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  1. Perth, Scotland Overall a very average month with temperatures, rainfall and sunshine almost all bang on average. A rather cool first 10 days was balanced out by a rather warm spell just after midmonth while the end of the month bar the last day was generally mild although cool at night. Most of the rain fell in the second half while the first half was rather dry. The warmest day was the warmest in the second half of September since 2011. Stats Mean maximum: 16.9.C (+0.3.C) Mean minimum: 8.6.C (-0.1.C) Mean: 12.8.C (+0.2.C) Rainfall: 70mm (97%) Sunshine: 123 hours (100%) Extremes Highest maximum: 22.4.C (20th) Highest minimum: 12.9.C (22nd) Lowest maximum: 13.4.C (30th) Lowest minimum: 3.5.C (27th) Wettest day: 23rd (7.2mm) Sunniest Day: 21st (12.0 hours)
  2. Perth, Scotland For me it was a decent summer. Probably on par with the likes of 1997, 1999, 2005, 2009 and 2014. Not as good as 1995, 2003, 2006, 2013 and 2018 but not as bad as 2002, 2007, 2008, 2012 and 2015. It took a while to get going. Most of June was pretty dismal in the first half although the last 10 days were very pleasant with it not getting too hot and with plenty of sunshine. June overall was slightly cooler and sunnier than average with rainfall about average. July continued quite unsettled but there was a fine spell in the second week with a bit of a thundery breakdown and the second half while being beautiful weather wise was at times unbearably humid. We had temperatures close to 20.C overnight on two occasions which has never happened before. Was quite surprised it ended up slightly duller than average however. August was very nice in the first and last weeks but very wet inbetween expected it to be a wet month but not quite as wetter as overall figures suggested. Though I would say August was probably the best since about 2005/2006. I would rate the summer overall as a 7/10 not as good as summer 2018 but a lot better than some recent summers.
  3. Perth, Scotland Very wet but warm August 2019 continued the theme of recent August’s being very unsettled. Although being the warmest August since 2004. It was also the wettest since 2008 and third wettest on record with 2004 being the wettest. The month began on a warm and fairly settled note before some torrential rain in the second week with thunder and lighting. The middle third was generally rather cool and wet while it was very warm around the start of the last week. Before much cooler in the closing days. Stats Mean maximum: 20.3.C (+0.7.C) Mean minimum: 12.0.C (+1.2.C) Mean: 16.2.C (+1.0.C) Rainfall: 155mm (204%) Sunshine: 166 hours (100%) Extremes Highest maximum: 27.4.C (25th) Highest minimum: 14.2.C (25th) Lowest maximum: 15.7.C (31st) Lowest minimum: 6.4.C (12th) Wettest Day: 9th (38mm) Days with rain 0.2mm (23) (+6) 1mm (17) (+8) 10mm (4) (+3) Sunniest Day: 25th (14.2 Hours) Summer 2019 was overall warm and wet with virtually bang on average sunshine. It was the sixth wettest summer in 25 years behind 2012, 2004, 2008, 2011 and 2002. This was also the first summer since 2006 where the maximum temperature has exceeded 25.C in every month.
  4. I was quite surprised throughout July as how warm it was late on in the evenings. My area didn’t record any record breaking heat during the day but it was exceptionally warm at night. 23rd: The maximum was 26.1.C which isn’t anywhere near the record but it wasn’t recorded until at 7:20pm at night where as the noon reading was 24.0.C and 3pm was 25.2.C. The 10pm reading wasn’t 24.3.C, midnight was 20.8.C before falling to 17.5.C at 5am. 25th: A high of 21.7.C was measured at midnight and the low fell to just 18.6.C at 5:30am it was still 20.C at 2am. Before rising to 22.6.C at 7:30am and 24.6.C at 10am. I believe the highest July minimum in my area before hand was around 17.C in 2006.
  5. Perth Scotland A rather warm but largely unsettled month. The first week was rather cool but the vast majority of the month was dominated with warm or very warm spells. The month’s mean minimum temperature was the highest for at least 25 years in my area. With a new record smashed for the warmest July night. And some amazing temperatures throughout. A very humid month as well. Despite the temperatures it was duller and wetter than average. Notable moments The minimum overnight 25th/26th was just 18.6.C which is a July record and the warmest night since August 2004. The minimum overnight 7th/8th of 6.7.C was the lowest since 2011. A reading of 24.3.C at 10pm on the 23rd is the highest of so late in the day on record. A reading of 22.6.C at 7:30am on the 26th is the highest temperature for this early on record. Stats Mean maximum: 20.9.C (+0.8.C) Mean minimum: 12.5.C (+1.4.C) Mean: 16.7.C (+1.1.C) Rainfall: 77mm (135%) Sunshine: 158 hours (90%) Extremes Highest maximum: 28.0.C (25th) Highest minimum: 18.6.C (26th) (July record) Lowest maximum: 15.8.C (4th) Lowest minimum: 6.7.C (8th) (lowest since 2011) Wettest Day: 12th (9.7mm) Sunniest day: 23rd (14.4 hours) Days with rain 0.2mm: 20 (+6) 1mm: 11 (+3) 10mm: 0 (-1)
  6. I’d like to see a rather warm and sunny September but with some big thunderstorms at times. October to have some wet weather at the start but then very sunny afterwards with a brief heatwave and then the first frosts in the last week. November to begin quite cold and frosty but then become very wet and windy
  7. I’d say June 2019 was disappointing but not exceptionally so. It wasn’t anywhere near as bad as 2007 or 2012. The first three weeks were poor nonetheless but was saved by quite a nice last week. In my records since 1994 June’s of it was the joint sixth with 2015 coldest behind 2012, 1998, 2011, 2001 and 1999 . Eighth wettest behind 2017, 2007, 2012, 2016, 2002, 1998 and 1997. But the fifth sunniest behind 2006, 2018, 2010 and 2003. So it wasn’t in any way a record breaking month. The unsettled theme was always a notable feature in the first three weeks. We didn’t have many days with prolonged rainfall or lots of dull weather but a lot of days that started off poorly but then turned out into a decent afternoon. Only the last week seen any settled weather. The first three days of July have been almost completely sunny and rather warm just a tad windy at times so fingers crossed for a decent July, no rain either :).
  8. Perth Scotland A month that ended up slightly cooler, wetter although sunnier than average. The first three weeks brought largely cool and rather showery weather with some notably cool days at times the last week was much warmer with lots of sunshine and only a sharp thunderstorm on the 29th brought any significant rainfall. Despite the cool, unsettled theme for the majority of the month sunshine totals were actually above normal and it was the second sunniest June since 2010 with only 2018 being sunnier. Overall this was the joint coolest June with 2015 since 2012. Also the lowest minimum temperature was also the lowest in June in my records. Mean maximum : 17.4.C (-0.7.C) Mean minimum: 8.7.C (-0.5.C) Mean: 13.1.C (-0.6.C) Rainfall: 75mm (119%) Sunshine: 188 hours (116%) Extremes Highest maximum: 25.3.C (27th) Highest minimum: 14.6.C (30th) Lowest maximum: 11.7.C (12th) Lowest minimum: 3.8.C (12th) Wettest Day: 29th (11.3mm) Sunniest Day: 28th (15.1 hours) Days with rain 0.2mm: 18 (+4) 1mm: 10 (+2) 10mm 2 (+1)
  9. The complete lack of warmth has been notable the warmest it’s been all month is just short of 19.C, even June 2012 exceeded 20.C but still time for that to happen. I would say it has been pretty wet but I don’t think it’s been overly dull, we’ve had some quite good spells of sunshine in between showers, I have nearly broken my June lowest maximum though on the 13th it reached just 11.3.C which is just short of my record of 11.1.C on the 14th June 2012. In need of a spell of prolonged settled weather now though.
  10. Best months January 2019: Very dry and sunny, also cold and snowy (not exceptionally), and mild at times, not many dull, depressing days February 2019: Very cold and frosty at the start then excpeitonally mild, spring like end March 2012: Unbelievably warm in the last week, also very sunny and dry throughout April 2011: For the prolonged warmth and sunshine May 2018: Warm throughout, dry and very sunny June 2018: A repeat of May, the heatwave at the end was also amazing July 2018: For the prolonged heat August 2010: Dry and sunny for the most part although not warm, nice cool nights September 2015: Dry and sunny with a warm spell at the end October 2015: Dry and sunny for the most part, mild at times as well November 2016: Very frosty and sunny with many cold nights December 2010/2017: 2010 for the phenomenal cold and snow, 2017 because it had just about everything. Worst months January 2014: Horror fest, mild, wet, dull, hardly any snow or frost February 2014: Extremely wet, very dull, mild, very little snow or frost March 2015: Very boring, bang average month, no exceptional warmth, cold, rain, wind, sun April 2012: Cold, very wet and quite dull, also after a lovely march May 2015: Cold and wet, only May to never exceed 19.C June 2012: Only June not to exceed 21.C, dull and wet throughout July 2012: Cool, very wet and dull with very little dry and sunny weather August 2011: Very wet and dull throughout very cool at the end September 2017: Boring, lack of any warmth October 2011: Missed the heatwave at the start, mild for the most part but wet and boring November 2014: Too little frost and too mild without any exceptional rainfall December 2016: Extremely mild, dry and cloudy Best seasons Winter: 2009/2010, cold, snow, frost an sunshine for weeks Spring 2018: Amazing transitional from Beast from the East to the warm and sunny May Summer 2018: Hot and dry for weeks though ended at the right time Autumn 2015: September and October were nice, calm sunny months with November being exceptionally wet and mild nice to have a sudden change Worst seasons Winter 2013/14: Start was good but just dragged on and on forever Spring 2014: Was plain boring and dull, no heatwaves, coldwaves, prolonged settledness Summer 2012: Cold and wet, depressingly long Autumn 2014: Boring, wet, very very dull and mild
  11. This was the coolest and wettest May since 2015 and dullest since 2014. The first 10 days were cold, wet and dull with some very low daytime maxima including my lowest maximum in May in the last 25 years. The period 11th-18th was a lot warmer, drier and sunnier under high pressure south easterly winds before the last 10 days were more unsettled though not especially cold. This was also the first May to include snowfall with sleet showers falling on the 4th and the 8th. Stats Mean maximum: 15.0.C (-0.5.C) Mean minimum: 5.9.C (-0.7.C) Mean: 10.5.C (-0.6.C) Rainfall: 74mm (142%) Sunshine: 162 hours (87%) Highest temperatures/rainfall/sunshine Highest maximum: 23.4.C (14th) Highest minimum: 11.9.C (15th) Lowest maximum: 6.5.C (8th) Lowest minimum: -1.3.C (9th) Wettest day: 8th (24mm) Days with rain (0.2mm+) 16 (+4) (1mm+) 11 (+3) (10mm+) 4 (+3) Sunniest Day 14th (14.6 Hours) Days with no sun: 6 (+2)
  12. Perth Scotland An unsettled month for the first three weeks followed by a dry, sunny and warm spell in the last week. The month was overall rather mild but was cold at times especially in the middle of the month. The month began rather wet and stormy especially in the first week it remained cool though with some milder days and showers. There was a brief but noticeable cold snap in the middle which brought some snow before pressure rose and the last week had some beautiful Spring sunshine. Statistics Mean maximum: 10.3.C (+1.1.C) Mean minimum: 3.7.C (+1.6.C) Mean: 7.0.C (+1.4.C) Rainfall: 76mm (131%) Sunshine: 135 hours (122%) Highest maximum: 15.1.C (30th) Highest Minimum: 7.3.C (25th) Lowest maximum: 2.3.C (17th) Lowest Minimum: -3.5.C (15th)
  13. We had some snow showers overnight and it was very cold overnight with a minimum of -4.2.C although the snow didn’t really settle until the evening where there was a few heavy snow showers in the afternoon with a high of only 0.7.C, the 18th had a lot more snow during the morning.
  14. Perth Scotland A very mild month after a very cold start mainly down to the very high maxima with minima being only a little above average. It was the mildest February since 1998, and the driest since 2012. The February maximum was the highest on record and the minimum was also the lowest since 2010. This is by far the driest and sunniest winter in my records. Mean maximum: 10.4.C (+3.3.C) Mean minimum: 1.8.C (+1.1.C) Mean: 6.1.C (+2.2.C) Rainfall: 29mm (51%) Sunshine: 102 hours (134%) Highest maximum: 15.9.C (26th) Highest minimum: 7.9.C (16th) Lowest maximum: 2.4.C (5th) Lowest minimum: -11.1.C (1st) Winter 2018/19 statistics Mean maximum: 8.5.C (+1.5.C) Mean minimum: 0.8.C (+0.4.C) Mean: 4.7.C (+1.0.C) Rainfall: 133mm (58%) Sunshine: 218 hours (138%) Highest maximum: 15.9.C (26th February 2019) Highest Minimum: 8.6.C (31st December 2018) Lowest maximum: -4.1.C (31st January 2019) Lowest Minimum: -11.1.C (1st February 2019)
  15. By far the driest January in my area in the last 30 years with only 17mm falling beating 2017 which had 28mm. It was also the sunniest January on record with 73 hours of sunshine beating the record of 67 which wasn’t recorded in 2001. Temperatures were overall not far of average although the minima was slightly below average. The month began rather mild but soon became colder, it became milder again from the 10th-14th before a cold snap between the 16th-21st followed by another mild spell before becoming very cold at the end. Mean maximum: 6.9.C (+0.0.C) Mean minimum: -0.2.C (-0.6.C) Mean: 3.4.C (-0.3.C) Rainfall: 17mm (19%) Sunshine: 73 hours (151%) Highest maximum: 9.8.C (25th) Highest minimum: 5.7.C (25th) Lowest maximum: -3.9.C (30th) Lowest minimum: -10.8.C (31st)
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