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  1. Coming round really quick now, I'm not getting there till 28th so feeling jealous now lol. Anyone else on united Airlines landing at 2.15?
  2. OK so has anyone heard anything yet about payment? I haven't received an email since I payed deposit last year and want to pay it off so I know it's sorted. Im worrying as he originally confirmed wrong year tour then after contact apologised and corrected. If I am only one that hasn't heard then still might be wrong but if all of us then OK. Sorry to go on just looking forward to it and want it all confirmed x
  3. Thanks, just wasn't sure if I am meant to be doing something but will wait it out.
  4. probably, but I actually mean will I receive email with payment request or how do I pay lol
  5. Booked my flights, just need to work out how to pay outstanding balance for tour. Anyone know how I pay?? Can't wait x
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