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  1. Think you will find that info here somewhere CRU ? https://flood-warning-information.service.gov.uk/
  2. Yep had the storm go through here in Frampton Cotterell as well. Car alarms going off and dogs barking ?⛈
  3. My weather station at home says 15.9c today max. Our snowless trip to Inverness comes to an end tomorrow and we maxed at 13.0c today but who cares as it’s been stunning weather and combined with superb scenery I haven’t missed the snow too much ?
  4. Well the wifey and I have arrived in snowless Inverness for our 3 day ‘winter break’ the journey up was cloudless fantastic flying weather. The thing I didn’t expect to see was 30+ (I gave up counting after 30) separate fires on the hills from Manchester northwards even into southern Scotland. Anyone know if they would be controlled heath fires (are they allowed to do that) or are they early fire outbreaks due to the dry conditions though tbh that seems unlikely given the sheer amount of them I saw.
  5. The day Mattwolves says he’s past caring about a cold spell is indeed a sad day in my book ?
  6. By this time next Monday wifey & I are off to Inverness & the Cairngorms for our snow fix ? not panning out as I thought when I booked it. ?
  7. I need to get a life ? my weekly stats pop up every Sunday morning and it’s quite shocking when you see the totals. In my defence all the YouTube is when I’m listening to music at my gym, the Netweather is self explanatory and the livesnow is an awsome site for me anyhow as it’s live streaming of the weather channel in the USA. I always watch it when I’m over there ?? ?
  8. I’m a couple of miles down the road to you Bristol boy and was just thinking the exact same thing. Beautiful day after a frosty early morning start going to the gym. ?
  9. Sorry to hear that Leon1 my wife has had that for the past week. It’s quite a nasty bug going around. ?
  10. Ended up with 18mm of rain here yesterday and gales overnight left my shed roof felt covering in tatters and the patio furniture strewn around the garden. Trip to a DIY store beckons ?
  11. Don’t bother going into mad thread it’s full of winters over one liners again it seems.
  12. Very foggy out tonight and currently -0.8c so we have managed another frost at least.
  13. Right I’ve done something spontaneous and drastic in equal measures tonight after venturing into the mad thread looking for any hints of good news on the horizon, there ain’t any was the gist. So got online and I’ve booked 4 days away at the end of the month for the wife and I to Inverness ? now the cynical amongst you will note it’s about as far north in the UK I can go in winter and still sell it to her as a city break, it’s on the doorstep of the Cairngorms and if there is any snow around to play in then it ‘should’ be on the top of said mountain range. How dare you, it’s all I could find for my budget. Talking of costs, the plane fares (yes the orange one) car hire and 3 nights in a travelodge for 2 people £255.00 all in ? if there happens to be snow there then that’s just fortuitous (for me) ? Ps I do love my wife too ?
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