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  1. Turnedoutniceagain

    Friday 21st September weather observations

    A bright and breezy Autumnal Equinox, 8c
  2. Turnedoutniceagain

    Snow on the Scottish Mountains.

    Storm Ali's left a dusting on the high ground at Mar Lodge
  3. A beautiful morning in Svalbard - no new snow yet. http://longyearbyen.kystnor.no/
  4. Turnedoutniceagain

    Autumn 2018

    Good spot. I haven't seen a Swallow or a Swift for nearly a fortnight, so I'm assuming they've gone too?
  5. Dry, mild, breezy & 14c. Looking at a high today of around 20c, with a gradual drop-off in temps from here on in.
  6. Today's offering from the North
  7. "Colder than Moscow......" https://www.express.co.uk/news/weather/1016869/UK-weather-forecast-temperature-cold-rain-met-office-September-2018
  8. Turnedoutniceagain

    Autumn 2018

    It's not Autumn until I've spotted a Daddy Long-Legs - two in my kitchen this morning !!
  9. Quite a dumping. Excellent for September
  10. 2c !!! Coldest of the season so far.
  11. Steady build up through Siberia. Snow inching further west
  12. Widespread snow in Siberia
  13. Turnedoutniceagain

    Friday 7th September weather observations

    4c cool, calm and chilly
  14. Turnedoutniceagain

    Thursday 6th September weather observations

    7c at 6am. Chilly start