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  1. It's not quite the pretty picture of snowy Scottish hills but I saw some pink pixels on the radar indicating the first snow on Lake District mountains a couple of hours ago.
  2. First snow expected in Texas on Wednesday. I believe the previous record is September 29th in 1984 so this could smash it. https://www.meteociel.fr/modeles/gfse_cartes.php?&ech=78&mode=16&carte=1 I follow the Northwest Passage attempts. (Cancelled this year for Covid.) It sort of opened on the same day as last year - August 20th - but there is more ice about and it has been iffy since in a closed here and open there sort of way. Melt has slowed early with lots of early cold wintery weather which would have made it very hazardous so probably as well they've all been
  3. 0.6C in North Yorkshire, 0.2C in Scotland and 0.1C in Northern Ireland last night. Https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/12541541/brits-chilliest-bank-holidays-ever-temperatures-zero/ Countryfile weekly weather forecast indicated a subzero temperature in Northern Ireland the previous night, if I heard correctly. I was not really paying attention. I read somewhere the last August frost was Aug 24th 2014 at Katesbridge?
  4. Seen our first daffodils in bloom. The general tide of crocuses and daffs look set to come out this weekend. When can I cut the grass? It needs doing but always wet.
  5. Just had a bit of snow here. I'm not even 100 feet. It only shows sleet on the radar but we're getting rain, sleet and snow. Each shower is different. It must be fun on the hills in this wind.
  6. An online acquaintance has reported a "white out" somewhere near Nottingham after lunch. He said there was heavy wet snow for 3/4 of an hour, dropping the temperature to 1C, and settling for a while before turning to slush recently. He said they issued a snow warning for it after it finished. Radar is just starting to show hints of snow amongst the sleet on Exmoor and Dartmoor, and even sleet in London. Keep your eyes peeled!
  7. N.Hemisphere snow extent might yet reach an average peak. I wonder what the record for mass is. It's certainly looking a strong year.
  8. Dandelion! Aaaarrrgghhh! Hate 'em.
  9. Can't cut my grass because it's too wet with melting frost. Definitely needs doing. Maybe tomorrow. I did manage to sit out for a cup of coffee at lunchtime. 1st time this year. Usually happens around early to mid Feb. Rarely, March or late Jan. So maybe a few days ahead of typical.
  10. When my lazy eyes look back at histerical cold snaps (in Europe), I get the impression they seem to follow solar minima by to 2-3 years. Of course, we are at a solar minumum now, but solar output will be low for another couple of years yet so tropical seas might still be expected to have some more cooling to go - and then it takes a while for North Atlantic currents to bring those cooler than average tropical waters up here. Of course, the weather makes our forecasts look foolish, but I'd hazard the guess that our next cold winters wlll maybe be 2022 and/or 2023 but that's just my simple inter
  11. Crocuses! Some colour at last. Plus the garlic I planted last year, that was overcome by leftover spuds from the year before and I thought had died, was 10 inches tall when I went down there to clear some ivy away. Likewise a few onions - though they're only just sprouted. The neighbours will think it looks and sounds like Spring if I get time to cut my grass tomorrow. It looks like I might not be able to do it next week for snow!
  12. I just picked the map times that looked a bit more dramatic but most bits in between have a bit of snow on exposed areas to north and west. Whilst snow is showing all week in the usual sorts of NW high places, it's still looking more like cold drain or sleet for S/SE low ground.
  13. Snowdrops have come out widely in the last week, which seems pretty normal by recent years and a few days early longer term. We have no crocuses or daffodils out yet, though heads are forming, so that's the same. Shrubs and and grass are growing quite a bit in places though and trees are budding a little so they seem ahead of normal. Is the deeper ground temperature warmer? It does make you wonder what drives all this stuff since it's been pretty warm and fairly sunny yet not too dry.
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