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  1. The Planet has a finite amount of Capital. Most of languishes hidden away from the global economic system (& Tax collectors) to what ends? 'Redistribution' of wasted Capital is the only way we can fund the development needed for us to stand a chance of mitigating the worst we have already committed to via our Capitalist 'Forever growth' mantra? Why is it so difficult (for those who would be unimpacted by such a 'moral redistribution for the good of the many'?) to see this? Just look at what 'They' have done whilst you were busy looking out for the 'Socialist Bogeyman'? ....Twice the U.S. dead from Vietnam for starters (and not a peep from You?) so the billions committed to a premature Death if we do not act now will just be 'more of the same' for those who now sit unconcerned at our UK 'Needless Deaths'.... But then what if that 'Black Swan' event centres on the UK and it is You that needs aid/refuge in another country? Might that wake you up the lived reality of millions already suffering today from the climate chaos we have initiated? Might You then realise that when You condemn others to a premature demise You may be condemning Yourself to such along with them? Madness, absolute certifiable Madness!!!
  2. You need to accept that for every soul that dismisses the propaganda pushed by 'paid deniers' (over the decades) there were those who took it hook,line,sinker & copy of Angling Times Dev? It takes a strong soul to reject all they thought they knew and embrace the facts esp. when those facts bring no comfort? As I say above come the first 'Black Swan' (be it ice sheet slumping & rapid melt driven by ice cliff instability or be it 'unexpected' emmisions from the degrading permafrost et al?) most folk will suddenly be rushing to catch up after those log years of ignorance/denial? Some never will accept that this current global socio economic system is (proven) the devil incarnate because of the 'gains' we feel we have made via its operation? Again , until the final reckoning folk do not know the 'real costs' of such? Were they really worth the world? Folk who think they can live this way ,die ,and leave that reckoning to their kids.....well, any words for such folks??? I'd better leave it there and take my back seat again. As I say I 'retired' from this in 2014 when that last nail was hammered into our coffins, I will continue my work over on twitbox where my outreach is making a difference to those brave enough to wish to 'catch up' on where we are and what we now face.
  3. If you're not part of the solution...... I find , over on twitbot, a lot of folk have been quite blissfully unaware of just how bad we have let things become for our Planet? I think it is a combination of the Human hard wiring (if it's not in our face we do not bother/fight or flight) & cynical manipulation by those unwilling to see the massive change needed to salve the wounds awaiting us and having the power to 'influence the media we are subjected too? As such we still have folk trading IPCC projections unaware of how many forcings were 'expurgated' (at the behest of the same 5 Nations with vested interests & with the threat of no 'sign off' if their demands are not adhered to?) from those figures ( degradation of permafrost and the megatonnage of GHG's this brings with it) I have seen nothing to disabuse me of my sad 'reality' that we will need to see a big impact 'Black Swan' event before many folks 'fight or Flight is triggered and ,all of a sudden, they find themselves desperate for reassurances that are no longer there. The 'little thing' you can do is make yourself visible? Turn out for a school strike or an XR gathering, let yourself be counted!
  4. Couple of things, If someone robbed you and the authorities found your property would you just say 'Nah! , let 'em keep it I'm sure they worked hard for it?' ??? This is the 'redistribution of wealth' that I refer to and some here feel it 'unfair' to legally claim what is rightfully (by our laws and international laws?) 'Ours'? Will you not care that this 'thefted wealth' will render you unable to live out your full life (and your children even less of a life span?) The current system is built for ,and administered by, the same folk robbing us blind! If we wish to have a crack at realistically trying to mitigate what we have set in motion for our Planet we need to work within the laws but regain the thefted monies Play them at their own game Beat them Smash that game so it can never be played again! This IS political in the broadest sense of the word, WE did not make it so but we must work within the current frameworks to take the control we need to save our Planet....... or not.......up to us now, this is the 'Positive Changes' needed. No twaddling around the edges any more.....that is all 3 decades too late!!!
  5. Sorry Dev but the action needed (as I understand things today?) means that we need to overhaul the way the world is run for us to stand a chance of meaningful mitigation? Greta spoke true about the 'fairytales' of permanent economic growth & exploitation of natural resources We need to get serious about keeping the folk of our world fed ,housed & powered whilst we turn Global wealth onto solving the problems we ALL face Once 'science' solves the issues of raw materials and waste we can again see us in a period of accelerated sustainable consumerism but until then we must engage with the problems we ALL face and the current Capitalist NeoLib economic model will not fit the remit You know my preference for the basic economic system that would best serve our world & it is based on caring and sharing ( nicely!)
  6. 'Positive changes' eh? How about the deconstruction of the global economic model that brought us beyond the precipice? It WILL occur but sadly only once the first big 'Black Swan' hits home and folk finally have their 'fight or flight' response triggered? Sad that ,as we evolve as a species, we have not 'updated' the threats we respond to? Now we can peep into our immediate future the sight of such potential doom should have us all clamouring for change but 'no' , here we sit , our hands firmly placed below our bums! The 'Economist' tells us 1/3 rd of 'Global Capital' is absent..... just not their, vamoosed , gone 1/3 rd is hidden in offshore accounts and of the final 1/3 rd , which we use to run our world, 80% is in the hands of the richest 10% of Global Population....... Again , nothing from the People. It's as if they do not care and happily buy into the 'No Money Trees' philosophy if it means they can continue 'hand sitting'? There is a bloody rainforrest of Money trees out there & that money could save so much of our World now doomed by 'Their' action and compounded by 'Our' innaction? Positive changes to change our world? Play 'Them' at 'Their' own game, Beat 'Them' Smash the game so it can never be played again!!! Avante!
  7. I tend to favour the 'capture by the low over Iceland and so a track to our west? But then such a powerful 'ex' storm sitting over Fram is not good either?
  8. Hi G.S. ! Agreed! The past decade should have seen us switch our attentions to the Autumn/Winter months & away from the melt seasons themself? The biggest changes have been seen in the ice condition ,extent & temps over these 'cold seasons'? This year will be the worst of the bunch with large areas of ocean open to the sun since early may so instead of seeing all the incoming 'calories' spent on forcing the phase transition from ice to water they have been spent on warming water ( for those who do not know it takes 70 cals to melt a 1cm cube of ice, 1cm cube of water raises its temp by 1C for every calorie input.....you either melt a 1cm cube or you raise the temp of a 1cm cube of water to 70C..........) Most of this heat will remain in the upper ocean whilst some will be shed to allow refreeze. This shedding musses up the formation of the Polar Night Jet something awful with impacts felt around our hemisphere.....it also opens up the basin to WAA ( and us to 'cold plunges'?) If open water remains then any winter low will drive swells into the ice edge causing disruption there & mixing back up the summer warmth stored below? It could be an interesting 2 months ahead?
  9. So we do drop below the 4 million mark! I do hope folk are taking note of my pleas to look at the changes ongoing in the basin ,year on year, an d not just sit up when records tumble? The reason this year kept on falling has a lot to do with the state of the ice and its ability to 'compress' into a smaller body of ice. Only the move to ever younger ,ever smaller floes allows this but, should the trend continue, we find ourselves looking at ice cover that will melt out even when past years would have seen melt stalling. The smaller the floe size the more important 'side melt' of the floe becomes and the ability for heat to penetrate fully into the floe. In the past the size of floes mean that the centre of the floe was protected from the ocean warmth. This is now going away leaving floes that will melt out now the ocean warmth can get to all areas of the floe. As we move forward this will become more and more apparent. Then we have the increased 'mobility' of smaller floes. With our oldest,thickest, ice again hanging over Fram will we see this flushed before December leaving a near completely first/second year ice pack? Lets see if the first of the winter storms run up the east Greenland coast & on into the Svalbard region setting up a northerly drift into Fram for the ice over the NE corner of Greenland Whilst folk here are praying for snow from any 'Northerly Blast' do take a look further North to see how 'export' is being impacted by the set up!
  10. I think things get interesting from here on in? ( I wonder if he'll 'nuke it'........?) Recent years have shown just how fast these beast can intensify? Cat 4/5 before landfall? East coast Florida already has awful 'king tide' inundations so any kind of surge will be crippling?
  11. Hi Dev! Sadly i think humans are hard wired only to respond to 'clear & present danger' ( Fight or flight response?) so many will need to feel personally 'threatened' by our climate shocks before they suddenly 'flip' & & need to know ALL about the dangers facing us? Until then you ( & I ?) will be universally ignored in our warnings in favour of what domestic trauma is currently besetting them? The immense heat now making it to the base of the Greenland ice sheet, via meltwater penetration, and the tunnels this forms via the pressure of supercooled water jets hammering the basal ice will bring its own issues? We have seen what happens when this water jets out of the front of ocean terminating glaciers but what is turning the base into swiss cheese doing to the structural security of that near 2 miles of ice above? I think most folk ( wilfully?) forget that 'Gravity' is the biggest remover of ice in a 'rapid collapse' of any ice sheet with ice collapsing into 'melt zones' lower down? (saddle & lobe melt) So when do we see mega tonnage of ice slump down the sides of the Greenland ice sheet? When does the weight of all that water stored in the snow pack become too great & so overcomes its inertia?
  12. Thanks for your efforts Kirkcaldy (& I'm sure many would benefit from reading through your links if not 'up to speed'??) but it was more the leading Russian permafrost Scientists statement that such structures (the over 7,000 'Pingo like Structures' that grew over 2016) had a 3 year 'lifespan' from growth to eruption? If my maths correct that puts them going 'POP' in 2019's late summer? I know we've all seen the massive slumping that the huge wildfires across Siberia has caused but not a word (yet?) from the Yamal?
  13. Even with the sun getting ever lower in the sky any drop in albedo will have impact? The bigger worry is what the fires are doing to the permafrost below? Earlier in the year we saw sat. images of 'slumping/ground collapse' as the ice below melted out allowing collapse of the remaining materia? Any biological reaction in that now melted material adds into our GHG's but then the hollows fill with water and we see methane become an issue as the material decomposes anorexically I'm still waiting on updates for the Yamal and the 'mounds' that grew there in 2015/2016?
  14. Here we are again It's like 08'/09' with the 'collapse and spread' hiding the losses ongoing? Look at 'Area' compared to 'extent' these past few days esp. in the C.A.B. The breakup of the floes is allowing ice to spread into open water keeping the '15% or more' measure triggered........ "When the ice goes it will go pretty fast......." Seeing the amount of energy sucked into the Arctic Ocean over June/July I have to wonder how bottom melt (or should we now talk of 'side melt' these days???) will pan out this year?
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