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  1. I've just read through the last 10 pages or so. Some of you seriously need to think about taking a break from watching the models and taking every run as gospel. It's gone from euphoria to throwing toys out the pram in the space of a few hours! Walk away from the computer, life is too short!
  2. Lovely sunshine in central London now (not sure if any flakes fell earlier, as I was in a meeting). I am just happy to see blue skies and sunshine for what feels like the first time in weeks. Fingers crossed for snow next week, however, I do get anxious about the commute home from work (I don't care if I can't get in!!)
  3. snow raven


    snowflakes or not - some of you lot need to grow up with the silly point scoring posts!
  4. snow raven


    I'm a mixture of Generation X and an Xennial (born in 1977) - whatever those both mean!
  5. Nothing but drizzle here. Just as well my expectations were at zero
  6. snow raven

    Save our Christmas Songs

    It seems now days, it's the fashion to take offence to everything just to get on the front cover of the Sun and to have their 15 minutes of fame. I don't think these people that take offence to everything realise just how pathetic they come across! As I keep saying - the world has well and truly gone mad!
  7. Husband likes the thermostat set to 20/21 degrees. I'm one of those annoying people that either puts it down to 0 if it's too hot, or up to 30 if it's too cold. Nowt inbetween for me!
  8. I have tried not to join the snow rollercoaster this year, but reading about the potential of possible falling snow (even if it doesn't settle) later this evening, I've decided to buckle up and join the ride
  9. Stay safe everyone
  10. Thunder again - 2nd storm today 🌩 This time though, the sun is out and we also have a rainbow
  11. Wow, biblical rain in central London with thunder and lightning. Who needs steaming hot heat to create storms!
  12. Can't beat an unexpected storm . Although this one seems to have died somewhat. Looking forward to a cool, comfortable night's sleep later
  13. Thunder and lightning in Bexleyheath
  14. Thunder and lightning in Bexleyheath
  15. And another flash and bang!