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  1. On 24/07/2018 at 16:28, lassie23 said:

    In the south-east too and you would think that sun and heat would be good for the garden, but nope, courgettes dead, tomatoes dead, cucumbers dead, peas dead strawberries dead, pumpkins dead, got loads of spinach though lol

    Popeye! Gutting you lost everything else. Today was super hot again, and tonight the choice is, open the window for some air and cooling plus get bitten to death by mossies or window closed and bake to death. 

    Yikes. That's it, I'm going to Google "rain dance" see if that works. Lol. Desperate measures. 

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  2. I'm in the South East. 1.5 hours of moderate rain since first week of April. Missed every single storm. It's been hideous. Can't wait for it to be over. So I'm with you. Everything is brown, crispy, I'm worried about wildlife, and farmers. Today, 8am I smelt a strong smoky fire, and became very worried. Thankfully, it didn't come to anything. Apart from the pots, I've given up watering the garden, so all the borders are dead.

    Oh how I'd love to wear proper clothes! Lol. Every day, shorts and t-shirt... arrggh.

    And a cool bedroom at night!! #longing

    What if it stays like this every year?? ?

    I'll be moving to Scotland. ?


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