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  1. I had to go back and re-check what I wrote earlier, a good bit of editing MAF 😂 Still no storms here, what a big fat disappointment 😫😭
  2. I hope so! Would be good to have one decent storm after the heat this week 🤞🤞
  3. So far for the Bexleyheath area, this hot spell is going out on a very quiet whimper!! A few very distant rumbles a couple of hours ago, and that's it so far 😭😭😭 The only consolation is it's so much cooler than of late.
  4. Yep, can see them from Bexleyheath 👍 Just had a breeze blow through the house that slammed the front room door! 😂
  5. Ooo, the sun has gone behind a cloud here. I could literally feel the temperature drop! Please let there be storms later! Thanks @Coopsy, I will keep researching and getting recommendations and wait for any autumn sales! This type of heat is getting much to common for my liking now, so think it will hopefully be a sound investment 🤞
  6. @Coopsy, what aircon unit do you have? I was saying to my husband yesterday we should invest in one but want recommendations before splashing any cash!
  7. Some clouds seem to be bubbling up in the distance in Bexleyheath. Please mother nature, let us have storms this evening 🤞⛈🌩⛈🌩
  8. Knowing our luck, we are just the breeding ground for storms in the Midlands as usual 🙄🙄😭😭
  9. I know, the cloud is starting to thin here now and already feels hotter 😩🔥🌡 There had better be a decent storm or two in the pipeline for putting up with this heat!
  10. Call me a grump, but I hope this cloud sticks around all day. Although it's humid, the cloud seems to be keeping the heat suppressed, so feels slightly more comfortable than yesterday.
  11. Clouding over here in Bexleyheath, which I am relieved about as this time of day, the sun moves round so it streams into our kitchen and front room, making it far too hot. ♨️♨️ Would be good to have payment in putting up with this heat with some decent thunderstorms ⛈🌩⛈🌩
  12. Constant booming rumbles heard in Bexleyheath. Whoever is under the storm I can hear is very lucky! I hope it wafts my way ?
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