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  1. Yes, if you have access you can see that's coming from the UKV. Tomorrow looking a touch better on today. Subtle mid-level shortwave crossing the country through the afternoon and into the evening, which combined with light, converging low-level winds and diurnal max looks to support a break out of isolated to scattered heavy showers from late afternoon (as per recent mesoscale outputs), with the possibility of a few brief, weak storms with maximising of instability. A broad risk area (southern UK generally), though where winds converge and moisture pools the better chance of something firing.
  2. Second the posting of pics and vids from various sources - cheers KW. Regarding the rating, having glanced at several pics my first thoughts were that the intensity looked to be into the EF4 category through part of the lifespan. The damage to some vehicles looked particularly bad, with trees being debarked. Devastating either way.
  3. Something to look forward to. Thought I had used up the free trial already, but have downloaded GRL2. Have to manually add the site data - but simple enough. Anyone interested it's on the GRLX site.
  4. There can be troughs (shortwaves) located above the boundary layer depicted on those charts as well, for example when representing small scale vorticity/ascent aloft. They are synoptic charts. Upper cold/warm fronts are depicted all the time when they arise, too.
  5. Great stuff. Have been anticipating this since seeing Mapantz referring to the "secret model". Hopefully a few convective products in future updates. Very nice.
  6. Yep, that's a serious one. Nice multi stroke CG just then as well.
  7. I always find it's handy to have the the velocity and reflectivity frames side-by-side... Not hinting or anything. ? Need to gauge the rotation.
  8. Cool, thanks. Yeah, used up the trial period already. Knew I should've waited...
  9. Do you have access to GRL3, Sam? Or anybody else? Be good to get a few radar scans on here for the when the velocity couplets really tighten up. ?
  10. Also 6 years to the day of the Moore EF5 wedge... Relevant parameters do look alarming. Strong MLCAPE and up to low 70s DPs, but, as you say, a notably strong veering windfield through the mid-level ramps up this risk. Late night for me Monday.
  11. Ooh, seeing a notable hook emerging out of the general messiness on recent reflectivity right over Vicksburg... corresponding with general meso activity on velocity scan. Things about to ramp up? And another just SW of Vicksburg. Can see activity becoming a little more cellular.
  12. Reasonable inbound/outbound velocities on the storm in question on recent scan, so some meso activity. Wouldn't appear to be too alarming on the face of it... Obviously not to know, not being there, though.
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