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  1. Thunderstorm between 5:30 and 6:30am with 3.8mm rain. Clear and sunny now, temp 27.6C @ 10:35am (24 hour max 30.8C)
  2. After making good progress to 36.6C here in Hextable, it's now settled back to 36.4C as the breeze has increased and there is a small patch of high lever cloud.
  3. 29.9C in Hextable at 9:30, 2.5C ahead of yesterday from a much lower start. Wind has been from the east for the last 4/5 hours. Regarding the rate of temperature rise, the last 2 days have risen fast until 12:30 at which point it very slowly edges up until just after 4pm.
  4. It's dry so far here in Hextable (inside M25 between Swanley and Dartford) - webcam.
  5. Hi, Just subscribed to the 15 Minute Radar, so a few early comments. Shame about the need to log in. I've trained the family to use Met Office radar - it's only 1 click. Now I've got to persuade them to go through a few more hoops ! Have you considered Google Maps for your overlays ? They are designed for easy integration of maps and data. I don't know your or their limitations but they have an extensive API. Regards Derek
  6. Can you add mine ? I'm in Hextable, NW Kent, 1 mile north of Swanley, just inside the M25. ie Lat: N 51 ° 24 ' 43 '' ( 51.412 ° ) Lon: E 0 ° 10 ' 55 '' ( 0.182 ° ) Elevation: 230 ft Hextable Garden Weather at http://homepage.ntlworld.com/sutton.bond/w...erweb/index.htm
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