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  1. "Cold weather to RAVAGE the UK !!" https://www.express.co.uk/news/weather/1047129/uk-weather-forecast-Monday-Met-Office-latest-november-showers-low-temperatures
  2. We should see some more UK pixels this week - hopefully
  3. Turnedoutniceagain

    Monday 19th November weather observations

    4c chilly and overcast
  4. "It looks like Canada is now completely snow covered" Certainly is.......
  5. Big jump in ice coverage
  6. Turnedoutniceagain

    Friday 2nd November weather observations

    -4c, hard frost
  7. Turnedoutniceagain

    Wednesday 31st October weather observations

    -3c. Coldest one so far
  8. Turnedoutniceagain

    Monday 29th October weather observations

    -2c. This is more like it !!
  9. Big sea-ice build up on Siberian coast. Good dumping in Scand' and hopefully, some pixels to come in Scotland/N England soon !!
  10. Turnedoutniceagain

    Friday 26th October weather observations

    4c and drizzle. It'll get much colder as this front blows through
  11. Plenty more to come this week
  12. Turnedoutniceagain

    Monday 22nd October weather observations

    Chilly and calm, 3c.
  13. Turnedoutniceagain

    Friday 19th October weather observations

    A nippy +0.5c on the Fosse Way this morning. Peaking at 14c now, but will drop off sharply again later
  14. Turnedoutniceagain

    Thursday 18th October weather observations

    Dry, still & chilly +4.5c
  15. Further ice build up along Greenland's eastern coast.