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  1. Does anyone know if we got the minimum record last night?
  2. Very good chance of the October record minimum High going over the next few days
  3. Leo97t

    Best and worst winters

    London and its my personal opinion as I can remember the lovely unbroken sunshine which is uncommon for December.
  4. Polar vortex formation looks a bit better on the Gfs than the horror show it was yesterday
  5. Leo97t

    Best and worst winters

    Which are your favourite and least winters from your personal standpoint and you must have lived through them. Due to being relatively young I don't have a huge selection personally as I don't think the 2000s recorded a single sub 3C month: Mine are Best 5. 2001/02 (entirely due to dec 2001) 4.2012/13 3. 2008/09 2. 2009/10 1. 2010/11 Worst 5. 2011-12 4. 2006-07 3. 2016-17 2. 2015-16 1. 1999-00
  6. Well said. With regards to the vortex there is slightly more favored to be a more beefy vortex than previously thought however there is plenty of time for that to change
  7. I do think that if the jet stream / sst temps remain like this any prospect of cold weather in winter is out of the question
  8. https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/climate-extremes/#?tab=climateExtremes
  9. 21.7 in 1949. No where bar south east coast / central London will come close
  10. I thought until recently a cold winter was likely but I'm trending back towards exceptionally mild now. Probably some insanely rapid jet and Bartlett high likely.
  11. Colossal upgrade medium term on the Gfs 12z. Next week looks lovely and possibly thundery start Below is out to +240
  12. Very similar summer to 2006. Met have confirmed a new max for the summer as well of 35.6 at felsham on the 27th July
  13. The reason December is such a westerly mess I because we are paying our debts back to the weather gods for their generous gift of December 2010
  14. Exceptional end to the Gfs 12z. Constant southerlies after about +240 with daily raw maxes in high 20s over most of England for 10 days. Hope this comes off as I'm very much missing the heat.