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  1. I'm confident we'll be on the milder side of average for the rest of the month. Seems the region of high pressure to our east is robust and stable. Will be interesting to see just how much we deviate from average this month despite a rather cool start.
  2. Evidence suggests humans are by far the main driver for climate change. Until new evidence arises that suggests the contrary we can be quite certain that humans are causing climate change. Frankly the "evidence" provided by climate change deniers is rubbish and their beliefs are just that, beliefs (i.e. not grounded in reality). You can believe what you want, but I have a problem when people start conspiracy theories and claim they are correct. It's rather an insult to those who have dedicated their lives to climate science by stating they are completely wrong with no evidence to back up the claim.
  3. Hi Gray-Wolf! Snowball effect underway then. Had a quick read of the article and I had no idea nitrous oxide has yet another threat. The problem is that since very few people live in the Arctic the full impacts of global warming aren't being felt by most of us (yet). I would not be surprised if the 2020s will be the warmest decade on record. Even now we are seeing disastrously low Arctic sea ice extents.
  4. Climate change denial only exists because people want to deny responsibility for the destruction of the environment. Sure, the Earth may have been warmer in the past. However, the planet has warmed by 1C within a LIFETIME! That's almost unprecedented in Earth's history! You'd have to be a madman to deny global CO2 concentrations have increased. Ocean acidification is another clear example of this. It's basic physics that CO2, CH4, etc. are radiatively active gases. It astounds me that people who frankly have very little education on atmospheric physics can discount scientists who have dedicated their lives studying it.
  5. How on earth is cooler weather "looking good" ? It's hardly going to be hot over the weekend...
  6. I'd even go as far as saying September is a summer month (despite being meteorological autumn). Sun is still quite strong and temperatures are generally similar to that of June.
  7. Is my 10.5C (I think) prediction for the April CET not out of the question then? I can dream! In the meantime just look at how we will see warm air being pumped into the Arctic. ecm500 (1).webp
  8. Currently running at 7.9C for the April mean at my station. Looks like next week may very well bump that a couple of degrees especially if the milder weather is sustained!
  9. I have the same! Can be very painful especially in windy, cold weather. Unlike the majority, I can also sleep comfortably in temperatures 30C+ (indoor temperature that is). Perfect day of weather for me would be the following: Morning: 15-20C and clear blue skies. Calm and the birds are singing. Afternoon: Rising to 30-36C, a few cumulus clouds to give a little shelter from direct sunlight. Larger cumulus congestus clouds forming too in the humid air and instability. Evening: Cooling off to 20-25C. Large thunderstorms breaking out and epic lightning shows. Overnight: No cooler than 15C. Clear skies allowing for some astrophotography!
  10. Yeah but the suggestion is still there we will get a continental feed of air is it not?
  11. Suggesting mid-70s! Proper BBQ weather that is. Do you expect we'll see quite large diurnals with that set-up (i.e. flow off the continent)?
  12. Opposite here in the west. Today was sparkling sunshine and despite being only 12-13C it feels very warm in the strong sunshine. Not a cloud in the sky and fairly calm too today. Slightly more cloud into the weekend but still not bad!
  13. Looks brilliant! Been fairly sunny here the last few days but that wind is biting! Nice to see something a little more benign for Easter!
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