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  1. Come on then - Let's see the photos of this big snow event to those having the best of it. Show the world the glorious white carpet currently showering you in its stunning glory ❄
  2. 7cm was the final total measured here. Not bad at all. Spot on thetipster model ☺
  3. Some more snow photos from just outside Cowbridge ☺. It is nice to see the cold and snow and makes a change to scrolling the hunt for cold mod thread everyday looking for signs
  4. Currently just outside of cowbridge in my village. Getting pretty white
  5. Snowing here in cowbridge now. Medium flakes blockquote widget
  6. That will make up for lost time. Most of us in Wales are yet to see our first snowfall of the winter! Only the higher ground has been lucky so far
  7. Maybe some heavy snow soon for Manchester area ❄❄🌨
  8. Just saw this in the mod thread. Looks good for Thursday. Here's hoping 🌨🌨
  9. It might even snow in north Africa with that chart
  10. Models this winter have been shocking and extremely poor for medium and long range predictions. I wouldn't believe anything beyond 48 hours at this current performance. I miss the days of Micheal fish, bill Giles, Ian McCaskill, john kettley etc on the BBC. I would love to know what Michael fish thoughts on the current modelling system with all of his years of experience with weather computer technology. Perhaps netweather can put this question to him. It would be interesting to get his view :-).
  11. Ah well I saw my 1 flake of snow up in Merthyr at work yesterday. That's me done on model watching - jokes lol. Seriously though don't panic all. The models will keep changing so rapidly. No model is even sure for Tuesday where the snow is going to be. Changing all the time showing rain then snow then rain with each run changes it's outcome.. Who knows we might be all jolly in 3 days time onto something great. At least there is no raging Atlantic storms or floods that hit us in early winter atm . The garden isn't a sludge pit for once lol.
  12. That's storm Emma depths again for South East Wales and for a good part of the uk lol. I really hope this happens again. The highways and utility weather briefs were very interesting today. The pros are sure watching this very very closely 🌨🌨❄
  13. The position of the slider can change even hours before it arrives. Dec 2017 slider was never 100% accurate until 24 hours before the event.
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