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  1. 40 years old :shok:.  Another decade nearer to retirement :yahoo:

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    2. sundog


      Another decade closer to death.

    3. jtay


      I turned 40 last month. I like it. Haven't been called Johnboy since.

    4. Dorsetbred


      Hmm... by the time you reach a retirement age it's likely to be around 90 yrs old, given the NHS is stuffed with no cash, and the government plans just to wear people out through extra years of working.. Good luck..

  2. When a woman says "What?", it's not because she didn't hear you. She's giving you a chance to change what you said.

    1. PerfectStorm


      I don't know about that, I'm sure my girlfriend is slightly deaf.

  3. While lying in bed with my husband last night, he asked what I'd most like to do with his body. 'Identify it' apparently wasn't the right answer.

    1. Coast
    2. The watcher
    3. frogesque


      Not looking for a new patio then?

  4. Eat right and exercise... die anyway!

    1. gottolovethisweather


      a lovely thought for most on a new working week. Ha ha, I know what you mean though. Just don't go reading through the Armageddon threads again? Live life and enjoy it then die.

    2. snow raven

      snow raven

      I heard the saying this morning - it just made me laugh at the irony of it!

  5. I had a ploughman's lunch the other day. He wasn’t very happy.

    1. shuggee


      I had a ploughman's lunch box once.

    2. snow raven

      snow raven

      *splutter* Shuggs!

  6. If you see someone doing a crossword today, just lean over and say 7 up is Lemonade

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    2. Angelici Magiovinium

      Angelici Magiovinium

      ...they could get very a-cross or down :-)

    3. Weather-history


      It's a pity the drink isn't called 7 down then the gag might work ;)

    4. Weather-history


      1 down: postman's round?

      How many letters?

      A sackful

  7. still gets as excited at seeing a rainbow at 34 years old the same as I did as a kid...

  8. 3-2-1 and we're back in the room!

  9. There's no I in team, and no F in point

  10. The Grim Reaper came for me last night, but I beat him off with a vacuum cleaner. Talk about Dyson with death.

  11. has turned purple

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    2. A.J


      you get used to it...lol

    3. snow raven

      snow raven

      I was purple last winter too - if you need any help or advice PM me - but as a whole it's a rewarding experience

    4. gottolovethisweather


      thanks for the offer SR and AJ's advice from earlier is most helpful too.

  12. promises never to use the word 'exciting' again to describe the weather. Which won't be too difficult, what with living in the SE!

    1. Snooz


      lol.. saw that last night, you use what word you like!

  13. you just can't beat a bag of Brannigans roast beef and mustard crisps for lunch

  14. is 34 today. Eeeek!!

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    2. Angelici Magiovinium

      Angelici Magiovinium

      Hope your having a good one :-)

    3. Cakie


      Happy birthday youngster

    4. Isolated Frost

      Isolated Frost

      happy birthday snow raven, lets hope the next 366 days are as good as the last ones! :)

  15. Women are Angels. When someone breaks our wings we simply continue to fly... usually on a broomstick. We're flexible like that.

    1. Angelici Magiovinium

      Angelici Magiovinium

      I can go from Halo to Broomstick in 2.6 seconds..

    2. knocker


      Didn't apply to my ex mother-in-law. I think it was to do with the rules of the coven she was a member of.

  16. sweating to death in October... not a good look!

  17. is off ghost hunting tomorrow - wish me luck!

    1. Lancashire Lass

      Lancashire Lass

      Oooh where you off to?

    2. Coast


      Not looking under that patio SR?!!!

    3. snow raven

      snow raven

      Ha ha! No, I am still alive Coast - you know where to look if I disapear though! Its a wedding at a Hotel that is haunted, so along with drinking spirits, I'll also be looking for some LOL!

  18. jeeze, heavy rain - didn't expect this at nearly midnight

  19. is trying to remain positive...

    1. Angelici Magiovinium

      Angelici Magiovinium

      That's good..now try to find someone negative to rub up against and you might spark off a storm !

  20. has a horrible day ahead and feels like rubbish *sob*

    1. Angelici Magiovinium

      Angelici Magiovinium

      Hope you feel better soon and your day gets better *hug* :-)

  21. is wondering what famous person is visiting the Hospital today - it's brought the Chief Exec out from his office anyway!

    1. Coast
    2. snow raven

      snow raven

      thanks Coast, I just found out on the rumour mill it was David C - didnt realise Clegg was with him too.

  22. needs some time out and to catch up on some Zzzzzzz

  23. Dear God, my prayer for 2011 is for a fat bank balance and thin body. Please don't mix these up like you did last year. Amen.

    1. gottolovethisweather


      Ha Ha. A lot of people's wishes that would be. Not fogetting to add cold snowy winters, showery springs, long hot summer interspersed with violent thunderstorms and a stormy autumn. I don't want much!

  24. would welcome a day or two of rain - never thought I would miss it, but I do...!

  25. wasn't it 3 years to the day that we had snow? What a contrast!

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    2. snow raven

      snow raven

      I've just been looking at my album from that day on my facebook page. Good old British weather! Lets hope we get proper April showers with some thunder mixed in soon!

    3. Somerset Squall

      Somerset Squall

      Yes please, we've been lacking thunder recently!

    4. Thundery wintry showers

      Thundery wintry showers

      Yes please indeed- I've been "convection starved" this year so far! (though 3 April was a welcome change)

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