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  1. What would you class as significantly mild? 11 days above 7.0°C min/max avg and some very high temperatures in Scotland.
  2. But isn't that just a result of the Siberian air mass moving to the European side of the arctic (and then eventually onwards to the British Isles and NW Europe) Some big positive anomalies due over Siberia next week.
  3. To add heat to the fire so to speak long-range forecast from the BBC mentions snow showers and bitter winds next week. Northerly look like a really good bet.
  4. So judging by the farts Jacob Reese-Mogg was blurting out with regards to Grenfell the other day, should there be a mass evacuation going on there? Not quite, but it does look pretty awful over Sheffield - 80mm is a hell of lot of rainfall for a city that hasn't managed its land use properly (e.g cutting down of trees, residents paving their front lawns and anomalous rainall patterns overwhelming many of its rivers) it's not really all that surprising .
  5. A steady but steep drop is about to take place. Based on the ICON data: 4 9.4 5 9.2 6 8.7 7 8.4 8 7.9 9 7.4 10 7.2 So certainly below average by the 8th against the 61-90 average. Looking at the recent output I wonder if this month will carry any similarities to March 2013 by months end?
  6. According to the solar section, someone has mentioned a big drop in the thermosphere temperature. Similar thing occurred during the 2009 solar solar cycle but unsure to what extent. This of course coincided with much colder weather across NW Europe, particularly during the winter months of 2010. https://www.space.com/7685-earth-upper-atmosphere-cooling-dramatically.html
  7. May was technically below 61-90 average at 11.1°C (-0.05°C)
  8. 9.95°C (-0.65°C) Max: 13.3°C (-0.7°C) Min: 6.6°C (-0.5°C)
  9. The wages bit is a fair point but I don't think that was a government led intention. By lowering wages you take in less Tax and NI coupled with the raising of the TAX threshold. Lower wages is just an undesirable by-product of Labour's (and the Conservatives thereafter) social experiment gone badly wrong. Not to say it's been a disaster, it's to say we could have chosen our immigration better and our outcome would have been better with much lower numbers. Most of the immigration has targeted low skilled jobs. That has left a lot of people born here in the late 80's onwards at a big disadvantage. But if you have the will power , positivity and work at it, there are plenty of options to do better in the education system. That's why provisions should be in place (and they are there) to go out and do something that interests you. It is still a capitalist system afterall.
  10. I wonder what the stats are on religious couples and birth rates?. Family planning is often adopted based on core principles and beliefs as well as education. In the case of a developed nation like the UK, environmental factors such as government child support and education do not favour higher fertility rates, it's the reverse. I think Islam falls quite nicely into this category. It's naturally misogynistic and that leaves women at a big disadvantage in terms of sensible family planning. Women are seen as baby machines that contribute best to the family by having children. There's often less racial mixing here too which means there aren't opposing opinions (more vs less) that one would expect from say the input of an atheist or agnostic, where birth rates will be lower by average. Immigration certainly plays a part. People who emigrate from poorer countries have more children. From rich countries like America, Canada and Australia ect would probably correlate well with British majority seeing as it does when comparing countries.
  11. Checking the Hadley website. Mean minima is 2.5C above and maxima is 3.0C above. Doesn't really back up what you have said here at all. Also minima tends to get corrected downwards more than maxima.
  12. August has suffered a bit. It's been 15 years since a warm August (2004: 17.6°C) and 2004 is the only August to be more than 1.0°C above the 1971 - 2000 baseline. 2016 is warmest at 17.0°C. August 2005 - 2018 averages 16.0°C and is -0.2°C against the 71-000 average. -0.4 against 81-2010. Comparatively the previous 14 years averaged 16.9°C (1991 - 2004) August has been a warmer version of what December had been before 2015. I'll go with 15.8°C
  13. It's clear the mean minima temperature is not holding up the average mean; Clearly, the opposite is true.
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