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  1. Complied some interesting stats. 2018 had both the most mentions (perhaps a recenecy bias however) and most favourited months with the following being netweather favourite of each: January 2010 Feb 2012/2018 March 2013/2018 April 2011 May 2018 June 2018 July 2018 August 2013/2016 September 2016 October 2012 November 2010 December 2010 2010 was the second most mentioned year while 2014 and 2015 had the joint least mentions. May 2018, April 2011, November 2010, December 2010, January 2010 and June 2018 were the favourite individual by mentions. Would be interesting to have a similar thread for the 2000s however I fear that people memory would be worse of these years.
  2. As I suspected everyone's answers are very similar
  3. So what was your favourite month in terms of purely weather and ignoring you personal life during the month. I'm sure my choices will be popular. January : January 2010 February : February 2018 (all pretty snowless tbh) March : March 2013 April : April 2011 May : May 2018 June : June 2018 July : July 2018 August : i don't want to give praise to any of these depraved months September : September 2016 October : October 2013 November : November 2010 December : December 2010 Would love to know you guys opinions.
  4. 2018 record more days over 30C than 1976 so I'm not sure if I agree that 1976 has more to extreme heat however 1976 has a higher maximum of 35.9 but the heat was less well spread than 2018. One interesting thing is that if this month does beat 1976 its Cet will be around the same as July 2013 which felt like a vastly superior month: the very hit first week is definitely holding the month up
  5. Leo97t

    Autumn 2018

    Based on the cet it was above average in fact overall
  6. Leo97t

    Autumn 2018

    Well it was warmer than average overall though
  7. Has a 2007 vs 2012. Which was worst thread been made. If need we need one
  8. Still can't out that magic 18.2C. Would require plus 30C bank holiday weekend spell though
  9. Looking very 2006 esque at the moment. I see support for it turning hot briefly around the lat week of August heading into first week of September.
  10. Dropping faster than expected. I reckon will barely be above 17C by Wednesday. Another relatively poor august
  11. When was the last extended easterly QBo period of more than 2 years
  12. Defiantly some positive signs for a cold winter though such as a cold north Atlantic, strong negative QBo, weak El nino, solar minimum, gulf stream position. But a couple of signals the other way. Let's wait and see. I'm sure the met office will make a comedy prediction either way