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  1. Well, as predicted hottest temperatures were east of the IOW today. The latest upgrade shows highs approaching 36c come Tuesday in some areas.
  2. I wonder what temperature it and Heathrow would have recorded this year if it wasn't for Covid and lack of flights.
  3. With a baked continent and a languid flow off the continent, albeit with a NE gentle flow, a cloudless sky in Hampshire, Sussex or Kent could really produce the goods. Homegrown thunderstorms may very well be an issue further inland, but the synoptics looks good for the SE coast.
  4. Not at all. Cloud from the channel was always going to scupper maxes in the Dorset area, obvious from early this morning.
  5. You just have to accept these things happen in your locale and be pragmatic, this is the UK weather after all.
  6. Of course it is not right, all other models that are more highly regarded are no where near this solution.
  7. With winds swinging N/NE the south coast looks primed for some nice temperatures this weekend, especially if tomorrow is a dry day.
  8. The next week looks exceptional down south, days upon day of plus 30c. Looking at the models Saturday could be hotter than Friday and Tuesday/Wednesday hotter still.
  9. Lots of people eating humble pie come the weekend, either the Met Office and ITV weather or the experts on here. For what it's worth i'm going for hot and increasingly humid in the south. The potential for some big storms come early/mid next week. Overall some decent summer weather to be had. The UKMO holding firm and the GFS randomly giving out various signals just to wind some people up on here.
  10. Lots of petulance and childish mood swings on here now. Hopefully peoples comments will improve in a while. The south, especially with an easterly will be very pleasant regardless.
  11. Certainly not the only one. The weather is all about extremes. Shame the people who wrote off summer so smugly last month haven’t explained what went so wrong for them. The 7 days from Thursday look very interesting, could we see another 37c? I’m not so sure, but it looks very pleasant down south.
  12. I just don't get why people jump on one set of charts and boast like it's gospel. Even without all the histrionics on here the SE looks like getting a few decent days of heat and sun.
  13. These are temperatures for the SE not Yorkshire where even yesterday it was not that hot. For what it’s worth looking at the charts a settled very warm few days beckon within the next week. Yesterday temperatures soared, albeit briefly in the SE, but come Friday the models seem to indicate places further west could come up trumps with 35c plus temps.
  14. The lack of any humidity makes it feel great today, gentle breeze and 30c in north Portsmouth. Yet again the TV weather forecasts predicted much lower temperatures for coastal areas, when will they ever learn?
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