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  1. Any chasers in the Torbay area looking to go near these storms? Room for a small one? I'll pay the fuel!
  2. The G+T idea sounds ideal to me, whilst watching some intense action. Fingers crossed too.
  3. Well, not sure what cells will make their way to Torquay, but I wait in hope. I only wish I had a car at the moment, because I'd definitely be doing some chasing later.
  4. Image looking approx NE from Babbacombe, Torquay. Not much in terms of activity. The sun is back out and temp has increased to approx 25c and calm.
  5. Well, despite a good forecast today, for blue skies and blistering sun here in Torbay, it's quite the opposite. Broken cloud, with the odd drops of rain and cool too. Fingers crossed for a storm later.
  6. Oh, I hope you're right. Sitting outside with a nice warm bbq coal fire to keep warm
  7. Very disappointed about last night. Storms were rather weak and non-existent and the cloud hanging around spoilt any chance to see the eclipse. Err! ?
  8. Hi there. Didn't come to much did it? Very poor. Fingers crossed for some action later, or clear skies for the eclipse.
  9. Well, I'm not very hopeful for any more activity here. Not promising at all.
  10. We have noise. Thunder, come on! Darkness increasing. Wind increased. Fingers crossed.
  11. I'm with you on that score. Peacehaven here, and fingers crossed for some action.
  12. Starting to get a little dark now. Clouds approaching from the southwest. Temperature dropped a degree or two in the last few minutes.
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