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  1. Just had 2 large bangs of thunder followed by hail then snow. Its been a day of all sorts of weather today.
  2. Nasty cells developing near me. Wind now up to 60mph very quickly in south Wales.
  3. Pretty wild at Porthcawl now. Check out the waves crashing over by the light house. Porthcawl Live Streaming Pier Cam | Porthcawl RNLI WWW.PORTHCAWL-LIFEBOAT.CO.UK Adjusted for British Summer Time when applicable around the UK and Ireland coast each year. Know what to do: #RespectTheWater at...
  4. It is easily a gale out there now. Just taken the dogs out and its roaring through the trees with some pace.
  5. Porthcawl RNLI WWW.PORTHCAWL-LIFEBOAT.CO.UK RESPECT THE WATER IF YOU FALL INTO WATER UNEXPECTEDLY FIGHT YOUR INSTINCT. RELAX AND FLOAT ON YOUR BACK. FLOAT TO... This is the link to the Porthcawl lighthouse webcam. This will be pretty crazy viewing tomorrow.
  6. Hmm that puts my area in one of the worst places. Thanks for posting the chart Nick.
  7. Hi Nick do you have a snap shot of the map of the wind speeds in this update?
  8. And check out those hurricane force winds in south west England. I don't fancy that turning up on my door step
  9. Into 1049mb now at 0c. Speeding up the increase in pressure too. Most interesting weather obs of the winter.
  10. We are at 1048mb here in South Wales currently. I have just noticed quite a few digital weather stations only go up to 1050mb. What happens if it goes over that?
  11. We had a good storm in cowbridge vale of glamorgan with hail at around 7ish this morning. 1cm hail created a temporary thin covering over the ground. About 7 flashes and close bangs of thunder with gusty winds. Lasted about 30 mins. That was our brief white Christmas lol. Have a good one all
  12. Come on then - Let's see the photos of this big snow event to those having the best of it. Show the world the glorious white carpet currently showering you in its stunning glory ❄
  13. 7cm was the final total measured here. Not bad at all. Spot on thetipster model ☺
  14. Some more snow photos from just outside Cowbridge ☺. It is nice to see the cold and snow and makes a change to scrolling the hunt for cold mod thread everyday looking for signs
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