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  1. beginning to wonder if we can get the heat to stay long enough on Friday to get a second record attempt....
  2. any chance we can get a prediction thread competition opened
  3. Even with the North Sea breeze, with 23C uppers and clear skies, I find it impossible to believe the temperatures that the gfs is predicting, it surely should be showing at least 32c. I have no idea why this hasn't happened on any model
  4. These charts r from Friday so not sure why they are being posted
  5. The raw temperatures are being shown in the low to mid 20s across southern England throughout the week despite uppers into the 20s
  6. Temperatures for Monday and Tuesday are barely average. I think the Gfs needs another revamp
  7. If that's what is expected on Wednesday I think the UK record is achievable albeit still a long shot on Friday/Saturday
  8. Veyr good upper air pattern on the GFS but the temps are still crap considering. Hope this is a model failure!
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