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  1. Climate change deniers also conveniently ignore global mean temperatures and instead focus on local cold anomalies (such as the recent "cool" spell across much of the US) despite the overall global anomaly being above average.
  2. All the experts are coming out now. I'm sure if the site itself wasn't suitable the Met Office would not even consider the temperature reading.
  3. Shame we're likely to see more heatwaves like this in the future as the climate continues to warm.
  4. Thankfully I'm not sure what all the fuss is about hear in Cardiff. I remember experiencing 40°C during the heatwave in France in late June. Absolutely horrendous stuff and it's going to be unbearable for many people. Temperatures hardly dropping away rapidly during the night either. Thankfully only forecast a high of 29°C which is far more useable.
  5. The human body can handle 40°C if you don't exert yourself. Sweating is a very efficient means of dissipating body heat. However what people don't realise is that the UK is very humid and hence sweat will less readily evaporate. This means the body is less able to transfer heat to the air and overheating becomes a major concern. In arid, windy environments, sweating is more than enough for most people to keep cool (especially combined with shade).
  6. Truly incredible lightning hear near Cardiff; I've never seen anything like it in the UK! The sky was electrified! I've only ever seen a storm like that back in the Carribbean. Have to say yesterday and tonight has been a textbook perfect summer's day in my opinion. Glorious sunshine with a high of 31°C during the day before it all kicks off with a massive electric storm overnight. Temperatures were still around 24°C at midnight. Really felt like I was in the tropics rather than Britain!
  7. Amazing how here in Cardiff 28°C is forecast on Thursday yet in London the forecast is for around 38°C the same day!
  8. Hoping for the following: Warm and humid September. Daytime temperatures in the mid 20s with plenty of thunderstorms and some very warm nights (I'm talking 18°C+ minimums). Pleasant evenings for having a drink in t-shirts. Warm and dry first half of October before a descent into cooler autumnal conditions. First half of the month seeing temperatures around the 20°C mark. Second half of the month seeing temperatures drop to around 13°C by day with some frost at night. Conditions mostly dry and anticyclonic with light winds. Cool and dry November. Maybe one or two storms but on the whole dry. Mid-month warm spell seeing temperatures approaching 18°C before a colder end of the month with the threat of snow in the north and at times even in the south. Temperatures around 6°C by the end of the month leading on to a colder than average December (hopefully a front-loaded winter in terms of cold).
  9. Summer ends on the equinox. 31st of August is an arbitrary date chosen for statistical reasons only.
  10. It's been a wonderful July in South Wales. Plenty of days have reached 22°C+ and for the most part there's been plenty of sunny weather. Humidity has been relatively high recently giving a nice summery feel to the weather. Overall I'd say not a bad month at all so far and we're only half way through!
  11. Potentially showery in the south with that chart Ed? Regardless this current spell of clement weather has been thoroughly enjoyable. Temperatures in the low 70s makes outdoor activities possible and there's been bags of sunshine here recently.
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