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  1. Sending this here, so as not to clog up the MOD thread further but still available to read for anyone who might be interested. The lag pertains to the timeline period of the effects of the MJO wave and is reflected by an increase in angular momentum tendency which responds in real time to the progression and amplitude of the convection wave . Its possible to have a rapid rise in tendency within a total windflow budget in the atmospheric circulation which has a relatively low total angular momentum base. Hence there is something of an atmospheric disconnect to the ocean base state

    The plots may be concurrent but they are two separate measures of what is happening in the atmosphere.

    Its typical to have wax and wane periods in ENSO phases, and tropical convection is the engine for changes in atmospheric angular momentum tendency through torque mechanisms that propagate from the tropics to the extra tropics and, sometimes poleward to affect the stratospheric profile (if the extra tropical MT is strong enough). The lag times of frictional >mountain torques can account for the wavelength of life of the total process - this can be up to 21 days or more.






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