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  1. Yes true. A very mild start would rule out a sub 1c pretty much form the get go
  2. Call me mad but I'm now thinking this January could be a sub 1c month, on the scale of something like jan 85, dec 81, Jan 87 or Jan 79. Think we'll see a truly deep period of cold from about the end of the first week. Almost all signals in our favour. And a huge uk high is normally how prolonged spells begin. Even if the ssw is a displacement, it looks like it will be in the best possible location for cold. All looking great atm!
  3. Very very very good stuff hinting at the gfs
  4. Agreed. Mike has definitely been the standout commenter for me this year!
  5. I'm also thinking there could be a cold spell just before Christmas. Nothing spectacular just a bit of snow and cold days. Height rise definitely over greenland
  6. Yes the strat charts are unbelievable and no vortex over Canada by the end of the run. Would be thrilled to see that with an northerly likely following
  7. I'll go similar to last year - 4.6C but in honesty have no idea
  8. Think that any cold spell down the line with start with a huge Uk high as suggested by a couple gfs ensemble members but still looking pretty phenomenal in terms of prospects at this point in the year and anyone who is angry or upset has far too high expectations. 2010 was a one off.
  9. Gfs p is still stunning but Is so far from any other model
  10. First ensembles showing ice days in London if I'm not wrong
  11. Yes I would love to see the easterly be delayed until we had some decent cold pooling of at least - 10 uppers