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  1. 2008 wasn’t as bad as 2011 or 2015 I’d agree. June and July 2008 were never particularly cool and the second half of July that year was actually quite a bit warmer than average, 2011 only had a couple of days at the start and end of June and July where it was noticeably warm and 2015 only had a couple of days at the end of June and beginning of July.
  2. Got stats back I only recorded 85% of average.
  3. Perth, Scotland June was overall warmer and duller than average with virtually average rainfall. A warm first two days were cancelled out by a cool unsettled 10 day period until the 12th. However the rest of the month was generally warm without any massively hot days. Despite the warmth it was the dullest June for three years. Rainfall was pretty evenly spread although there was plenty of dry weather from the 12th-27th with only the first 10 and last 3 days being noticeably wet. The night 3rd/4th was also the coldest since 2012. The night 21st/22nd was also the mildest since 2015. Stats Mean maximum: 18.6.C (+0.5.C) Mean minimum: 10.3.C (+1.1.C) Mean: 14.5.C (+0.8.C) Rainfall: 64mm (102%) Sunshine: 139 hours (85%) Extremes Highest maximum: 23.8.C (1st, 24th) Highest minimum: 15.6.C (22nd) Lowest maximum: 11.7.C (10th) Lowest minimum: 4.3.C (4th) Wettest day: 11.4mm (27th) Sunniest day: 1st (15.2 hours) Days with rain 0.2mm: 20 (15) Days with rain 1mm: 16 (9) Days with 10mm: 2 (1)
  4. I would say it’s been an average June for sunshine in my area.
  5. Yes I would definitely rate summer 2013 as a great summer as well. Coming after a very cold spring it was a lot more welcome as I definitely couldn’t deal with a poor summer June for me was a decent month, temperatures and sunshine were both exactly average but my area only had half the amount of rainfall. There was no hot weather though the highest I reached all month was only 22.8.C. The first week had plenty of 20.C days and sunny weather before it turned a bit more unsettled with some showers but plenty of dry if slightly cloudy weather. There was only one day I can remember where it seemed to rain all day. A unremarkable month in many ways but decent nonetheless. July was an absolutely fantastic month weather wise, after a three day cool, wet spell my first thought was “here we go again” but from the 4th-23rd it was absolutely lovely. Plenty of sunny and warm weather temperatures exceeded 25.C on ten days during that period with the highest being 31.C on the 18th, just spoilt ever so slightly by two days in that period with a easterly breeze bringing some cloud. The thunderstorms at the end was also nice after a lot of dry weather in that month. August was warm and very dry only 30% of average rainfall but it was a dull month, we missed out on the heat at the start but we had plenty of days throughout the month where 20.C-22.C was reached. Like June there wasn’t any massively warm days the highest we reached about 24.C but even so despite it being quite overcast on a lot of days it was largely quite warm so wasn’t big let down like a lot of August’s prior to that. Definitely a excellent summer, probably joint third best since 2000 behind 2018 and 2006 and tied with 2003.
  6. August 2004 was definitely a very interesting month. The heatwave at the start and then the deluge in the second week with the unbelievable amount of humidity. I can remember some notable flooding in my area with the A9 having landslides and Aberfeldy which isn’t too far from me apparently had 150mm of rain in three days ?.
  7. I enjoyed July 2009 purely for the thunderstorms and downpours. Most days actually started very sunny and then in the mid afternoon it used to rain torrentially for about half an hour or so then the evenings were sunny once again. Reminded me of a cooler version of Florida in a way.
  8. Both summers for me I found were decent as well, July 2010 was exceptionally dull in the north west but I didn’t fare too bad Sunshine was bang on average. August that year was OK up my way just never got warm.
  9. Sorry the title isn’t very clearly worded. I should’ve worded out which summer out of 2009 and 2010 was better ?
  10. Here’s another summer topic to compare. These two summers weren't complete write offs but I feel these two were probably one of the most varied summers if I had to pick summer 2010 probably edges it with a very good June. From what I can recall. Summer 2009 June: Started very warm and sunny but then temperatures plummeted after a few days and it turned unsettled, even when temperatures recovered by the second week. The final week was once again very warm, dry and sunny. A warm month with rainfall slightly below average and sunshine above average July: Started off brilliantly with temperatures near 30.C in my area, turned unsettled by the second week but there was little cool weather and only a couple of days had prolonged or light rainfall, most of the rain was in thunderstorms or exceptionally heavy downpours. Sunshine and temperatures were both above average with double the amount of rainfall. August: Quite a poor month, wet and not especially warm, sunshine was average at least. Seemed devoid of any prolonged warmth or settled weather. Summer 2010 June: A pretty cool and unexciting start, although soon flipped the script completely and became very warm, dry and sunny it was almost as warm as 2006 and 2018. Very little rainfall after the second week and many warm days. July: A very wet month, unlike 2009 a lot more prolonged rainfall lasting most of the day, temperatures and sunshine were both prettying average, a couple of spells where any 2/3 days with sunshine and warmth turned into about 3 days of rain and cool weather. Not a good month. August: Cool but rainfall was below average and sunshine above so it wasn’t a bad month, felt like May a lot of the time some warm days but also some noticeably chilly nights. Seemed to be a lot of variation, June 2009 seemed to fare off pretty well in northern and western areas whereas eastern areas were a bit cooler. July seemed to fare very bad in south west England and Wales but northern and eastern Scotland fared better whereas August was wet and dull in the north and west but south eastern areas seemed to fare quite well. June 2010 seemed to fare off quite well in most areas, July was wet and dull in the north and west but eastern areas had average sunshine and south eastern areas had a very warm month. August was a poor month in the south and east but northern areas seemed better off.
  11. This is another fantastic comparison topic. I always thought it would be impossible to get a summer as poor as 2007, but I would say 2012 was even worse. 2007 and 2012 are the only summers in my area that haven’t exceeded 25.C since 2000. My memories for these summers. June 2007 actually started OK, admittedly it was dull but there was quite a lot of dry and warm weather in the first half, the second half was a complete washout however. The month was slightly warmer than average but nighttime temperatures were almost a degree warmer than average, daytime temperatures were slightly above average, almost double the average rainfall fell and it was the wettest June on record until 2017. It was the complete lack of sunshine which was the most notable feature that month, there was only 68 hours of sunshine which is only 40% of average. July 2007 was very unsettled as well with double the amount of rainfall once again temperatures were around a degree below average but unlike June the sunshine was about average. I can remember a few very pleasant days in July 2007 however there was a lot of complete howlers of days. It was quite a thundery month from what I can recall as well. It seemed similar to July 2010 and 2016 in the sense it was generally cool and wet but there was the occasional really good day. August 2007 was another wet month but nowhere near as wet as June or July and like July the sunshine was average. It was quite cool a lot of the time though and even on sunny days temperatures barely exceeded 20.C. Don’t remember a lot from that month. June 2012 if there was a month for abysmal then this would have to be it. Constant cool, wet and dull weather, the only time we had good, sunny days was between the 18th-20th. The highest temperature all month was 20.1.C. It was plain awful. Even the thunderstorms on the 28th we missed out completely and it just rained. I think what made it worse was despite being slightly drier and sunnier than 2007 the rain was just constant moderate falls we had no flooding issues that month. July 2012 was another abysmal month. It was duller than the June and just seemed to never stop raining. There was occasional days where it would actually dawn sunny and dry but it wouldn’t always start raining by lunchtime. There was a short spell just before the olympics where it was quite settled but the highest we reached was 22.C. It was an appalling month felt like October. August 2012 was still very wet but was an improvement somewhat. There was good spells of warm weather on the weekends of 11th-12th and 18th-19th. It didn’t have that autumnal feel like June or July it was a lot more humid. Sunshine was close to average and it was more thundery. It was like a cooler and less intense version of August 2004. Although it was noticeably cold at night right at the end. Summer 2007 I’d say was the better summer as it wasn’t as dull and there was some good days spread out in the season. Whereas 2012 was an absolute stinker of a summer.
  12. There’s a plaque on the Perth bridge detailing the height of the floods and 1814 is probably about 8ft tall. My mum talked about how the flood actually led to a few bungalows being almost completely underwater in 1993. Really wish I had witnessed it. There’s a couple of videos on YouTube on it.
  13. I wasn’t even born then but my mum always talks about the great flood of January 17th 1993. I think this effected most of central Scotland but my area Perth was the most effected by far. There were blizzards a few days prior to that with about a foot of snow then the temperatures shot up and there was torrential rain. The river Tay burst it’s banks and reached the highest level since 1814. The housing estate my mum lived on was apparently 6ft underwater in places and the army had to rescue her and my auntie by rowing boat and my auntie couldn’t move back in until the August. Most of Perth was a good 3ft underwater. Ones I can remember would’ve been a big flash flood on the 6th July 2011 which flooded most of the town centre and brought flooding to many areas where there was burns. Another flash flood in July 2015 which effected a place called Alyth near me exceptionally bad.
  14. From best to worst 2003: My sunniest year on record, January with its ridiculously mild spell before the blizzard an extremely sunny spring and heatwave just before Easter. A decent summer with some very good spells of warm weather and a very sunny autumn. Let down slightly by the summer while good being not especially sunny. 2006: A decent winter, a very snowy spell in March, a cracking summer throughout I actually had a good August that year despite it having a poor reputation, a very warm September and a wet end which was needed after months of dry weather. 2009: A good year for variation, winter was quite snowy despite being average, another good spring with plenty of warm sunny days, a good first half of summer, very wet November and a phenomenally cold Christmas and end of year. 2005: Winter had a few good snowy spells despite being quite mild, a rather disappointing spring followed though, a good summer with some very warm weather in the middle of July and a good autumn with a cold end of year. 2004: Some good wintry weather, a poor April was followed by a very good May, a pretty poor summer although August was very interesting with its heavy, thundery showers and humid feel and a good September followed with a white Christmas to cap it off. 2007: Start of the not so good years, a very mild winter although with a good snowy spell, a very good first half of spring before a pretty horrid May-August, a very good autumn and December followed at least. 2001: A very good winter, cold January, massive blizzard in February, a very good May but a pretty uninteresting six month spell from then aside from that very mild October. December was record breaking sunny at least. 2000: Probably a bit too young to remember this year properly but can recall a pretty poor winter and spring. Summer was OK with the second half of July and August being decent. Autumn was poor we didn’t have any unusually wet weather aside from September although the December was good that year. 2008: A poor year weather wise, a mild and wet winter, the northerlies at Easter were pretty interesting, a good May, another poor summer with August being especially bad although the second half of July seemed pretty decent. Autumn was pretty uninteresting aside from that northerly blast in October although December was pretty decent. 2002: Without a doubt the worst year for weather, a horrible mild, wet winter a boring spring, a very wet summer although it was warm in August, a very poor autumn aside from September which wasn’t bad and a horrible dull December. No month recorded above average sunshine that year and only April and September recorded average, also the wettest year only April and September were drier than average.
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