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  1. Crikey ECM and UKMO a big change. Amazing how the models can change so quickly Expect a different wording from Meto on their long range tomorrow. Still a fabulous week ahead ahead of us though.
  2. Oh dear. Just shows how hard to get a decent cold spell is in our part of the world.
  3. With regards to the cold that is coming its interesting to read some comments on UKWW about how this has happened.
  4. I was wondering this too. Models look very cold with severe frosts and cold but dont show much precipitation.
  5. Still at 180 and it is just unreal. From 96 onwards has been cold getting colder. Just Wow.
  6. Charts dont get much better than this for the UK at 120.
  7. Big cold coming by the looks. UKMO will be interesting Sunday onwards.
  8. Never seen such a cold attack from the West like this before. Of course will probably change.
  9. Weekends runs may be an insight in too a new set up?
  10. I would think if T210 onwards were to happen then we may well be into a big cold spell. Things looking very interesting long term.
  11. I think this might be the thread to read while the other is to be avoided at the moment as much as I like the cold.
  12. A bit unfair as some of them do post some relevant comments however as you say Cold is their priority and sometimes can often let them down a bit.
  13. Storm Eleanor - Atlantic Storm 5

    Red warning to come?
  14. It was Shortwave last year and now Sliders this. Wonder what next year brings :-)
  15. Agree? 70 mph gusts in some parts and heavy rain with trees in full foliage?