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  1. Forgettable years, weatherwise.

    Mmm December 1963 looks very cold.
  2. Snow And Ice In The Northern Hemisphere 2017/18

    Believe it or not, we had mild winters when the arctic ice was 'normal'. Can't say it makes much difference really apart from the intensity of northerly winds; as demonstrated by the last couple of weeks.
  3. Forgettable years, weatherwise.

    Should 1962/1963 be classed as very snowy? Most places didn't get any noticeable further snow after boxing day. 1963 & 2010; 2010 is much snowier. Nov 63' was very mild - 10' was not.
  4. I would just be thankful we finally have a prospect of a near-average/below December. First one since 2012 for the UK. It's really only when people post unrealistic charts of 1962 does a week of high pressure and frost feel like robbery.
  5. This morning was very cold in the CET zone; -5.8°c mean minimum is provisionally equal coldest with 12th-Feb 2012 since 4th-Feb 2012.
  6. Well it averages 1.8c for the period 8-15th. Mid month will be around 3.8°c. Not overly below normal. The coldest since 2012.
  7. The only thing that needs to be said is they are rubbish. They are fairly good at forecasting rainfall intensity so as long as you aren't converting between precipitation intensity to precipitation type and the accumulative effect; effectively what the precip type algorithm does and is why it's always wrong at snow depths too, even within relatively high res.
  8. Lest not we forget wet bulb temperature? Probably more important than dew points.
  9. But without taking into account relative humidity and temperature gradient? Quite absurd trying to forecast precip type 4-5 days out really.
  10. Some people base precipitation type solely on what the temperature is reading a mile up from the surface without taking into account other, and in some cases, more important factors.
  11. Find it difficult to believe the 81-10 average is 0.9c above the 61-90 average.