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  1. Morning all. Had some heavy rain and a few distant rumbles of thunder between 6am and 7am, did'nt see any lightning, but at least we had something.
  2. @Flash bang flash bang etc COS is cone of silence. Where we seem to miss all the storms. Feeling humid here as well.
  3. Currently here in Witham Essex its 20c, dew point 12, sunny with a few clouds. Is the COS gonna be quiet here again tonight or are we gonna get a few rumbles?
  4. @General Cluster and @Paul Sherman Thanks for the welcome and info. Been following this feed for a couple of years now, but not been brave enough to post. I love storms and have always wondered why they always seem to miss me and now I know why.
  5. @General Cluster So it's not confined to an area that never gets storms. Sorry newbie on here and trying to get my head round things.
  6. Can someone tell me where the COS is please, I have a feeling I must live right in the middle of it as everything this week has passed to the east and west of me. Thanks.
  7. I just checked the Essex weather twitter feed and they are saying 6.30 - 7pm for thunderstorms to arrive here. Is it me or does that timing seem a bit early for mid Essex.
  8. Watching the radar and thinking please let one of these storms hit me and not go either east or west
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