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  1. Sea Level Rise Due to Antarctica's Ice Sheet Melting 30% More than Previously Estimated: Study | The Weather Channel - Articles from The Weather Channel | weather.com WEATHER.COM Rising sea levels threaten island nations and coastal cities that harbour more than two billion people across the globe. - Articles from The Weather Channel | weather.com
  2. We've been treated to what 'average seasons' now leave the pack like come Sept but what of the 'rogue' years like 07' /12'? I worry that most years we are only 3 or 4 weeks away from melt out by the time refreeze begins. Pump in that energy over a freak year and the ice will just go (probably in late Aug?) Since 2012 the continued degradation of Arctic ice has not halted. The floes are small and faster to form, the percentage of ice that is 1st year ice continues to increase (weakest ice) whilst older ice fails. We lost the last 'paleo cryogenic' ice in 2010 so how much 10 year old i
  3. Agreed BFTV! Back in the late noughties I began noting the seasonal stress on the ice at Spring tides, I was assured it was a normal occurrence. This 'denaturing' of the pack , early doors, means that the ice 'gluing' the floes back together is very weak and fails quickly once melt pressures arise. We then get mechanical weathering of the floes as the crash into one another chipping off edges/further shattering floes Small floes move much faster than large floes This year it is not the 1st year ice giving way but the old ice to the N of Greenland and the CAB directly (
  4. I know it's very early doors but I'm already not liking what I'm seeing in the Arctic? We've all seen the animations of seasonal ice loss and just how much Fram takes out of the basin This year we seem to be shipping 'good ice' at quite a rate so stretching the ice from the feed areas (CAB/N.Greenland?) Will this lead us to a more vulnerable pack in these 'feed regions' allowing more open water, earlier on in the summer, across the areas that normally hold onto our best ice over summer?
  5. I take it that the Barrentsz gains are losses in the making BFTV?
  6. I seem to recall that when the polar night jet becomes misshapen (or bi-lobal/tri -lobal?) sections can find themselves in sunlight as the lobes loop over lower latitudes so meeting the returning spring sun up at their altitudes? I think Feb 2014 saw a sizable hole over the UK (IIRC?)
  7. Well that shower over Bradford (& slowly lumbering our way?) has been giving red & pinks on the MetO rainfall radar since 5:30 pm (ish) and so we might get full water butt out of it by the end of this bunch of showers (once they get here!)
  8. Enough rain to damp the ground but not put anything in my water butt More showers to come by the looks though so I might be spared watering from the tap!
  9. Thanks for that iapennel! I suspect 'aspects' of what you sketch out are already becoming increasingly established across our hemisphere and the 'weather patterns' they generate ever more common?
  10. Is ENSO running a fever, or is it global warming? | NOAA Climate.gov WWW.CLIMATE.GOV The tropical Pacific Ocean is warming up! What does that mean for the way we measure the El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO)? Time to start looking at relative sea surface temperatures.
  11. Maybe time for the 2021 Hurricane season to be opened? Above-average Atlantic hurricane activity again expected in 2021 PHYS.ORG The year 2020 saw the most active hurricane season on record and marked the fifth consecutive year for above-average activity. A University of Arizona-led hurricane forecasting team predicts another year ...
  12. Arctic lightning has tripled since 2010, thanks to rapid warming - ArcticToday WWW.ARCTICTODAY.COM In a single decade, summer lightning tripled across the Arctic, a change directly attributed to rapid Arctic warming, a new scientific paper reports. “Now that we have Arctic warming, you can really get a lot more of...
  13. We went to Chester Zoo on my Son & my Birthday (March 18th) in either 04' or 05' & that was a 21c day! (next year was Fereeezing!!!!)
  14. Those sat behind the barricades are truly 'dickless'.......explains a lot to me!
  15. Well the Calder Valley shower has turned the paths/roads white again! We too appear to have more potential upwind but I suppose this forecast change in wind direction might skewer that if it's earlier rather than later tonight? It will be interesting to see if any new shower also show an 'Orographic Tweak' just before they arrive?
  16. Just looking at the NetW 'precipitype' Radar of the next shower inbound and , once clear of the M1 & before Leeds, it began to intensify? It has kept on for a couple of frames as it passed Leeds and over Bradford....
  17. My 'MetO' rainfall radar is down? The off shore appears to be back on the NetW radar though?
  18. Well its still BLOODY COLD out there and I've got to walk the Mutt!!!! 1/2 hr 'till it all goes live!......do I want a shower in my face for 1/2 the walk? (as the wind blows!) Maybe I do!!!
  19. I daren't look in my feed direction any more! Whatever arrives arrives.....end of!!!
  20. The last ones main pulse kept over Cragg.....I even wondered if it'd pop a flash & rumble it looked so dark? The stuff coming in over Scarborough/Brid looks pretty angry? That'll be here in 2 and a bot Hours I reckon?
  21. Our last shower here hit at 4:45ppm At 3:30 it was a diddy thing completely inside the York Ring road Before it hit Leeds it had grown and really put on a spurt by Bradford giving us a good layer By the time it was through there was a bigger blob over the ring road headed our way I make it's eta 5:45pm!!! I wonder if this one flares some reds on the meto radar when it reaches Bradford? Behind that it looks like near constant precipitation?
  22. Looking at NetW radar this shower did seem to undergo some 'intensification' as it approached Leeds? These slopes giving our showers a bit of a boost from here on in I wonder?
  23. Big Shower arriving in the upper Calder Valley.... EDIT: Is there such a thing as a 'Snow Devil'? (like a 'dust devil but of snow?) as once just ripped through the Car Park out back!!!
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