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  1. What a rude awakening that was! Dashed down to the seafront roads flooded, the lightening is incredible! The thunder well, you can feel it in your chest
  2. Unfortunately with work I missed most to the claps down where I live, however had the boy messaging me saying how loud a couple of claps were, windows shook , the sheer noise even startled him. Took a look at lightening maps & well, I will say our road was very close Not jealous at all
  3. Well this is scatter cushion - Stuck at work till 5 but some cracking deep thunder outside!
  4. Ended up staying till 2:30am, still rumbling away but work was looming. Only had time to half post process one photo will do the others at later on. Enjoyable evening, rain was biblical
  5. She’s becoming a bit rough now. Something really unnerving sitting under what I can only describe as the atmosphere crumbling.
  6. This is rather enjoyable down Southsea Really nice clean CGs
  7. Can you invest in a camera that can deal with long exposure or better quality photography? I ask because you seem to predominantly see a lot from your home They are simple blobs on my screen. I appreciate people do there best to capture storms but even my zoom on the pc can’t make anything out & I have a decent PC.
  8. Never come across hail bigger then half a penny in the UK I’m envious of this. Altho hail being that size I’d be running around grabbing it to cool the ciders down ? it’s quite an epic size to what I’ve seen in the UK Florida was colossal compared to here
  9. That’s amazing Seeing the CG’s from my location was good at the distance I was... I’m so happy someone captured it from the other end Stunning ️
  10. It’s a fantastic image isn’t it. In regards to settings it depends on a few factors. This isn’t my image but depends on several factors, depends on what camera as well. low iso, low F frame and also if you prefer single shot or long exposure. Depends on the individual who’s shooting. More respect to people who do this photography then just sticking a phone / camera out the window anyway. Lots more to play with when shot in Raw too ?
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