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  1. Unless we somehow still gain another .5c I think we can safely say the all time record is safe for now
  2. Cambridge showing up as 37c on the Live list, however confirmation from the Met of what exactly that is would be nice. Could still be 36.5c rounded up.
  3. Cloud starting to get onto land now. Heathrow and Northolt will struggle I think to get much past the July record. Well, unless that cloud starts to fizzle away substantially.
  4. ... Although according to the Met Office they hit 35.9c
  5. 34.3c at Heathrow and 34.7c at Northolt, lost about a degree in temp. Cambridge hasnt updated yet.
  6. Judging by how much cloud is coming up the channel now. I think that overall temperature record may prove hard to beat now. July record I still think is probable (and we may find out in the next hour or so where)
  7. I think Heathrow and Northolt may have some cloud over it currently, at least according to the satellites. Cambridge may continue to be the hottest area until that cloud clears away a bit before the main area of cloud coming up from France.
  8. 36c in Cambridge at 12:30 according to the Netweather live list. Suspect its rounded up
  9. Not sure if the people in this thread saw the Met Office tweet about 34c at Kew Gardens at 11am earlier. Kew may be the place to break the July record initially.
  10. Rainband currently in the south fizzling out rather quickly. A similar scenario happening east nearer the London area would likely mean barely anything left by the time it reaches the Heathrow/Northolt/Kew Gardens warm trio.
  11. About to take over yesterdays high and its not even midday. 5 hours of warming left, providing the thunderstorms coming up from France don't interfere too much. Also another 6.1c onto that and it'll hit my very ambitious 40.1c guess at Kew gardens
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