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  1. Well surely whoever pulled this thing together has at the very least sat in a science lesson at school? lol
  2. Your comments about the ECM snow precipitation map are valid though. It's almost like whoever wrote the code for it put the UK at a similar elevation to Ben Nevis. Not sure why it hasn't been sorted out after all this time.
  3. My understanding from Feb/Mar is that it takes at the very least a week to ten days before the impacts of the SSW to percolate down through the stratosphere to the troposphere and then drive the reversal of winds lower down at ground level. I understand that there might be other factors in our favour this time around but for the PV to be fully contorted, there is still a rather short waiting game.
  4. He probably should at the very least have included a date stamp.
  5. A brief one from Mr.Bastardi over on Twitter;
  6. In ref to my above post In comparison to Dec 95', even the upper air temperature profile matches. That resulted in maximum temperatures close to freezing for most. Hopefully the other model members will hop aboard the ECM gravy train.
  7. Latest BBC forecast presented by Darren Bett going for colder air to win out. A very large area of high pressure cementing itself over Scandinavia, pulling in increasingly cold conditions next week. Air coming from a long way east. For the time being, cold and wintry at times for northern areas. Mild/very mild at times for the south.
  8. Optimus Prime

    Met office 16 to 30 day outlook

    Daily update...mmm clue is in the name as to why the detail changes, sometimes on a daily basis.
  9. Some mild spells but generally cold with more unsettled weather steared S’wards as the month progresses. Start of a memorable winter. CET not far from normal at 4.0C but still the coldest for 8 years.
  10. meh never mind wil wait for your analysis later.
  11. Always wondered whether this statement is scientifically proven? It's common knowledge that colder air is denser than warmer air, but is it actually that hard to shift for this part of the world (surrounded by the ocean and the winds) There are certainly examples where the cold appears to form a wall against warmer moister air, but there are equally as many examples where cold air has been quickly pushed well away despite all the odds. I think it's more to do with pressure. Wherever the pressure moves, the air will be displaced with it regardless of density. Even huge cumbersome cells of high pressure tend to get easily overwhelmed in this part of the world.
  12. Lol, you made it a whole 2-hours before coming back.