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  1. Agree. This is a massive decision coming up
  2. If you get stuck up there it could be more than one night. Been caught out there before.
  3. Another few days and I think the ECM will start to show some eye watering charts. Also a cheeky comment on BBC just now saying its maybe not a bad thing with the high pressure scenario at mo.
  4. This would seem to be when the real fun begins. As alluded to earlier on an other post.
  5. Looks like GP was on to something. Last week in December could Christmas run up could well be come interesting.
  6. Agree its been bloody horrible and depressing seeing cloud and mist day after day. Been cold too some days with a brisk wind.
  7. So agree. Bring on Westerlies and lets get rid of this crap. A full 2 weeks of this dross apart from the odd day.
  8. Fab on the coast Steve. Loads of snow and blizzards at mo.
  9. Yep the North East has been and will be the place to benefit from this set up by the looks.
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