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  1. I only go out for storms for photography. Had my trusty bridge camera do most of the work in recent years, and I love the results. this is my first year with a proper dslr so bring it on. It’s waterproofing the car that’s my latest issue. Shooting from the boot is bringing all sorts of problems.
  2. Your not so far from me, you chasing? At this moment im actually torn but the car is ready to go. Think this is the first time ive seen a mess of whats going to happen!
  3. Do you not photograph the storms? or video only? Thanks for the 2nd phone idea . I use a Nikon for photos and phone for video. But shooting out a car is getting ridiculously stupid
  4. I’m sure this is the storm I decided to stay in Portsmouth for... I had the chance to go to Bournemouth to my then partners but thought Pompey would get hit. I remember seeing the lightning from my room (I lived in a high rise then) and the strikes where so powerful, so many CG - was amazing
  5. As I’m off work id travel. I’ll keep my eyes on here but if there’s a significant chance that way will get hit - notify me please I don’t want to miss this one!
  6. Some interesting reading from the charts you have all shown. Week off work now so can travel lets hope something dose actually kick off!
  7. I think that’s it for my end just drizzle now, rather cold too.
  8. Can someone just quickly explain where you see / info on Sferics? It’s been mentioned a lot tonight
  9. Some nice Lightening here down on the seafront. Biblical rain. Just nice to be able to see something.
  10. I’m trying to keep the enthusiasm high this end again I’m torn to either stay put or drive further east. New camera in play and eager to test it out. radar shows we have heavy rain, but nothing at the moment
  11. It’s gone eerily quiet right now. will you be travelling to catch a storm? looks like it will be a long night, NW percentages keep changing
  12. Now im home the camera is ready to go. Really not expecting anything tho, cloud cover all day, no sun. Rain has now stopped, temp is sat at 19 - altho feels alot cooler.
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