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  1. Gray-Wolf

    Report Climate change ipcc

    Were the early reports not saying they expected warming to be 3c by 2100? Is this report not saying that staying below 1.5c is a must or we set ourselves on a pathway we could no longer alter and will become ever more costly in both money and lives?
  2. Gray-Wolf

    Report Climate change ipcc

    I did try to outline how Anthro climate change deniers deal with IPCC reports so I hope I did so above in this thread? The pattern is to disregard the new report but then rely heavily on the preceding report to show why you disagree with the new one. Thing being that only 5 years earlier they were disregarding the report they are now holding up as 'proof' as to why the new report is 'faulty'........ I did a number on such when TAR5 came out and TAR4 was being held up as definitive by Anthro climate change Deniers. And around we go again. I will make a prophecy that the same will happen come the next IPCC report and that this report will be held up as 'definitive' by the anthro climate change deniers.
  3. Gray-Wolf

    Report Climate change ipcc

    When they were still babes I used to tell my kiddies to focus on their feet when climbing hills and not to permanently stare at the height of the hill and become disheartened. Its is the same here with AGW . Baby steps but all in the same direction. You'll be pleasantly surprised by how far we have come when you do look up to check our progress. Cutting down meat consumption is something that is both good for you and our planet! Why not start there and introduce a couple of veggie nights a week?
  4. Gray-Wolf

    Storm Callum - Atlantic Storm 3

    Nice view of the trailing front(s) running from Leslie at the bottom left all the way up and over us. I wonder if Leslie has altered thinking on the amount of cloud/moisture that gets up to us a it pulls the cloud/moisture around it before hitting Portugal/Spain?
  5. Well I'm hoping that MetO have the at risk areas nailed as our river is still compromised by the ongoing flood alleviation works! That said I have every empathy for the folk who will find themselves flooded out from this.
  6. Gray-Wolf

    Report Climate change ipcc

    I think it may help also if you show your initial understanding of the climate system when asking a question? So we could have " we know CO2 traps , and holds, I.R. energy in the atmosphere but are there any other particles we produce that do similar?" We might then say 'soot' can cause issues both a a particle in the atmosphere but also as it is washed out onto ice cover so darkening it and speeding its melt...... See! that worked didn't it? You could maybe say " We know CO2 warms the planet but do we do anything that might balance that out?" and we'd say " well the sulphates we produce when we burn dirty fossil fuels can act the same way they do when eruptions put them in the atmosphere. Sadly they are short lived so any 'dimming' they produce is fleeting unless we continuously replace them ( unlike CO2 that has hundreds of years of impact before the carbon cycle reclaims it and takes it out of the atmosphere)...." again , that seems to work? I think you needed to have spent 2 decades embattled with the paid deniers and their unwaged lasky's to 'get' how PTSD folk so abused become. So many phrases/questions that to you appear innocent are in fact 'triggers'. I do not think we look for excusing just empathy and understanding? As I see things 'We' lost and the deniers won so no matter that we poured our heart into defending the science/enlightening the lurkers it was all to no avail and we now find ourselves on the slow countdown ( 12 yrs did the IPCC give us to act decisively?) . Even though we were trounced and the planet kept on polluting, business as usual, the deniers were out in force once the latest ,strong worded, report came out. As if they needed to bother. The planet will not act. We saw as much over the past two decades did we not?
  7. Gray-Wolf

    Report Climate change ipcc

    Agreed AGJ! Water vapour is a big GHG too. We've raised the atmosphere ability to hold water vapour by over 7% so that would suggest a &% increase in its 'warming' of the planet? Then we have areas that used to harmlessly deflect incoming energy back into space that now harvests over 90% of that energy.? So we are in a position where more energy is available and an atmosphere more able to hold onto that energy once reemitted as I.R.?
  8. Gray-Wolf

    Arctic melt Season 2018

    melt season may well have ended but its not exactly 'refreezing' is it granpa?
  9. Gray-Wolf

    Hurricane Michael

    Contacted his wife . He's safe.
  10. Gray-Wolf

    Hurricane Michael

    My god! now down to 926 and still falling! I think this is Michaels run at becoming a Cat5? Will he? Won't he? Was Andrew 922? this will be the panhandles 'Andrew'.
  11. Gray-Wolf

    Hurricane Michael

    Well let's use central pressure then? How does it compare to all other October 'canes then? EDIT : Hi John w! I'm watching it on the telly news feed ( frees me up to do the other things like surf the net!)
  12. Gray-Wolf

    Hurricane Michael

    Show me a CAT4 , in October, impacting the Pan handle S.B.! This is what is being talked about!!! The records go back to 1851 so plenty of chance eh?
  13. Gray-Wolf

    Hurricane Michael

    Let's not forget Harvey jumped from cat2 to cat4 as it approached the coast and got over those 'bath tub warm' waters. It is now looking like Michael will arrive at a Cat5 'cane. This is mad!
  14. Gray-Wolf

    Hurricane Michael

    It is less than 20mph off reaching Cat5 but it does have a chance of making that up over the coming hours. It truly is a monster of a storm!
  15. Gray-Wolf

    Hurricane Michael

    Folk need to realise how vanishingly rare an October Cat 4 is. Michael looks likely to come ashore as a record breaker. With even warmer waters on its final approach there is still a potential for further strengthening. If it does prove costly for the U.S. expect further debate about how much AGW has impacted the storms development/strength. After the ipcc report this could really put the cat among trumps denialati?