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    Reading novels, researching ancient history, metaphysics. Hill walking, mountain climbing. Weather enthusiast.
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  1. neutron count 10.2%=high tci=4.40 billion watts
  2. tci=43.6 billion watts, so a slight drop today neutron count 10.0%= high so neutron count on the up.
  3. neutron count=9.6%=high tci = 43.7 billion watts another good drop in tci and neutron count up.
  4. Neutron count 9.4%=high Record high 12/2009 11.7%=very high.
  5. https://www.met.ie/warnings met eirann extending orange warning an added 3 hours until 06:00am for western counties of Ireland.
  6. starting to pick up here in Galway, light rain showers, fresh to strong winds gusting gale, definately not nice to be out in. pouring rain now. pressure of 995.6 hpa falling rapidly.
  7. Lol good old irish humour, will we all leave a pint of guinness at our door step and hope lorenzo doesnt blow our house down.
  8. John holmes, said earlier, that in all his years, hes never seen a storm behave like this.
  9. Quite bizarre how lorenzo takes a right angled turn and heads straight for ireland.
  10. Lights, batteries, candles at the ready. Stay safe boofer.
  11. February 28th: Thermosphere climate index: 38.2 billion watts. Kp index=5=storm. G1 minor storm, 24-48hrs Arctic auroras possible..
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