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  1. I normally grab a month at the beginning of the growing season to start my tomatoes etc... off as being on the south coast we normally avoid any late frosts, but this year has been a disaster. Last week a nasty frost killed off the new shoots on the citrus tress and the gale yesterday blew all the small lemons off. Having said that what fell out the sky was minimal and the wind today has dried everything out.
  2. That's very much springlike weather for the south of England
  3. What do you expect when you live on a little island exposed to the Atlantic at a northern latitude?
  4. Agreed, 24c is not very inspiring. The general theme appears to be rather wet at times and cool. Nothing great, but futile to right off the whole of summer based on a cool wet week at the beginning of May.
  5. I'm very happy to complain, cold frosty nights, chill winds and below average temperatures. It might be warm in a sheltered position due to the strengthening sun, but in reality temperatures are poor and below average.
  6. The much overhyped BFTE (watered down mark 2) had dew points closer to -4, whereas today the DP has been closer to -13, so much more conducive to something wintry.
  7. More big fluffy flakes in Portsmouth, much better result than the easterly that originated in Greece earlier this year.
  8. Fret not, someone on the mod thread will come out with a D16 chart to get peoples hopes up.
  9. Generally not, hence why we are not currently buried in snow. Nothing like a D10 to get people in hysterics.
  10. Spot on. The coming weeks look mainly dry with periods of rain, sleet and borderline snow. Anything "banked" hasn't come off. Temperatures will be average or just below, but certainly no ice age.
  11. Fickle bunch on there aren't they. A lot of them were banking charts that would have buried us in snow already, now they are looking well into January for some snow. Funny old world.
  12. It's certainly a mad house in the Mod thread, they just won't be beaten will they. Never mind i'm sure a Narnia scenario at D10 will crop up to get them banging the same old drum again...
  13. Looking at this, everyone saying "bank" on the model thread look like missing out. We will have to see what happens.
  14. No, just having a belly laugh at how people clutch at straws.
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