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  1. Worth noting that we are due a sunny month here in London. The last 5 months have probably been the dullest series on record here with respective percentage of average values: Deficit of 37% which is pretty notable
  2. First time in living memory that the ECM has capitulated to such an extent. As others have said we need a big eastwards shift, weirdly similar pattern to early December
  3. Yeah I'd really agreed that the climate has already changed. Remember there was no significant cold spell in lowland SE England from 1991 until 2009 - 18 year! From my point of view, under the parameters of the new climate, the 2010s absolutely spoilt us. The only month in this period I consider truly and unusually mild is obviously December 2015 - all other mild months fit into the new climatology well.
  4. From my memory you were hyping it up more than anyone else, as if it was a certainty - everyone else was merely highlighting potential
  5. Its surface cold. With continental flow uppers are not a good guide. Not quite enough for snow yet but no precipitin anyway
  6. Good run. Very Good run. HP in the right places to retrogress. I don't know what some of them want !!
  7. Looking very good on ecm at 168hrs. I can't remember the last time November looked this good...
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