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  1. Perth, Scotland Overall a cold, very wet and dull month, coldest, wettest and dullest May in my records which go back 27 years. The month was generally cold and unsettled throughout with only brief settled spells and it took until the very late date of the 29th to finally exceed 20.C. By far the latest on record. The lowest maximum was also a record Stats Mean maximum: 14.0.C (-1.5.C) Mean minimum: 5.3.C (-0.9.C) Mean: 9.7.C (-1.2.C) Rainfall: 114mm (215%) Sunshine: 132 hours (69%) Extremes Highest maximum: 22.1.C (30th)
  2. I would say summer 2014 was indeed a good summer. Admittedly as you say it wasn’t as good as 2013. Overall for me it was very sunny and quite warm although the rainfall was slightly above above average. June it’s self for me was very warm, (mean max: 19.5 compared to an average of 18.1 and mean minimum was extremely high min: 11.5 compare to 9.2) it was however slightly duller and wetter than usual, almost entirely due to the last week and a few days in the second week. There was a very good spell of summer weather between the 11th-23rd which seen many days above 20.C and plenty of
  3. For me yesterday (29th May) was the first day at last this year I’ve actually exceeded 20.C or above, the maximum yesterday was 20.7.C. By far the latest date I’ve exceed 20.C. It got me thinking has anyone else not exceeded 20.C in their area yet. Although with the current weather I think that’ll be quite unlikely unless anyone lives on the Scottish islands or something.
  4. I’d certainly say this May Day holiday was definitely the coldest I’ve experienced although 1997 could potentially be a close contender. However I can’t remember it well enough. Maximum of only 5.C and howling wind and heavy rain all day legit felt like January again. Wasn’t the late May bank holiday in 2007 one of the coldest on record as well. Remember it being especially cold with some very strong winds and maxima widely of around 9-10.C.
  5. I thought August 2020 was a poor month. I live in Scotland and aside from the first week it was almost consistently cool and wet day after day. The first week was quite pleasant and warm. There was that brief heatwave on the 12th which brought an absolutely brilliant thunderstorm but from then on with was awful. I do think the south had a pleasant month however.
  6. Summer 2010 was not a bad summer IMO. I live in Scotland and the June that year was absolutely brilliant. Plenty of warm sunny days without it getting too hot or wet. July despite all the rainfall wasn’t cold and there were several really warm days between the rain. August 2010 was actually a very pleasant month here. It was cool especially at night but there was plenty of sunny days and the rainfall was actually below average.
  7. June: To have quite a unremarkable beginning some warm, dry days but also some showery and cooler weather. A very hot spell midmonth with some record breaking heat in Scotland. The 16th being the hottest day with temperatures widely above 30.C. (Hottest around 34.C in the south east and a few parts of Scotland). There will then be a thundery breakdown but only in the west while the east cools down but still stays pleasant. The end of the month being like the start. Quite a wet month in the west but warm and dry in the east. July: Dry and sunny in most areas. A unremarkable month in terms
  8. I can remember my primary school shutting once in either 2005 or 2006 in snowy weather but that was due to a broken heating system rather than the weather. It maybe shut a couple of times before but that’s the only occasion I can remember. High school I remember it closing in January 2009 due to yet another heating system issue. It closed for a few days in December 2009 and two days in January 2010 due to the snow and really low temperatures. It was about -18.C in my area one morning in January 2010. The best was the end of November 2010 where the school was shut for two weeks due to the snow
  9. Easter 2008 I remember having some snow in Perth, and it being accompanied by a bitter NE wind. I can’t recall if it lay for long though. I think it did for a couple of days and melted quickly. Easter 2013 also had a couple of flurries as well in the morning but they didn’t last, Easter 2018 apparently had some sleet on Good Friday but I was away and missed it.
  10. Was summer 2020 not pretty poor? Yes there was quite a lot of hot days but they seemed very localised. Certainly in Scotland where I am it was a poor summer. There was only a few brief spells of good weather from what I can remember, a few days at the start and end of June. A couple of days in mid July and the first week of August. The rest of the summer was pretty much always cool and wet. Maybe I found it especially bad after such a wonderful spring but I would rate summer 2020 almost as bad as 2012.
  11. Seen this thread late and past halfway in April so I will start predicting the rest of the year from May. May: Fairly warm and sunny in all areas, dry in the north but wet in the south. A cool first week with some heavy rain and strong winds. A very hot spell from the 12th-17th with maxima widely in the high 20’s and potentially 30.C in a few areas with some record breaking warm nights. Followed by a brief colder spell between the 20th-23rd before a warm and sunny final week with temperatures around the high teens or low 20’s. June: A warm month in eastern areas but fai
  12. For myself I would say the coldest part of winter is usually late January/early February. December isn’t usually overly cold although there is cold snaps but aside from 2009/2010 I can’t recall any other Decembers with any significant snow that’s lasted more than a couple of days I would even say March is snowier than December. Recently the years where I’ve recorded the most snow is around late January. I would say generally February is the Frostiest and calmest winter month however due to the days getting considerably longer there can be quite mild days like 2019 where I recorded freezing tem
  13. For me I remember December 2015 for its exceptional rainfall rather than it’s mildness. Don’t get me wrong it was very mild nonetheless. I had an average high in my area of 9.7.C when the average is 6.8.C and a minimum of 4.3.C when the minimum is -0.2.C. Both 1988 and even 2016 were milder in my area. I think the general mild, or even warmness was more concentrated to England and Wales rather than Scotland. We did have a few cold spells. I remember we started the month with quite a bit of snow which rapidly disappeared by the 4th and the 5th was a deluge with unbelievable heavy ra
  14. Think this was more localised to the south. I remember a few light, snow showers but nothing exceptional although we had already a foot of snow in my area to that point. Think the main snow event was late November.
  15. What a spell of weather it was despite it not lasting as long as down south. I remember being on a residential outdoor activities trip with the school in the Scottish highlands when it took place it wasn’t as good as down south however. One thing that stuck out was how mild and humid it was at night. I remember it being only 15.C overnight one night which in the highlands in September is almost unthinkable it was 18.C overnight at Altnaharra at some point as well. The highest my station in Perth recorded was 25.6.C on the 30th which was also the warmest day of the year. Think it got to 24.C up
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