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  1. I have asked around a few places have them at around £60 but I am not convinced the display and rain gauge after many years old are not likely to pack in tomorrow. I think I am just better to start again. I would also like something that is solar powered and is wireless so I can stick it further up the back garden and maybe even attach it on a pole out of an oak tree for more direct wind readings.
  2. Hi trebor any luck with that weather station. I have been looking around for a new one and really like the sound of this one as well. http://www.foshk.com/Wifi_Weather_Station/HP2550.html do you think this is the older model then https://www.ambientweather.com/amws2902.html Can someone start importing this !! I need to replace a la crosse WS2355 which has worked for years but the anemometer has died, when I dropped it off the roof !! and I have had to move the main unit due to a greenhouse going up.
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