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  1. Getting stormy and nasty here now. Trees really getting a battering. Small branches breaking off.
  2. Just been through this storm. Alot of lightning but thunder not that loud considering how close the strikes were. Rain very torrential and gusty winds of 60mph.
  3. Oh that would be awesome ??. Keep up the good posts mate. I always enjoy seeing what could happen. Some might be dream model charts but hey it is always a possibility ??. UK weather is full of surprises.
  4. Well that was some unexpected storm. Huge bang woke me up then the gale and hail ⚡?⚡. 2nd time this week.
  5. Hi matty I have just come out of self isolation after possibly having the virus. It was scary to start (that cough was so annoying) but you will soon overcome it pretty quickly. All I advise now is to rest, play games, watch movies and read books etc in self isolation. Keep well hydrated, take some paracetamol and you will come out of this no problem. My attitude was let's get this over with. I now feel great again. Hang in there mate everything's going to be fine as long as you take your precautions and keep away from other people. Once you recover have a good clean out of the room you isolat
  6. If you think of all the travel we have I think you might be wrong saying it couldn't spread like covid 19. It actually did spread from west towards central Africa for a while but luckily they found a preventive vaccine and took decisive action against the most recent strain that caused high infections in the Congo republic - please refer to WHO site for info. Like covid 19 ebola does not display symptoms straight away but it causes respiratory symptoms as it develops. Viruses that cause any infection of the respiratory tract can easily become a problem to infect others via airborne droplets th
  7. We are just lucky this has not a severe mortality rate like ebola or we would have been done for. Useless planning ahead was the failure here.
  8. Crazy thing is as soon as there is a vaccine the markets will fly back up. Panic is driving everyone mad atm. Anxiety is the driver behind everything right now from the panic buying in supermarkets to selling on the stock markets.
  9. US stock markets crash again triggering trading freeze for 15 mins. Dow over 1696 points lower. FTSE 100 off nearly 9%. This will endanger jobs if these falls continue.
  10. Tell me about it - ME/PVS is horrid. When it first develops it terrifies you to think you are coming down with MS or some nervous system illness that will eventually kill you. Anxiety goes through the roof - not even a psychiatrist can reasure you everything is ok because the symptoms are that dreadful. It took the doctor 1 year to confirm my diagnosis. 20 years later and I still suffer from time to time but it's so relieving once you had the tests and diagnosis. I do expect some people to who recover from this virus to get similar symptoms to PVS. Mine started after the H1N1 virus which turne
  11. Big falls on us markets. Not seen 2k points drop in my lifetime. Bouncing back off lows abit now.
  12. Dow jones is forecast to fall 1500+ points in the USA- watching - CNBC
  13. I think there is a chance of evaporative cooling on this system in a few places. Be prepared for surprises. Models dont pick up on this very well unfortunately. It will be interesting to see how this unfolds.
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