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  1. Optimus Prime

    Met office 16 to 30 day outlook

    Bloody hell, has this thread been taken over by a bunch of Daily Mail readers or something?
  2. I think what you are saying is claptrap. But that might be valid at some point in the not so distant future. Brace thyselves? What the heck does that mean? lol
  3. Yeah, that's the one! Was actually the word I was looking for.
  4. Lol, that's not extrapolating. But there are a lot of correct concerns about the lack of cold pooling to the east. Will really struggle to get much out of this as currently forecast.
  5. Optimus Prime

    Met office 16 to 30 day outlook

    Too early to say for certain? ...more like 'too early to say with any confidence whatsoever'.
  6. Think it might be best to not bother with this thread tonight and leave the knee-jerk reactionaries to burn themselves out. Mid-Feb looks very interesting. No doubt things will start looking interesting very soon.
  7. Doesn't always have to equate severe cold. This cold spell hasn't been extreme at all but has produced fairly widespread snow from a NW'ly airstream and very low minima. Ultimately if the models are poor mid-month (they're not poor atm btw) then we have 22nd February > to produce a change and initiate the chase again. This rule works for every 6 or 7 days up to the last week of March. Knee-jerk reactions based on hypothetical outcomes mixed with great volatility and uncertainty. I wouldn't like to be standing on either side of the fence right now. If I had to choose, would be standing on the cold side that's for sure.
  8. Where are you hunting for cold on that chart?Scandinavia....???
  9. Impact it still very much on the table. Remember the SSW in 2013 didn't really impact things until 1-2 months later, Late Feb/March. In the same situation, we'd be feeling the effects middle Feb.
  10. So you're throwing in the towel based on what? ...day 7 when a Scandinavian high pressure systems looks set to develop, still at low resolution. That could prove interesting. Oh and there are musings on the grapevine (twitter) from forecasters that the down welling from SSW and a favorable MJO phase bonding may well impact Europe as we head on through February. I'd be very cautious about cementing the idea that winter is over yet.
  11. Lol, not sure psychology does very much to the weather. Just having a quick look. Nice to see the SW/S/SE getting some significant falls of snow, and increasingly to the coast line. Lots more to come this evening and into early/mid-morning. Having moved from SE to Manchester 2 years ago I would be quite excited but humble about tonight. Looking quite possible Hants/Berks area are going to get perhaps 5-10cm. North Manchester has had a fair bit (~4cm) but the cold has been really punishing in the wind this evening (~ -3c)
  12. Lets get this winter over and done with. 6.9°C. 2018/2019 - The Winter of the Bucked Toothed Donkey, Cart, Carrot and Fishing Rod.
  13. Lmao. Love the graphics. Here in N.Manchester we ended up getting 4cm in the end and it snowed persistently from 12-3:00.
  14. Absolutely. This obsession with this 850 hPa temperature grows stronger by the year and sometimes I wonder whether the majority of people really understand what they are talking about when they reference them.