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  1. Overall October 2018 was a fairly average month in terms of temperature. Maximum temperatures were slightly above average while minimum temperatures were slightly below average. Although it was the coldest October since 2012. Rainfall was below average and sunshine was above average. It was rather unsettled during the first week and then turned notably warm in the second week. Midmonth was often cool and wet and there was a notable northerly spell in the final week with some very low temperatures. Statistics for October 2018. Mean maximum: 13.2.C (+0.4.C) Mean minimum: 5.7.C (-0.7.C) Mean: 9.5.C (-0.2.C) Rainfall: 65mm (69%) Sunshine: 112 hours (129%) Highest maximum: 20.4.C (10th) (Highest since 2015) Highest minimum: 11.1.C (12th) Lowest maximum: 5.3.C (27th) (Lowest since 2008) Lowest minimum: -4.1.C (27th) (Lowest since at least 1994) although 1993 probably had a colder night.
  2. Harry233

    March cold and snowfall top years.

    2006 2013 2018 2001 2010 1996
  3. Harry233

    September data

    A rather unsettled and quite cool month. It was the coldest September in my area since 2012. A warm start was then replaced by unsettled and often windy weather, the gust of 67mph on the 19th made it my strongest wind gust since December 2011 and strongest in September. Before the month ended on a cold and windy note. Mean maximum: 16.0.C (-0.6.C) Mean minimum: 8.3.C (-0.5.C) Mean: 12.2.C (-0.6.C) Rainfall: 82mm (104%) Sunshine: 129 hours (106%) Highest maximum: 21.9.C (2nd) Highest Minimum: 13.3.C (1st/2nd) Lowest maximum: 10.7.C (29th) Lowest Minimum: 0.3.C (26th)
  4. Harry233

    Best and worst winters

    Best 2009/10: Absolutely spectacular winter, deep snow, very low temperatures and many crisp sunny days. Can remember being out on New Years Eve and the temperature fell to -14.C, there was also the crisp weather in March where although cold light winds in the sunshine made it feel really nice. 2017/18: It had a bit of everything other than heavy prolonged rain. A good cold snap in December although we didn’t get much snow but beautiful crisp, cold sunshine with a -5.C maximum, January brought some very cold weather the week after new year but again no snow, before a very snowy spell in the middle of the month. February was generally dry and sunny with frosty nights before the famous beast from the east. 2012/13: Had a cold and sunny start to December before some very stormy weather just before Christmas. January had a prolonged cold snap in the middle after a very mild start and February was very sunny and crisp. Worst: 2001/02: Minus December was a one huge bore fest with constant mildness, rain, cloud and wind. 2013/14: Wet, although never enough to have floods and not exceptionally mild like England and very windy. 2011/12: Boring other than a very warm spell in February
  5. Harry233

    How would you assess Summer 2017?

    A pretty poor summer. After such a warm, suny and dry Spring it was a kick in the teeth. June was the wettest in my records with only around 70% of sunshine as well as suppressed maximum temperatures but warm nights, worst combination. I remember the 6th of June with heavy rain all day almost giving the full months total and a high of only 12.C and strong winds. The warm spell in the middle did give a bit of relief but it wasn’t overall hot with the highest reaching 25.C. The last 10 days were cool and wet as well. July was a fairly average month although cool, but unsettled. It remained cool and wet for the first 10 days although the weather improved somewhat around midmonth becoming warm and sunny for a time but then the closing days became cool and unsettled once more. Not on par with the likes of 2002, 2007, 2012, 2015 but still not great. August remained much the same although was wetter than average but not on the same level as June. The lack of warmth was really noticeable though, I recorded a highest temperature of just 22.4.C, it was also rather windy. September again remained cool and unsettled and was the first September not to exceed 20.C. I dont have many good memories of this summer.
  6. Harry233

    Least favourite weather events

    So far of the last few years 2018: The period from the second week of March until the beginning, very wet, dull, cold. The beast from the east was fantastic but the period after was woeful hoped for a good spell of warm, settled weather. Although nothing prolonged until the middle of May. 2017: July-October was a huge bore fest, being cloudy, wet and often windy. August never exceeded 23.C and September failed to exceed 20.C, October was generally mild and dry (boring) although the warmth midmonth was impressive as well as a northerly in the last week. 2016: June for being cloudy, wet and humid 2015: That awful cold, wet and windy May and July. 2014: The majority of the year aside from a very good July. 2013: A very interesting year. Nothing that I don’t like 2012: Hideous April/summer. 2011: Plain dull and boring 2009/2010: were fantastic weatherwise
  7. Harry233

    July to November 1993: cold

    This period was very unusual, particularly in the summer where although cold was often dry and sunny, can remember some very cool days in August of around 11-15.C and some very cold nights in November with some good snow.
  8. Harry233

    Forgettable years, weatherwise.

    2011 and 2016 had a milder Christmas Day for me. 2011: Maximum: 12.4.C, minimum: 5.6.C (9.0.C) 2016: Maximum: 12.6.C, minimum: 3.8.C (8.2.C) 2015: Maximum: 11.2.C, minimum: 4.7.C (8.0.C)
  9. My best Springs. 2018: Had everything I like in Spring ended up almost exactly average as well. Cold and snowy weather in March, April had every type of weather you could imagine and May was consistently very warm and sunny. 2017: Being my sunniest Spring also some very warm days in March, a notable cold snap at the end of April and a very good May. 2009: Being consistently warm with no exceptional heat, also being very sunny. 2010: Cool, but often sunny, some warm days in April and a very hot spell in May. 2016: March had a very warm spell around midmonth and Easter was very unusual with hail showers, strong winds and a notably cool feel. April had a very bizarre snowfall at the end and May had some warm days. Worst Springs. 2014: Just plain boring, nothing especially cold or hot. Hardly any sun in May and aside from a few warm days in April nothing else jumps out. 2002: Aside from a few days in March and April it was another dull, wet one particularly in May and this is the only Spring not to reach 20.C 2013: Down to the persistent cold weather, usually like some cold weather in Spring but it dragged on and on until the end of May can’t remember seeing any leaves on the trees till the last week in May. 2005: Another boring affair, a very mild but boring March, April was wet but sunny. May was noticeably cool and we completely missed the heatwave at the end. 2008: Aside from Easter which had some snow and cold wind and the first half of May which was exceptional it was consistently showery and unsettled. April had many cold days.
  10. Harry233

    Forgettable years, weatherwise.

    I really enjoyed 2015 minus the summer, some very good weather events. Based of my recollection and data. January: Cold and snow midmonth and very and then a very mild spell. February: Dry and sunny nothing especially exciting. March: Extremely average though unsettled, quite cold at the end. April: My sunniest recorded month. Also very warm by day and cold at night. 22.C reached on the 21st. May: Unsually windy, cool and rather wet. Never exceeded 19.C. June: Boring, though with a few notably warm and cool days. July: Absolutely abysmal after the first few days, very wet and rather cool. Extremely low maxima midmonth. August: Sunny September: Very dry and sunny, unusually large diurnal temperature on the 30th recording the highest and lowest temperatures a low of -0.7.C to 22.3.C. October: Dry with many notably warm days. 21.5.C on the 1st and 21.1.C on the 2nd. 20.3.C reached on the 20th. November: Very wet and dull, notably windy as well. December: Uniquely wet and very mild. Remember the floods around the river Tay very well. 2015 wasn’t a completely bad year but many weather events were famously for the wrong reasons
  11. September 2016 was a very warm one after a disappointing summer. Can remember the heat in the second week and the unbelievably mild nights very well.
  12. Now that autumns here what type of weather would you like to see for this season. After a long cold winter and a long hot summer I’m rather looking forward to see what autumn brings. For me: September: To see mainly dry days until the last week with temperatures at or slightly above during the day but some cold foggy mornings before a very wet and windy last week. October: To have a mix of everything, a rather unsettled start and a spell midmonth to be warm by day and cold at night and to be sunny before another very wet spell followed by a frosty last week. November: To be a month of two halves a very mild, wet and dull first half before the second half being cold, very frosty but dry and sunny with occasional snow. whats everyone else’s thoughts.
  13. Going through previous data and memories, was there was worse year for weather than 2002. It was mild, very dull and wet probably the worst combination for weather. Can’t recall anything good about the year at all, it was also the only year since I had began recording to have no month with above average sunshine. Winter: Aside from a sharp cold snap at the beginning of January the winter was an absolute drab with very wet and dull weather the period 18th January-11th February recorded 200mm of rain, and there was just no sign of winter, hardly any frost. Second half of February was a bit better but still pretty poor. December 2002 only recorded 11 hours of sunshine and there was 0 from th 9th-21st. Spring: Again no sign of anything Spring like at all, nothing especially hot or cold or any prolonged period of sunshine and dry weather and the May that year was awful dull and wet and it took until the 11th of May to reach 20.C. Summer: Extremely wet and especially dull in June and July. It didn’t exceed 23.C until the 6th June as well. June was very wet and dull but at least quite warm, August was much the same but sunnier. July that year was appalling. I didn’t think we’d get a worse one than 2002 but 2012 just beat it. July was very wet and dull and often cool aside From midmonth were it was rather nice. autumn: Aside from September which was very dry and rather warm it was a consistently wet and dull affair a rather chilly October but mild November. Any worse years weather wise. Suppose 1998, 2007, 2011 and 2014 would be Close contenders
  14. Harry233

    What did you think of Summer 2018?

    A fantastic summer up in Perth, Scotland, better than 2013 but not as good as 2006, 1995. Not calculated my statistics yet but I suspect it will be the warmest since 2006 driest since 2013 and sunniest since 1995. June was very warm, quite dry and very sunny. it started settled aside from the 1st which had a very heavy thunderstorm and brought 70% of the whole months rainfall. The first 10 days were pleasantly warm without being exceptional maximums between 19.C-25.C and the nights were rather chilly and sunshine was plentiful making it feel very nice without the real heat. During the period 11th-21st it was rather unsettled and quite cool at points with some windy days and some rain intercepted by some sunny spells. From the 21st onwards it was almost consistently unbroken sunshine and hot. I recorded a high of 31.0.C on the 28th which made it my hottest June day on record since I began recording in 1994 and my fourth hottest day on record. A 9/10 for me July was another very good month with lots of sunshine, dry weather and very warm days although unlike June there was a few rather muggy nights. The real lack of cool weather was noticeable there wasnt a maximum lower than 17.8.C and there was only 7 days when the maximum failed to reach at least 21.C. Aside from the final few days and a brief spell midmonth it was consistently sunny, very warm and dry with little wind but as I said there was a lot of muggy nights a 8/10 for me. August was more unsettled and much cooler though not a bad month, there was some warm days in the second week and plenty of dry weather in the first half and it seemed reasonably sunny. Although towards the end there was some exceptionally cool nights a minimum of 3.8.C on the 25th made it my coldest August night on record and the maximum of 12.6.C on the 26th was also the lowest since 2008. A 7/10. overall I’d rate summer 2018 as a 9/10 a very good summer after such a long period of cold weather. Hoping September can bring a few more hot days before some cool weather towards the end.
  15. Recorded my coldest August minimum on the 25th where it dropped to 4.3.C not cold enough for a frost but coldest night since I began recording in 1994, 1986 and 1993 probably recorded something lower however.