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  1. Prepare to get messy. I have made a few batched with varying success. I do a summer batch as my shed gets a nice temp for fermentation in the warmer months, and my wife doesn't like it in the house. It can a bit of a faff. Make sure all your equipment is sterilized, follow the instructions and you can't go wrong. Post a picture when you finally get a pint.
  2. I have the same model from Maplins (RIP), the only difference is that the Display doesn't have Aercus plastered over the top. Its a pretty good bit of kit. I like being able to view the live weather when I am away and it keeps details logs of past conditions.
  3. I (think) had the first NTWICM album on tape (pirated). Remember stuff on it like Bonnie Tyler, Phil Collins and Men without Hats. Never had one on CD as it was around the time I stated to get heavily into Dance music and the Now albums held no interest for me. They still don't.
  4. Yes quite agree. On a separate note, how is your outdoor sensor with batteries? Do you ever find you have to change/recharge them after a while? I had an issue where they didn't seen to charge from solar, think it was the set of batteries as they were from the sensor previous to this one. I have put new ones in and well see how long they last.
  5. Yes just what you said.Nothing more. https://www.wunderground.com/personal-weather-station/dashboard?ID=IDUNSTAB9 I wonder wheat will happen after the 17th June 2019?
  6. Thanks, just checked and mine is currently 2.3.1. Is the link for the same or newer firmware? It's working fine so a bit reluctant in case it bricks it.Lol
  7. Does this mean that my station will no longer be recognized after June next year?
  8. Thanks- that's interesting. I will have to look out for those posts when I get time this weekend. If the unit is sending power (4.7v) to the batteries on sunny bright days would it not be dangerous to put non chargeable batteries in the unit?
  9. I can confirm the the unit will NOT function without batteries in the unit. Found some fresh batteries and its working perfectly again.
  10. Hello, Just discovered this forum so will have great fun reading and answering a few topic hopefully as time goes on. I have had my weather station for a few months now (had others before) and yesterday my unit stopped reporting to the base unit. I took it down this morning to check it and found the batteries were flat and hadn't been charging. I tested the terminals and found a voltage of 4.5v across the bottom right (+) and top left (-) terminals only. Is this normal? If so I am not sure why the batteries weren't charging so will have to get a new set. Thanks
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