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  1. Interesting day here in stockton on tees, seen the towers heard a few rumbles but it has somehow skirted us all day.
  2. I think it's going to be a soggy one mate, like a wet weekend in filey.... And yes I am speaking from experience...... A weekend in a caravan at the blue dolphin..... Haha
  3. Well here in stockton on tees the weather forecast wasn't wrong.... Absolutely teeming down and now a lot cooler, almost freezing in comparison to the last week, I'll be looking foreward to sleeping in much cooler temperatures tonight
  4. Looks to be an interesting day, I'll be keeping a close eye on this one and see if it comes to anything. Last time we were under warning it was Scotland that got hammered and it skirted round us but we will see.
  5. So yesterday.... What the heck happened!?!? Really humid and close all day and the clouds just kept bubbling up from about 4pm onwards was certain it was going to go bang but never did. Had a look this morning on blitzortung and it seems out of nowhere the North Sea got a massive jolt of electricity and that was where the powder keg went bang. Oh well..... Maybe next time.
  6. So I live in stockton on tees was up and about at 0600 as I had work cloudy and quite cool, sun is now out and the heat and humidity are unbearable..... For once I am glad I am at work even cigarette breaks aren't enjoyable because its too hot..... This bad boy goes pop later I think we might be in for a good one.
  7. I can also vouch for a noticeable decline in thunder days here. I live in the tees valley area in North East england, sure we get heavy showers with the odd rumble or two but that is mostly it. We had a real beast of a storm at the end of the heatwave last year and that was the most note worthy one for a good number of years. Most of the time when tracking storms on blitzortung they skirt around us via the hills that surround the tees valley and wash out to sea. It is only when the cells basically form directly overhead we get a decent storm.
  8. which is fair, and I feel exactly the same as you, give and take, if I am considerate about my habit around people then i dont think it is too much to ask to expect the same courtesy. I have tried vaping, and I just can't get along with it, different strokes for different folks.
  9. Benidorm. since the tv show took off, the place has turned into a cess pit. it is basically Blackpool with more sunshine, higher temperatures and tall buildings. just hearing the name makes me shudder. I was last there around 6-7 years ago due to mothers birthday and a prostitute wanted me and my father to tag team her.....decided there and then I would never set foot in the place again for as long as live.
  10. yeah I do find that a bit of an eyebrow raiser. I think quite a few pubs have more to worry about what their clientele are ingesting apart from an ecig
  11. to me you sound like a typical ex smoker/ reformed vaper who likes to jump on his soap box and preach the evils of tobacco. if people want to vape then fine, just like non smokers who don't like smoke in their face, I don't like getting a face full of vapour.
  12. I'm a smoker myself and while I do smoke in public I am considerate as I can be, if people are near by I ask them if they mind that I light up and if they say they do I respect that and don't light up. what really annoys me is when people vape and have no thought for others just because it isn't tobacco doesn't mean I want a gob full of cherry cream vanilla apple custard or what ever sweet shop liquid they are vaping. which leads me to another point why all the sweet shop flavours? when these vapers smoked cigarettes when the hell did they try to smoke cherry, vannila or god knows what?
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