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  1. on the coast

    on the coast

  2. Just fantastic on the coast today. Fabulous blue sky and a gentle breeze.
  3. Living in Scarborough you get used to this rubbish. A sunny day is a bonus.
  4. From Sunday onwards it will cold enough for snow at all levels.
  5. The GFS 18 has sometimes got a grip on things in a general way I find. Great watching this.
  6. Wow. Such differences at the crucial timeframe by all models.. Fascinating this.
  7. The UKMO tomorrow I feel will tell all. Its normally very good at 120.
  8. How I miss a decent Northerly living in Scarborough. The outlook looks good long term for us living by the sea with the ECM showing cold showing to build up in stagnant air. As they say get the cold in first.
  9. Agree. This is a massive decision coming up
  10. If you get stuck up there it could be more than one night. Been caught out there before.
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