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  1. Watching down towards Crosby Formby from Southport quite a light show
  2. I have a suppressed immune system due to leukaemia . The end of December I started with a non productive cough my temperature shot up and i went to hospital they did all the tests and I was told it was viral had a chest X-ray etc sent home only to land back there a week later chest X-ray again and given antibiotics as a caution . I then developed a sinus infection and it was mid feb and 3 more courses of antibiotics before I felt well . I was sent for another chest X-ray 2 weeks ago to see if the inflammation in my lungs had cleared . I had flu 2 years ago I was swabbed in hospital so I know it was definitely flu and that was a walk in the park compared to this virus ! I to are very suspicious
  3. On a lighter note ‘Feel free to panic buy ‘ sign outside our local florists!
  4. Yes we have a covering looks like there is more to come the roads are horrendous
  5. The roads are treacherous not sure about anywhere else but nowhere here has been gritted
  6. Hilarious! Spent all last week lamp post watching and snow hoping ! Wake up this morning and it’s a winter wonderland outside ?
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