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  1. I've got a feeling that we could have a slight covering by the morning, hopefully its the last of it I'm ready for gardening. Looking forward to the snow chase later this year and fingers crossed we are in a spell of a few decent winters!
  2. Few specks of shower activity now out in the north sea, GFS 18z pushing back the Atlantic and intensifying the cold for earlier in the week - looking great!
  3. Large soft flakes here in Sunderland north covering the road, it's been a long time looks beautiful ❄️
  4. GFS 06Z we live in hope 🙏 and perfectly plausible! Wow just wow what a chart!
  5. Yes a sector of warmer upper air with this precipitation, the 850's get colder for Friday night through into the weekend so I'm hopeful of some sleet / snow showers just a few miles inland on a more northerly feed. Feeling a bit disappointed at the mo, hopefully the models will start to pick up on the SSW and other factors with something special in the offing
  6. Looks like the shower activity will increase this evening and later tonight, as others have said marginal at the coast with some decent falls inland. With light winds and the showers moving through slowly some favoured spots will get a good covering ❄️. Prospects are looking great this year for the chance of deep cold fingers crossed!
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