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  1. Flu prospects this winter

    Sadly Luke came home from school with something horrid in Dec 2010 ( 10th). We always had flu jabs due to his severe disabilities yet both he and then I fell very ill with whatever he had recombined inside him ( parents with healthier kids send them into special school no matter the risk to others). He died in Feb 2011 after never fully coming around from the December Flu bout and I have been left with " Post Viral Syndrome" which is basically the flu without the temp and the snot. If the virus enters the blood stream, via a lesion, then it will attack whichever cells it come into contact with ( just like it does in the respiratory tract?) so your heart and your autonomic nervous system appear to be the first places your blood goes too after being reoxygenated. As other posters have pointed out no cold can mimic the flu. If you've had the flu you know it . If you don't know then you haven't had it! Never take your health for granted. It could just go in a moment!
  2. Hurricane Ophelia

    If I'm lucky then as the wind backs it'll keep all the pesky leaves clear of my deck ( but not sycamore seeds!!) and leave bare trees by morning!!! * that'd be a months worth of clearing sorted in 1 night!!!
  3. Hurricane Ophelia

    I'm sure we all have a healthy sense of peril? not just the 'mules'? We hear tales of elephants avoiding tsunamis and pets evacuating earthquake areas prior to the event.... Listen to your 'he be jee bee's' !!!
  4. Antarctic Ice Discussion

    Another large calve just occurred from the P.I.G., lets see if it shows signs of further rapid retreat over summer as the grounding line appears to edge off the shelf it sits atop and allow inundation of the basin beyond?
  5. The last frames of the above seem to show a very big wave falling off Africa?
  6. Hurricane Maria

    Well what a season this is turning into! I'm sure whilst they are all out at sea, doing what they do, it is all about marvelling at them and the power they have. I suppose it hopeless to think none of them will trouble folk over their lifetimes?
  7. I take they read the studies on the imbalance we were seeing between tropical Atlantic and Pacific basins? All those record trade wind pulses shoving up that massive warm water bulge that helped feed the proto Nino's prior to the last super? All that record Shear across the upper atmosphere over the Caribbean? Well PDO/IPO flipped and the Basins seem to be at some kind of Parity allowing us to again see full height storms again trawling the Atlantic? What we did see , over the pause in activity over the Atlantic basin, were very fast forming Typhoons that made 'super' status over in the Pacific Basin. Is this what we ought to now expect to happen more often in the Atlantic Basin? Maybe Lee will give us another look at just how fast we can go from TD to 'cane?
  8. Some of the experimental forecasts show the easternmost storm gobble up the westerly one ( fujiwhara effect ) before heading north to interact with the remnants of Jose as he heads our way...... Could that strengthen the Azores high over us giving us a shot at a least an indian summer???
  9. Hurricane Irma

    I hope the 'southern most point' shed hangs tough as well!!!
  10. Hurricane Jose

    Yes the eastern Seaboard appears favourite right now? I think he's after trump towers after Irma took out trumps caribbean island retreat and now just about to wreck mar a lago for him? Did he do something to upset the gods???
  11. Hurricane Irma

    NHC are bringing hourly updates from here on in so we won't need 'forecasts' as we will be in 'nowcast' territory! Maybe , as we saw along Cuba's coast, having half the storm over land cuts it off from its fuel so lowers strength but then we will have 'brown ocean' effect over the soggier bits of Florida ( everglades etc?).
  12. Hurricane Irma

    Landfall? Hmmmm, I joked early last week about a terrible 'Natural' disaster' taking the 9/11 crown...... now I think I should have kept quiet! The drop in forward speed is the worst possible thing we could see allowing extra time over those 90f 'bath tub' waters. The latest EWRC has finished so now we expect intensification of the storm. Key west already getting Hurricane force gusts and they are 70 miles away from the storm!!!
  13. Hurricane Irma

    NHC just upped her back to 4! This slowdown to 6mph is allowing her more time over waters ripe for development!
  14. Hurricane Irma

    nah! god is angry with trump. She's totalled his caribbean resort and now mar a lago is up next Then jose takes out trump towers in 8 days whilst harvey took out his sacred oil producers..... (lol)
  15. Hurricane Irma

    I think the ramp up in the pacific including our first 'super Typhoons' answered that as we saw upper level imbalance between Atlantic and Pacific Basins leading to unfavourable upper atmosphere ( with record breaking shear over the Caribbean). The 'naturals' in the Pacific ended this back in 2014 and so we have been slowly moving toward this point since then with plenty of storms forming but only the strongest making strong cat storms? They were also all pretty 'fishy' but now we are back to 05' type conditions with another 15yrs of warming across the globe to now add into the mix. I'd say look at the last time the basin saw a run of active years and then make those storms at least 1 Cat higher?