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  1. Changing my guess to 3.5C
  2. Yes it is a great run if your in Scotland or High Ground. We aren't all living in the Scottish mountains. Anywhere else if just gonna get transient sleet off a pm shot
  3. Lol. I'm always rubbish at these so I might as well go for something crazy. - 1.5c please
  4. Wow complete 180 from all the models this morning. The question is whether this surpasses the hype - disappointment of dec2012. Shame though , I was looking forward to it. Still possible to see something I Feb I guess. But the ship for this has just set sail
  5. The Gfs 18z doesn't have a Greenland high or a Scandi. It has a bloody northern hemisphere high
  6. GFS still looking fine. I genuinely wonder how people jump to some of these conclusions some times. Still lots of time for things to change on the UKMO. Most important thing is: KEEP ECM ON OUR SIDE
  7. That gfs 06z is the coldest run I've ever seen at surface level. Temperatures sub - 3 in London for a week
  8. easterly is still a bit watery - temp still at 5C in London during the GFS 18z easterly
  9. I think that this is a blip, however i think that a deep cold spell can be taken off the table, but it will certainly stay cold. However the last thing we want is for high pressure to return for europe which is looking increasingly likely...
  10. I dont even really like easterlies but this still makes me excited. Would be heavy thundery showers in london by 220hrs
  11. uppers aren't quite as cold but it's getting much closer. But given its much earlier in the season, surface temps would be similar
  12. Beautiful from the ECM. And this time the uppers of -10 are near. remarkable consistency between the 0z and 12z
  13. lol i agree that i think the gfs solution is more likely than the ECM. But seriously the gfs consistent? Must be a troll post...
  14. Just to illustrate how hard it is to get an ice day in london, even at 384 on the 12z with uppers of -12, the max is still at 1C in central london
  15. Gfs is not bad. Quite cold at the surface by day 10. Maxes of about 3c in London. Still not as good as the ecm though