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  1. Very, and I mean very distant rumbles here. Can only hear it with the TV volume down, windows open and holding my breath, but I hear thunder ⛈
  2. I thought I was imagining it, came on here to check. Seems I wasn't imagining it after all
  3. No sure if it's wishful thinking on my part, but I swear I can hear distant (and I mean distant!) rumbles here?
  4. Back home in Bexleyheath now, and had rumbles of thunder since I got off the train. Seems I'm on the edge of a storm. Whoever is under this storm is so lucky! My daughter who works local in Bexley has said it's been rumbling on and off all afternoon 🌩
  5. Are you at home in Bexley Harry? Typically, I am working in the office today in London and not a thing here! Always on the days I am not WFH
  6. It will be a miracle if anyone can sleep in this claggy heat! Nothing but rain here (surprise surprise) but please for those to my South and East getting some storms!
  7. Just popped into the thread to see if this lovely weather is set to stay, only to see your sad news @TomSE12. My sincere condolences to you, Colette, Hayley and family xx
  8. The snow shower didn't last long, and it's back to sunny skies again. Snow has pretty much melted now out of the shade
  9. After a lovely sunny morning, it's now clouded over and light snow is falling in Bexleyheath.
  10. Lovely morning here. No snow, but crisp clean blue skies. It's actually nice to have a break from the cloud (maybe not so much the snow). It's amazing what a bit of blue sky and sunshine does to lifts the mood
  11. Skies have darkened again and it's started to snow again. A change in wind direction to ENE again perhaps?
  12. Pretty much stopped snowing in Bexleyheath now, and a slight thaw happening (particularly on the pavements). Skies are dark to my north, but think the wind has changed from ENE which is why the shower train seems to be skirting north now. Very pleased with this morning's snow though as wasn't really expecting anything much ❄🌨
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