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  1. Here we are again It's like 08'/09' with the 'collapse and spread' hiding the losses ongoing? Look at 'Area' compared to 'extent' these past few days esp. in the C.A.B. The breakup of the floes is allowing ice to spread into open water keeping the '15% or more' measure triggered........ "When the ice goes it will go pretty fast......." Seeing the amount of energy sucked into the Arctic Ocean over June/July I have to wonder how bottom melt (or should we now talk of 'side melt' these days???) will pan out this year?
  2. This is not supposed to be able to happen? https://forecast.weather.gov/product.php?site=afg&product=PNS&issuedby=afg Public Information Statement...CORRECTED National Weather Service Fairbanks AK 800 PM AKDT Sat Aug 10 2019 ...Lightning Detected within 300 Miles of North Pole Today... A number of lightning strikes were recorded between 4pm and 6pm today within 300 miles of the North Pole. The lightning strikes occurred near 85 degrees north, 120 degrees east, which is about 700 miles north of the Lena River Delta of Siberia. This lightning was detected by the GLD lightning detection network which is used by the National Weather Service. This is one of the furthest north lightning strikes in Alaska Forecaster memory.
  3. The mixing of the top layers of the Arctic Ocean (that open waters allow) bring up warmer ,saltier waters whilst mixing out the 'fresher ,colder' waters rinse and repeat! I'm already concerned at what this summer will mean for our Autumn/early winter If Greenland again ends up the 'cold pole' then will we not again suffer WAA rather than polar plunges?
  4. Hi Pete! They look at UHI's but never take a look at temp anoms above where we used to see permanent sea ice cover? Why are they afraid to look at these vast expanses with their tens of degrees asnoms (compared to what we used to measure there?) And what of the land areas that used to be cooled by sea ice close by? Alaska has zero Sea Ice around it a.t.m. But no! they still want it to be poor measuring and not the climate crisis the rest of us recognise Ho Hum!
  5. If anything this year should have shown folk that we must now expect not only 'Arctic Plunges' but also traffic in the opposite direction ( bringing us 70f in Feb!!!) ? How this 'freeing up' of the atmosphere impacts the 'normal' impacts of low solar over winter? Hell knows!!!
  6. And though we may differ in our solution Dev I think we both know that " More Rampant Capitalism!" is not the answer!!! It is the cause!!!
  7. I do feel that we sailed very close to 2nd place on a number of years but the measures did not capture it? I also think the predominance in similar thickness/properties of FY ice meant that we were only ever a few weeks of such before re-freeze took over? This year we have had that 'extra 2 weeks' so we will find out what happens when a whole of the FY ice blinks out. It will then be the positioning of the remaining floes that matter as to whether they trip the 15% cover or more threshold? The more open water the more the opposite is likely with 14% cover counting as zero cover?
  8. Yup! it was a close thing here in the Calder Valley! I guess that was the Hebden siren ( that I heard whilst on our bridge in Mytholmroyd!).......very chilling esp. as it dies away........
  9. https://www.nature.com/articles/s41467-018-05256-8.epdf?shared_access_token=mE76jzXrLKJrgIPVsQbSF9RgN0jAjWel9jnR3ZoTv0OFMupsW5Ox4hA-OEAU-adGUchNhfXw-pc85lmmgVYLVF32tsFBqSYRkT1m-z87r4jIr1wdS_1SNXmXlQjpt1gJvlIqGiq6xtUt8IkTWUIaAA%3D%3D Paper on the impacts of Arctic Amplification on our weathers.
  10. WOW, just wow! 2;45 we had our first thunder and then all hell broke loose for 1/2 hr, that said I'd been watching lightning since midnight and either it was cc that the detector wasn't capturing or it was the storm working through central Wales reflecting on the elevated clouds? My sherry was running out just as the 'squall line'(???) crashed through......
  11. I very much get the idea that once the cap is breached it will be like dropping a table tennis ball into a tank of set mouse traps? No matter where you are if the energy is there then 'Kaboom' .....over half to 3/4 of an hour?
  12. I am pretty hopeful about this storm potential, less sure if I'll be around for it as I'm finishing off our wedding booze ( done the whites with a bit of fizz) ..... hope they're here before I hit the sherry!!!!
  13. I'm worried about lasting long enough to see the storms forecast for us here in W.Yorks as I have the dregs of my wedding booze to finish off ( with wifey's blessing)............
  14. There are those who would say we're always 'predicting' record lows to which I would counter 'we are always mindful of the potential for record lows' and this is where we still are with regards this years melt season? It's not the 'perfect' version of a perfect melt storm but it has , and continues, to do great damage to the ice left in the water? The ESS looks awful and , to me, only the ice in danger of being exported looks 'good'??? P.S. I am now a married man and , so far so good!!!!
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