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  1. Wish you and your family all the very best with your move my friend. I love the states particularly Florida it’s a great place to live. I’m envious thanks for your posts as always look out for them. Happy times ahead for you all.
  2. My parents saw a funnel cloud during an intense downpour late this afternoon, they live in Yate and it was SE of them. I went home just 30mins before and skies were clear missed all the action and hence no pictures.
  3. Well disappointed tbh here, was hoping for some storms to chase but dry here apart from am passing shower and in the sunshine feeling nice. May even get the lawn mower out in a minute. Didn’t think (hope I wouldn’t have to ) I’d be able to cut the lawn today.
  4. After yesterday’s total rain event of 23mm here the river Frome has responded more than I thought on my walk earlier with ‘Ollie’
  5. Really nice weather today tbh ideal for a garden tidy and a dog walk. Maxed at 12.3c just watched the film ‘Day after tomorrow’ again got me wondering what the reaction would be like on our forum if such a thing happened. I guess the Mad thread would be looking for a breakdown at Day 10 on the GFS models
  6. I can confirm that John, let the puppy out at 4am and was surprised by just how cold it was in the wind. Luckily the pup did his business very swiftly and I was able to return to my warm bed. I just noticed there is still green echoes on the radar up the road from us on the Cotswolds right now
  7. Is it ok if I put this down as a snow day in my records and attach the radar image they will never know looking back in 50yrs time
  8. Had our heaviest snow flurry of the week today calneee Still technically a ‘Flurry’ though but lots of flakes. Baby steps and all that
  9. Our Snizzle on the radar has gone from looking solid to quite fragmented in just 10 mins I give up
  10. Meanwhile heaviest snow flurry of the present cold spell has left my patio furniture positively ’speckled’
  11. Certainly very cold out there John for all the cop action that’s going on right now in Yate
  12. I’m up in bed but forgot to leave the patio light on relying on your reports Kumquat. Either that or shine a light over to Frampton mate for me.
  13. All temperatures in the west around me are rising but right now the two that have reversed the trend are to the east of me the cold is coming ( Website design and station weather data © Martyn Hicks 2004-2021)
  14. Put the sausage baps on Kumquat I’ll bring the daddies sauce over (other sauces are commercially available)
  15. Just walked the puppy and it’s definitely got a chill to the air now and a very slight breeze stirring.
  16. Everyday is a school day. Thanks for that mate. Saves me pressing the name and going to a separate page each and every time I want to know their location
  17. Let’s just say it’s in the hands of Trading standards right now
  18. Budge over mate I’m mid 50’s and I’m already checking my Fitbit pulse rate which is increasing by the hour
  19. Frampton or Yate doesn’t matter with that chart MS if it ever came to pass. Sledding order of the day there at St John’s church slopes Old Sodbury
  20. Thanks for the observation midnight snow, my weather station is at Yate too (parents house) and I’m down the road in Frampton Cotterell. So that’s a red line day for me then with snow falling
  21. MIA my overnight low N/E of Bristol was -3.0c and currently still -2.3c and extensive freezing fog.
  22. That’s where Peppa Pig lives ? Should be ok for snow later as it always looks really hilly on Peppa pig
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