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  1. Currently raining lightly. Rain has been falling for most of the day. Current temperature: 17.9°C Highest temperature: 18.0°C Lowest temperature: 6.2°C Rainfall: 4.5mm (up to 19:00) Dew point: 15.7°C Wind speed/Direction: 17.7kph/SW
  2. I find astronomical seasons better reflect the weather. For example, snow is much more likely after the December solstice rather than the 1st of December. In my eyes September has and always will be a summer month as mean temperatures are similar to that of June.
  3. Snow lovers might want to book a holiday to Australia http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5973275/Pictures-Australias-ski-fields-blanketed-snow-Perisher-Resort.html
  4. Mostly sunny and mild Temperature: 19.2°C Dew point: 14.2°C Wind speed/direction: 8mph/W
  5. gbrunner12

    Autumn 2018

    I really hope September is hot and dry here. Haven't had a prolonged period of temperatures in the high twenties here in a long time!
  6. Seems like zonal pattern to day ten.
  7. Second half of August I bet.
  8. SE England has a comparatively wonderful climate to the rest of the UK (well at least to Wales and Scotland). I'm very jealous of the level of heat there!
  9. Hate short, cold days. I wanna be outside all day in shorts and T-shirts, not have to wrap up or else shiver!
  10. Can confirm. Recorded 27C here in SE Wales.
  11. Slightly misty and humid. Temperature: 19.1°C Dew point: 16.9°C Barometric pressure: 1027.9 hPa (rising) Rainfall: 0 mmh^-1
  12. I have found that recent summers are front-loaded in terms of the good weather as the Atlantic ocean is cooler at the start of the season and hence has less energy to fuel weather systems/the jet sream. Later in the summer as the oceans warm the Atlantic has enough energy to barrel through any high pressure that forms over the UK.
  13. gbrunner12

    Autumn 2018

    I still believe September is a summer month. Autumn only really begins shortly after the equinox when days are shorter than nights (despite this October can be very warm and pleasant, take 2011 as an example)
  14. I'd say August is the best summer month. Summer only really ends on the equinox in my book. Something about the heat and the nights closing in reminds me of the Caribbean where the evenings are very short (i.e. sunset around 7PM)