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  1. Ooh, seeing a notable hook emerging out of the general messiness on recent reflectivity right over Vicksburg... corresponding with general meso activity on velocity scan. Things about to ramp up? And another just SW of Vicksburg. Can see activity becoming a little more cellular.
  2. Reasonable inbound/outbound velocities on the storm in question on recent scan, so some meso activity. Wouldn't appear to be too alarming on the face of it... Obviously not to know, not being there, though.
  3. Bob Pack on that cell (link below) Looks like a bit ofdamage/debris on stream. https://livestormchasing.com/map Velocity, per GRL3:
  4. Yet to renew Extra subscription so haven't had a look at this. But was hoping to see a reflectivity smoothing option among the list of new features from V7. Not sure if that's possible, though. Is the reason I still mainly use V4, as for me it's more 'clean' visually. But look forward to trying out V8 when the weather becomes a little more interesting.
  5. Some nice structure and good CG bolts on the Jackson, MS cell (seen on Brad Arnold's stream).
  6. Good to see the chaser streams are active again. Hopefully get to see something interesting later on. TW issued by the SPC recently:
  7. Lovely frosty scene in the Warks countryside on the way to work. Min temp -2C.
  8. Couldn't see any snow outside the office window as that band pushed through in Warks late this morning. Still a chilly one though. Good to see others got a little early-season white stuff.
  9. Was a chilly one today. Thought I saw a few fine snow grains fall around late morning in Warks. All rain through the afternoon.
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