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  1. Maybe for you. The spell has been blistering in the inland se in a way only 1976 or 2003 has been before. Avoid sweeping statements
  2. Is the flow off the N sea from 144 I cant quite tell its marginal between 25 and 35
  3. Everyone seems to have forgotten how hot that first week of august was Maxes for Heathrow were 1st - 26.5 2nd - 30.4 3rd - 32.6 4th - 29.0 5th - 29.8 6th - 31.0 7th - 31.2
  4. That just isn't true 2018 was 18.5C to the 10th and 18.1C to the 15th
  5. I've noticed the high pressure has shifted a bit further north and east in the last day - so perhaps more of an unstable shorter spell.
  6. Even more notably it would extend the run of consecutive summer months reaching 33c/90f to 8 starting from June 2018. Perhaps even 9 if it is also reached on the 1st August. Almost certainly not happened before
  7. The only way the hot spell could extend would be for the low to rapidly sink southwards and become cut off but I don't see this as a possibility really.
  8. Most GFS 06z members are going for a brief plume around 31st July - perhaps 30C will be squeezed out after all
  9. My second favourite winter month of the decade after December 2010. I remember it was also sunny with temperatures about 15C - beautiful
  10. Yes the last 2 weeks have been poor, but there was heatwave before that. April and May were the sunniest on record and May was the 3rd warmest on record in the south. I think you need a reality check. We are overdue some poor weather
  11. I've been thinking this for ages yes - the 1990s were by far the hottest decade for augusts. The augusts since 2004 have been very normal
  12. Weird quick is the only three summers to average 25C in both July and August in London: 1976, 1995 and 2019. It was very warm in London. If it had had a little bit more sunshine it would be a solid classic
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