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  1. Agree? 70 mph gusts in some parts and heavy rain with trees in full foliage?
  2. Agree Nick. Long term looks very promising and as this winter has shown the models have struggled more than I can remember. All to play for still.
  3. Have to agree. With the odd wobble the UKMO has to be respected and has been very consistent this winter. Has been a strange winter to call with all the varying signals.
  4. Have always booked direct with the flight company and have found to get very good deals. Its the seat options that kills all the deals though. Why you have to pay to sit next to your partner is pathetic. Robbing swines.
  5. Agree. Not even been mentioned on local news. The strength of the wind looks very concerning down the East coast.
  6. Will be interesting to see how week 3 looks like in the next coming days and if there is any kind of agreement from the main models. This may be the turning point of our poor winter for cold.
  7. Fergie calling a low chance of anything from the East earlier. This run with a few tweaks could be nearer the mark?
  8. America and Eastern Europe going very cold. Uk again in the wrong set up.
  9. Agree. Along way to go but this could be very nasty for some. Not whats wanted over Christmas.
  10. Model Output Discussions 06z 04/11/16

    Well if tonights 18z continues on a theme then Winter could well arrive mid-late December.
  11. Exactly. How any see's past 72 is beyond me.
  12. Model Output Discussions 12z 03/05/2016

    I think the problem is your posts hint at a doom and gloom picture but in reality these are normal summer charts and many want 1976 as they want 63 in winter. There will always be better parts of the country to live in during summer and winter and these in turn will determine what weather you will normally tend to expect.
  13. Agree. This constant damp and wet weather just wont give up. So depressing having cloud and rain each day.
  14. Must admit I had wondered this myself.