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  1. Not liking the look of that mid-latitude high pressure system in the Atlantic. Looks like it might just follow the zonal flow and be a toppler
  2. Jet stream plunging south over Africa. Looks very chilly and potentially quite snowy ecm500.webp
  3. Just realised how ridiculous it sounds seems to be working though.
  4. This is always the slowest part of the year for me. Long, cold nights and dark days really sap the energy out of me. Invested in one of those daylight lamps that simulates sunrise in the morning but nothing beats an actual sunny morning. I'm hoping this year brings plenty of warm, calm and sunny mornings. Absolutely love sitting outside with a morning coffee just listening to the birdsong, absolute bliss...
  5. Chilly and mostly cloudy. Temperature: 2.5°C Dew point: 0.1°C Pressure: 1045.9 hPa Wind: 1.9 mph W (259°)
  6. Evening Star

    Met office 16 to 30 day outlook

    As long as summer 2019 is good I'm not going to worry too much about snow. March 2018 was a bit excessive for snow here had over 7+ foot drifts.
  7. Evening Star

    Met office 16 to 30 day outlook

    Not unheard of to have a SSW that doesn't lead to colder weather in the UK.
  8. Evening Star

    Met office 16 to 30 day outlook

    Sun will only cause snow melt if there's clear skies. Correct me if I'm wrong but it's usually cloudy when it snows? Anyway mild weather is great if it's dry. Certainly more pleasant to be outdoors in than intense cold.
  9. In the Brecon Beacons, it's not unheard of. I was referring more to the -1C dew point across most of England.
  10. Hoping for a cold January and the a repeat of February 1998. That really was an exceptional month.
  11. January: Nothing comes to memory really, mostly mild and rainy. February: Began mostly mild but temperatures dropped rapidly towards the end of the month, recording a high of only 0.5C on the 28th. March: Began exceptionally cold with an incredible high of only -2.1C on the 1st. A monthly low of -4.8C was recorded here which was the coldest temperatures of the winter. 7-foot snow drifts as a consequence of Emma made numerous roads impassable and with windchills approaching -14C in the strong winds it felt extremely cold. My nearest weather station in St. Athan recorded 50cm of level snow. By mid-month it turned mild for a time, recording a high of 13.9C on the 16th before temperatures plummeted again, recording a high of only 0.7C on the 18th with heavy snow. April: Mostly unexceptional, recorded a high of 22.4C on the 18th but was otherwise just an average month. May: A very sunny, dry and pleasant month, recording a high of 26.9C on the 7th. Daytime temperatures generally around 20C. June: A warm and sunny month overall, became hot towards the end of the month with a high of 30.3C recorded on the 26th. July: Was away on holiday until the 12th and returned to hot weather with daytime temperatures generally above 25C, with a high of 29.0C on the 26th. August: After a hot start with 30.1C recorded on the 5th the weather turned gradually cooler and August came out to be a wetter and cooler month overall. September: A mix really, some warm and sunny days and at times rainy and cool. October: An average month with some notably cold nights towards the end of the month. In fact, the -3.0C recorded on the 31st has been the colder than any temperature so far this winter. November: Dry and cool mid-month, otherwise nothing to write home about. December: Yawn. What a dreary way to end an exceptional year.