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  1. ==MeteoMan==


    LOL thought this was in Cumbria til I read the tag
  2. Personally, I find 35°C with humidity leading up to a big thunderstorm is the perfect summer's day ? The closest we got to that here this year was 26th July, 32 degrees and a thundery shower PM. An average August day is acceptable however, but today's rain and 11 degrees is just like something we would get in January! Yet coldies hate these exact conditions in January, LOL.
  3. Running a half Marathon it would probably be fairly refreshing, worst thing likely being the slipperiness on the ground.
  4. Don't know which Sheffield that is, it's 18°C here today. Even the likes of Buxton were at 16-17 and that's 1,000ft ASL.
  5. What would a British Bank Holiday be without cold, wind and rain? Not a British one! Well today was certainly an improvement, apart from a nagging wind at times it felt decent this afternoon in the sun indeed. Only had to wear three layers, and was even able to ditch the big coat for a time. Tomorrow's aberration is thankfully short-lived and early September is looking very promising indeed. ??
  6. Your post on the last page referencing my headaches and issues in the cold ( before I changed my user name) - "Now that's funny". Look - I'll be perfectly fine accepting you may have issues (physical or otherwise) handling warm temperatures and humidity - but it would be nice to have the same understanding when I say that, for some reason, cold (esp. wet and windy) conditions gives me severe headaches, especially if it is a rapid change from warmer weather. So we're all affected by different kinds of conditions in different ways.
  7. OK, well you can think about that before you make posts mocking people who get headaches or other issues in the cold then please. Thanks.
  8. Being new to the forum I'm very surprised just how much the majority of people on here, evidenced by the numbers of "likes" such posts get, prefer colder than average summer temperatures in what is already one of the coldest summer climates in the entire world. Thought most would find the summers too cold here but it's actually the opposite. I don't have a problem with it (unless people start laughing at others who don't like what they do) but I sure wasn't expecting it! I went to Naples in May and it was below average (18-20°C) and everybody was wearing heavy coats. Today would have been
  9. Yeah, I could laugh about some of the ridiculous posts I've seen whining about the recent 21 degree weather with 70% humidity but it's a bit classless to laugh at stupid people, they can't help it after all. I mean, most of the world's population live in a climate where the average low in the hottest month is even higher than the average high in the UK. Coldies are spoiled silly in this country.
  10. So are your posts ? People in other countries must really laugh at us here - the UK has some of the coldest summers in the world. It's 12 degrees out now and many European countries won't be seeing such daytime temperatures until October. 25-30 degrees is much more comfortable weather for most people globally who have real summers, than what today and tomorrow's weather will bring.
  11. Just attempted to go for a walk. Utterly, disgustingly bitterly cold outside. My hands even started to go numb and this was wearing my winter coat. Could feel the headache coming on, and not to mention it was gloomy, vile, windy and damp outside adding to the wonderment of it all. Felt like the depths of November. Might hibernate for the next 2-4 days until something more seasonal arrives again. Here's to a warm and dry September!
  12. A 19°C September isn't technically impossible, it is exceptionally unlikely - and my point was that it will certainly not have "200mm of Atlantic Monsoons". December is a different story entirely - sustained advected tropical maritime winds in December can create very high temperature anomalies compared to what the same synoptics would produce in September. That said, December 2015 was the first such month in 350 years of records. Could be that long before a repeat of the month. The Atlantic's effect in winter is to keep the UK milder than further inland areas, and vice versa in warmer,
  13. Dear oh dear the forecast for the weekend gets worse than ever. 15 degree highs on two days now, boke. August will turn out to be a very ordinary month after the delights of June and July - but I guess it had to break at some time. Well, I am enjoying today and tomorrow at the least, feeling as summer should do, very nice.
  14. Well the good news for you is that September has about a 0% chance of recording an average temperature of 19°C, now or any time in the near future. Any month as far above average as that would need to have a lot of hot southerlies, not coming off the Atlantic but from the Mediterranean at the least. Atlantic months in autumn can be milder than average (usually Oct/Nov though), but SW'ly winds will not cause major heatwaves of the sort you're talking about with these wild guesses. A lot of thunderstorms woud be required to produce the 200mm of rain. Atlantic with frontal systems wouldn't allow
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