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  1. I have had a year off due to el Nino and it seems like a good call. The garden is totally dry .... no moisture in the soil at all. I am so pleased I didn't get any calves this year! The sheep are managing but only just.
  2. Myu tomatoes are just coming through ... frost are alost over. Roll on the sumer!
  3. Guys, I really appreciate your updates while I am working hard in NZ, All the best for the new Year, SCC
  4. I am all planted out ... Just got my peppers and tomatoes to plant in the poly tunnel and I'm rocking and rolling. New potatoes should be ready shortly!
  5. Er, yesterday afternoon, Sat 12 Oct. It came up from the south and we had a good storm with hail. I am on the Canterbury Plains on the South Island in NZ.
  6. Reading this is making me feel rather depressed ....... it was all very predictable! Its a cost of doing business ..... when you get found out!
  7. Reading through some of these posts I can't say I am surprised at the plight of the UK. I did post a few years back that things were going to get real tough It was obvious to me back in 2004 that something had to give as the level of personal debt and government spending was out of control. As for the NZ dollar. When we emigated from the UK in 2006 we got NZD 2.89 per GBP. You now get NZD1.82 for each GBP. And NZ is a country that exports coal, timber, meat and dairy. I think that says it all!
  8. Seem the money transfer between west and east is about to accelerate. Interesting video.
  9. Started digging over the garden for Spring which is only 2 months away! Hooray! Hope to get 450 square metres into production this year so got plenty to keep me busy.
  10. It is true that many Kiwi's are going over the Tasman to Aussie. Economically, Australia is doing very well as it taps into its huge mineral wealth. However, NZ has huge oil, gas and mineral reserves which the government is starting to exploit as the economic situation tightens. Given NZ only has a population of around 4.5 million, the country has an opportunity to enjoy its new found wealth. Lets not also forget the huge influx of insurance money which is about to be spent on the re-build of Christchurch. Then there are the exports of milk products, meat, apples, wine and other food stu
  11. Whnr the chancellor starts saying the UK has run out of money you have to wonder how bad things are going to get! http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/9107485/George-Osborne-UK-has-run-out-of-money.html
  12. It looks like things are already starting to get finacially hard for the average Uk family. Sadly, I fear this is only the beginning. Watchout for the following events in the coming weeks: - Conflict between Iran & Israel (I really hope this doesn't happen!) - Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Italy and Spain defaulting on their debt - US inflation increasing - Increased seismic and volcanic activity We live in interesting times.
  13. How much are you guys paying for electricity these days? I pay around 20 NZ cents per kilowatt hour. That used to be about 7p a few months ago but with the recent rise of the kiwi dollar this has increased to 10p. Despite using a wood burner (£20 per cubic metre for pine logs) as our primary source of heat we pay an average of NZ$300 per month or £150 for electricity.
  14. From what I have read, the UK budget sounds like re-arranging the chairs on the deck of the Titanic.
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