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  1. Currently sat on Hayling beach, saw you lot over the water get a pounding with rain some great clouds eh! Just no sparks
  2. Nothing here. Phone woke me around 1 saying strikes were close, but heard nothing. Rain however was intense but not for long.
  3. Watching on one of the IOW cams. Some beefy looking dark clouds!
  4. Drove down to Newhaven in the end. I was heading towards Eastbourne but the rain was that bad I had to stop. Clearing now, picture doesn’t give it justice - beautiful red!
  5. Rainy mist. Watching the tail end of the heavy stuff. Clear skies to the west now
  6. Yup. Sat on the hill, never seen Portsmouth & the IOW disappear so quickly with the rain. But not one spark
  7. Had some blue skies for around 20 minutes here, got quite warm. Going to head out & see what this next lot brings. Very muggy down here.
  8. Just saw that lot flash up on Blitz! Mind you the columbus clouds I can see here are massive, and high up - Impressive sights really.
  9. Rain was crazy at times. No show for the thunder tho. Here’s hoping for something later
  10. Just dirty rain. Altho, I’ve just arrive home & going by how flooded town is it must of dumped a substantial amount.
  11. It’s huge! Temp dropped to 13.5 now bounced back up to 21.
  12. Sat up the hill now, watched the band of rain hit the IOW - one strike but too far for photography. Sun is now out and it’s quite toasty.
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