Happy #AutumnEquinox
  3. 8c at 6am and a glorious seasonal mist on this fine Equinox morning
  4. ......and we're off UK storm alert: Atlantic blast to smash Britain with gales and freezing rain - maps | Weather | News | Express.co.uk WWW.EXPRESS.CO.UK BRITAIN is set to be battered with gales and freezing rain as an Atlantic blast sweeps across the country.
  5. Nudged a low of 8.2 on Sun/Mon, but that's now gone up to 9c this morning. GFS showing hints of 4, possibly 5c in a week
  6. A big increase yesterday in Alaska. Snow continuing to spread westwards towards the Urals too.
  7. Overnight low of 10.8c, GFS hinting at single figure temps to the middle of next week. Stunning Autumnal mist in the back paddock at 06:30 this morning
  8. It's a vintage year for those harbingers of Autumn - the Daddy Long-Legs. Got an absolute house full this year !!
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